one-shoulder, mermaid prom dress

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-14
On that special day I can save hundreds of dollars in making, customizing and personalizing your own prom gown!
Depending on what you want the dress to move and look like, choose one fabric for the dress and the other, I recommend using tulle fabric for a more structured effect, look like a princess and a mermaid.
Or you can choose a light, airy fabric for a more elegant, flowing skirt * I chose gold sequins for the top and champagne chiffon fabric for the skirt.
For a small size female number 2, your body needs about 2 yards and the skirt needs about 3 yards.
Add or take away the fabric according to the size of the stylish dress you want.
Use the fabric of your choice to build the top of the skirt and cut our 2 hourglass shapes with straight edges on the top and bottom.
This will be your top and back panel. (
If you want to have a sweetheart neckline, then cut the top edge of the front panel in a sweetheart style.
Measure your length from underarm to knee, find your height from underarm to underarm, find the width of your waist, find the width in the middle of the dressing step, find the width in the lower half of the skirt, cut out 4 triangular pieces.
These parts should have a circular base of curves, and the points of the triangle need to be cut into the inner edges of the circle.
Once you have these four pieces, sew their edges together.
* If you want a crack on your skirt, don\'t sew the last two sides together and let them open!
Next, sew the top edge of your skirt to the bottom edge of your skirt --
The remaining pieces were used inside the outI and they were woven together to make the straps.
Then sew the edge of the strap to the top left edge of the skirt.
Optional but recommended: use any pieces to sew another strap on the other side of the skirt to be able to easily place the skirt on a hanger, add any decoration or decals, cut loose lines, finish the wrap edge of all parts and if your prom stylish dress is done, line up on the inside of the dress!
Complete this look with stunning high heels and jewelry!
Have a good time on prom night!
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