on the map;address unknown: house numbers are few in alpine

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According to Stanley W.
Bradley\'s \"The Crossroads of History: The Story of the Alps\"J.
\"When the sailors of Jorani da verazano filled their wooden barrels from the waterfall, the waterfall fell from the huge cliff at the mouth of the vast unknown River, they turned back to the sea without marking the scene.
Today, after Italian explorers first met the North American continent on record for 472 years, the Alps are still not clearly marked, where there are 1,700 modern-
During the day, the inhabitants lived on the fence on the Hudson River.
Most of the houses in this wealthy autonomous city are not numbered.
For mail, everyone has a mailbox in the ventilated atrium in the Hall of the autonomous city.
However, a regulation was put forward last year, which requires provisions in
Although the proposal has been submitted, Alche Police Chief Bill Greenson and others supported the idea.
Alice Passel, the finance minister of the autonomous city who moved to the town 48 years ago, talked about the town they don\'t treat you as a number. Q.
How does the house number become a problem? A.
About 15 years ago, someone had an informal referendum on whether residents wanted to deliver goods, and the delivery would come out of the cloakroom, which meant that we would lose the identity of alpai.
They voted strongly against doing so.
However, 911 is the reason for all this recovery.
When you call 911, your address will flash on the screen of the emergency center, so if you can\'t give your house number for some reason, they will know who you are.
That\'s why everyone has a number
Whether residents choose to use it or not depends on them. Q.
Why don\'t they? A.
The Alps is a small community, of course, it was smaller a few years ago.
The police know everyone in the town and where everyone lives. If you pick up the phone and say your name in an emergency, they will know where you are.
So I don\'t seem to need it.
Everyone knows the joint package.
Then we have two major market segments and then become a little difficult.
Emergency team from clock-
Service of the mountain ambulance. -
Start asking for the house number, because if they get a call to 27 Rio Vista Drive, they won\'t have any ideas.
Of course, except the police will meet them. Q.
Is this a privacy issue? A.
I believe so.
People in this town have a lot of mail, I don\'t think they like to put the mail in a box at the corner of the lane.
There are some very outstanding people in the town. I don\'t think they want their house to be identified. Q.
When friends come over? A.
Yes, it could be a problem.
\"The fourth house on the left,\" you know.
Some people name their home: tall oak trees, and so on. Q.
What is another function performed by the mail room? A.
I think the biggest function is to provide a social center.
Candidates will go on.
Students will raise money with a card table in the hall. Q.
Is there any other type of interaction? A.
Yes, that\'s most important.
When you stand there for five minutes, you will hear people ask how the children are and how the children are doing at school. Q.
Is that kind of spontaneous faceto-
More and more lack of face-to-face interaction in our lives? A.
Yes, I believe so.
I think the mall has removed the street.
This is our main street.
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