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Many people who start their fishing career with rattan poles and a can of worms or a can of crickets almost forget that fish eat by creatures, not fragments of fur and feathers, nor fragments of wood and metal.
I want to stay away from basic nature myself.
The bait method of fishing was born in the youth when I met a fly fisherman on a small trout river, which I thought belonged to me, in any alley in his yard (
Because his parents keep a lush lawn)
I always collect night owls before the start of the fishing season.
There is no more trout in the milk freeze of the flying fisherman than I am on a fork stick, but I am moved by the impulse to imitate him.
Now, with all the latest equipment and mastered it, but I\'m ready to screw a bug on the hook if the regulations allow if this method will be more productive
In addition to the challenge of learning how to skillfully cast them, it\'s also tempting to use artificial bait or flies, because you don\'t have to wander around to buy or collect bait, insects or fish, whether it\'s worms.
If you are fishing, you can carry everything you need in a vest or jacket.
Tempting manufacturers offer new things every year, which is also hard to resist their sweet words.
In fresh water and salt water, one can get through the storm well with six different sizes of basic plugs, fixtures, spoons and rotators, and the wise use of natural bait.
A few days ago, I introduced to Eli ohhausen in Brooklyn a few years ago for a great day at the Atlantic bon fish, the strong and delicious fish, often rejecting all the temptations.
Notice that bon fish is chasing small mackerel fish, and Eli catches some small mackerel fish with tiny bait, then catches them alive, and passes through the back or tail with a hook for bon fish.
He said the ad \"took longer to capture mackerel fish than bon fish \".
\"You throw the mackerel fish out and the bon fish hit it.
\"And then the early --
Seasonal striped bass fishermen in northeast China know that large and medium-sized
When alewives gather at the stream mouth before spawning, the size stripes are usually zero on alewives.
The hostess of the shop is a high-pitched hook that is deadlocked and then fishing.
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You should also remember that a specific live bait
The technology that uses it is called live-lining -
I often work when the fish have not been dining on the bait recently.
Three fishing friends had been fishing for big striped bass a few years ago.
30 pounds and above
In summer, no one can raise fish on the north shore of Martha\'s Vineyard.
They were very vague about how this was done, and I had no grudge against them not sharing their secrets with me because I would do the same.
One afternoon, when I met them not far from the beach, they were unmasked, three fogs --
An anchor ship, a line outside the ship, and a huge plastic tub between them are shrouded in ghosts. They were live-
I knew it was a very productive approach, but did not consider it because there was no gate Harden in the water of the vineyard at that time.
Under slight pressure, they admitted they were early
In the morning, they crossed the sound of the vineyard, came to the mainland, trapped menhaden in the port of Woods Hole, put them in the bathtub full of water, and then came back with a high-speed car, to keep as many people alive as possible.
For game fish that are used to catching fast, live fish is better than dead fish --moving prey;
Because of this, it\'s strange that the stripes have spent so many years
For this purpose, live eel is used by bass anglers.
Back in 1930s, one of the chores I did for my father was fishing for the bottom layer of striped bass.
We, like everyone else at the time, used the brass \"bathroom\" chain to go through the vent of a dead eel and reach out from the mouth.
There is a large single hook on the vent.
To prevent the eel from slipping, its mouth is sewn on the chain.
As far as I know, it was not until after World War II that some unknown anglers thought of live fishing eel: simply passing the hook through its two lips.
It\'s a more tempting bait, though one has to try to prevent the eel from hiding in the rock at the bottom and give the bass a little time to swallow it.
When using live bait for striped bass, the general rule is to let the fish run with the reel in the free spool before the hook is set.
An interesting change on site
Tony stzko of Cape Cod used the eel method, and he captured a 73-in November 1981 while surfing and fishing at Nauset Beach-
20 pound striped bassPound test line. Mr.
Stetzko fished around 18 inch before a live eel at the end of the leader, by casting and retrieving a large black fly hanging on the leader.
More often, he says, most of the bass he captures in this way is for flies.
His theory is that the fisherman thinks that the fly is a small white fish pursued by the eel, so he moved in to steal the eel\'s rice.
As an additional improvement, he shocked the eel before casting it, which, he said, weakened the eel\'s ability to twist and wrap lines.
The last thought is: it is possible to replace another bait with one bait and the result is good.
In an article in August11-
Preston Lacey wrote that the New England edition of the fisherman also had the Long Island and metropolitan edition, and he found that at least on a flounder fish trip, the night owl caught as many fish as the sand worm, sand worms are the traditional bait for this fish.
For those who can access the lush lawns like any Alley, the night owl is easy to harvest.
For those who don\'t like it, the cost of night owls is much lower.
A version of this article was printed on page 9 of the national version of cinterest in August 29, 1983 with the title: Outdoor: live bait offers simple and subtle features.
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