packing a velvet dress for travel

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-18
When you travel for a wedding or other special event, usually when you get to your destination, the dress that looks perfect in the store looks like a crumpled mess.
Velvet is particularly tricky because it folds easily and each fold is clearly visible.
Packing this dress carefully can save you a headache later, although you must also pay attention to protecting the stylish dress during your trip.
Don\'t fold your velvet clothes.
This may require additional effort from you, but you have to keep the skirt flat as much as possible to avoid wrinkles.
Clothing bags are a major asset in this case.
Hang the dress on a velvet or cushion hanger-
Wire hangers cause wrinkles-
Put it in a clothing bag.
Don\'t put any other clothes in your bag, as rubbing other fabrics will wrinkle velvet.
If you don\'t have a garment bag, put your clothes in a plastic dry cleaner bag, or make your own plastic cover by making a hole in the garbage bag and putting the bag on the clothes.
If you\'re going on a road trip, put your clothing bag in the back seat of your car.
Better yet, if you\'re traveling alone, hang the hanger on the headrest of the passenger\'s seat and have the skirt with a shotgun.
Do not hang the bag on the ceiling hook on the passenger window behind;
The location is good for the dress, but it blocks your rear view when you change lanes.
If the car is packed with passengers, please put your luggage on the luggage of the suitcase.
Don\'t put anything on the skirt.
On a train or plane, there is more space for your clothes to be stored vertically, but it is also easy to be disturbed by items from other passengers.
On the train, find a cloakroom or hang a bar in front of the car, or if the train is not full, put the clothing bag on the seat next to you.
Many airlines allow you to carry clothing bags on board, but this bag may be considered one of the two bags you allow to carryon items.
Each airline also has its own rules for the maximum allowable size of the clothing bag, so check in advance.
Ask the flight attendant if she can hang the bag in the closet.
If there is no room, put the bag on top of other luggage in the overhead compartment.
Once you get to your destination, take the dress out of your bag right away.
Hang the dress in an open place, such as in an empty closet, and be careful not to drag it on the floor.
No matter how carefully you pack, there will certainly be some wrinkles in this dress.
Don\'t Iron Velvet because this action will crush the fiber.
If you have a hand held steamer, wave it at any creases, or hang your clothes in the bathroom while taking a hot bath.
If you can\'t go out with any creases, please recommend a reputable dry cleaner by the hotel concierge.
Cooking, traveling and parenting are the top three hobbies of Catherine Walsh.
She makes chicken nuggets during the day, vegetarian meals at night, and road trips on weekends.
Her work appeared in The Syracuse Post.
Standard and Insider magazine.
Walsh received a master\'s degree in journalism from Syracuse University.
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