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I often have superb fishing for trout in lakes and ponds in northern New England over the past 30 years, and how long this fishing has been
My friends of the times and I have mastered the art of dead water fishing.
I declare that October is the cold night when the calm water is cold, stimulating Trout to wake up from their summer lethargy and have them feed for the last crazy meal before the ice and snow start.
When heavy sinking fly lines that need to detect cool depths in the summer can be put on hold, Trout usually feed on the water, especially in the warm sun.
It\'s all true, but there\'s a shadow of the weather between concept and reality.
Autumn can be an extension of summer, a hasty introduction to winter, or it can be strange and fast --
Change the mix of the two.
In the first three days, I recently spent time with my still water master, Vic bomisko, Clermont, NY. H.
Winter is in sight.
When Vic and I started fishing in the West
In the central area of New Hampshire, the only excellent trout fishing spot in the area is the lake and pond.
We turn to them, if necessary.
However, we prefer to play on streams and rivers if there is a choice.
As we drive east through the Sugar River from Claremont, we often lament that it no longer has any Trout worth mentioning --
The main reason is pollution from various sources.
We talked about the time many years ago when Rainbow Trout was a great stream.
Pollution has eased in recent years.
The state\'s Fish and Game Department has been managing a portion of brown and rainbow trout, and many of these two fish have been caught for extended fishing.
This year, the department has set aside about a mile and a half of the river to catch squid every day.
Sugar is good. sized stream -
The size of beaverkiir in katzkiir-
There are many swimming pools and fast broken water.
Although Vic and I were planning to focus on lakes and ponds on a recent trip, I couldn\'t help but try sugar, despite the heavy rain the day before.
By the time we arrived, the river had risen by about 18 inch, which prevented some of the best water from wading.
At the end of the day, Vic caught a few fish and raised a rainbow of about 11 inch.
I didn\'t catch anything maybe because I spent most of my time in a pool where the year before I caught a Brown about 2 pounds, it caught my Royal Martial, in
The oblique light shook loose from the sunset.
I haven\'t fully understood yet that neither fishing nor falling in love should try to retake --
Save in memory
Brilliant moment
That night, the temperature was far below freezing, and shortly after dawn, the West Wind was halfgale developed.
The wind prompted us to set out for the Chabin pond, but after the road conditions forced us to turn around, we went to the Long Pond in N Croydon. H. , a first-
Trout Lake, arrived there earlier in the afternoon.
In the fight against the wind, we finally arrived at a small bay on the East Coast, which has given us hundreds of deep returns over the years --
Beautiful Rainbow
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I especially liked the Bay because it was there 28 years ago and my father and I had our last fishing trip together on such a day.
He and his mother came to visit from Massachusetts-
Refuse me to provide a jacket.
His Harris tweed jacket, shirt and tie didn\'t wear anything.
He was always neatly dressed and I really believed he would choose to have a low temperature instead of wearing one of my shabby clothes.
At the sunset of that trip, I was fishing trout on almost every actor, ready to stay until dark until I glanced at him and saw an old man instead of fishing, the bow of the canoe sat quietly shivering.
Little Bay did not help Vic and I.
An hour before sunset, the wind blew and none of the fish was rising.
Vic, who had not been hit by me, was paddling towards the coastline of nearly a mile at dusk, and when we returned to land, we learned that the fishermen on the other two boats on the lake did not see anything.
Advertise on another long pond the next day
The one in N LempsterH.
Take brook trout and splake
The weather is the same as fishing.
Beginning to wonder if we have forgotten everything we have learned in the years of flying fishing, which adds up to nearly a century, what we call George Warlin of New LondonH.
In recent days, he caught some large rainbow trout in the small Sun Lake in his hometown and set a date with him for the next day.
A gray dawn greeted us with 2 inch thick snow on the roof of my truck, and in our poor four hours the little sun set a light rain sometimes mixed with snow
Warlin caught a sparkling rainbow of about a pound of fat, I hooked a rainbow that looked a little bigger, lost it after it first jumped, and Vic didn\'t hit it at all.
Say goodbye to my friends, and I head north to Wentworth, located in the northeast corner of the state.
My main mission was to hunt the grouse but I couldn\'t help it, the weather was so warm and walked into two-
Along the eastern slope of a hill, about a mile west of the Dead Diamond River.
The old aluminum boat that was dragged there more than 20 years ago still hangs on the crossbar between the four spruces, and there is no more leakage than usual.
I caught the deepest part of the pond with a sink. tip line -
Because no fish is rising
Stayed for three hours without a nudge and left an hour before sunset.
That was originally the last day of my trout fishing in a year, but I didn\'t succeed, which made me very upset. I came back the next afternoon and stayed until sunset, although I know the path down the hill is hard to negotiate in the dark.
Half an hour after the sun went down, the first two or three fish I saw began to rise between me and the coast.
I gave them the hair of a little moose I sent to me with Pat Pagano from Yvonne. Y.
On last February, two medium catches in 10 minutes
That night, in the hut of Hell\'s Gate Canyon in the Dead Diamond, his pink flesh was very sweet.
A version of this article was printed on page C00013 of the National edition on October 26, 1987 with the title: Outdoor;
Search for trout in calm waters.
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