older brides and grooms sparing no expense for their weddings; fireworks, garter belt, fancy dresses

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2013 photo left Sara Musillo, David\'s assistant store manager for brides in New York, helped 64-year-old Yolanda Royal while she and niece Angel Lavin tried on a wedding dress.
Royal and her husband. to-
It is planned to spend about $11,000 at their wedding reception and about £ 100. (
AP Photo/Mary Altai Buddha)
Source: epschelin Hailer
Wells always wanted a fairytale wedding.
So when she closed last year, no details were given.
She walked down the aisle in a flowing ivory stylish dress, with a long veil and lacey bolero jacket. Ten flower-
At the wedding, the bridesmaids were with seven groomsmen.
After the ceremony, 100 guests dine at beef tenderloin, clam casino and three restaurants
Vanilla cake.
The cost, including the fireworks show during the reception, is $45 000 ($50,000). Heller-
But Wells is not the bride who blushes.
When the 64-year-old retired registered nurse married her husband Clyde,
The 65-year-old business owner, this is her second time to attend the altar.
\"I met my Prince Charming.
\"He drove me off my feet,\" said Clearwater, Florida, whose first husband died in 2003.
\"We hope this is the last marriage.
Why not celebrate?
\"Just a few years ago, for a bride over 55 years old, especially if she was married before, things like wearing a fancy wedding dress were considered to be of poor taste, rock the DJ at the reception or ask the groom to take off the lace sling socks from her lap.
But those days have passed: older couples no longer get married in subtle ways.
This trend is partly driven by the desire to imitate the lavish weddings of celebrities of all ages.
But this is also one of the results of a new \"everything will happen\" approach that eliminates the long term
Tradition and cookies-
Cutting ceremony in favor of replacing first husband and the likeand-
The wife reappeared dancing with Michael Jackson\'s Thriller video group.
This makes older couples feel less self-conscious.
Realize to pay serious cash to the party like younger peers.
\"The rules are out of date. . .
No matter what you are wearing or the cake you provide, says Darcy Miller, editorial director of wedding magazine Martha Stewart wedding.
\"60 is the new 40, which is reflected in the wedding.
\"Couples 55 years and older accounted for only the dollar-worth wedding business last year.
But according to Shane McMurray, CEO of The Wedding Report, which tracks the wedding industry\'s spending trends, the figure has doubled since 2002.
This is partly because more couples get married in the golden age.
Women aged 55 and over accounted for 2011 per cent.
Men of this age group account for 7.
9 per cent of more than 2 people.
According to the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University, according to the census data, there were 1 million marriages in the United States that year.
This is 2 from 2001.
6% of women in this age group are married;
It is 6 years old for men. 6 per cent.
Those older couples spend more.
This is because they are usually empty nesters and don\'t have the same concerns as the younger generation: for example, they don\'t save money for their first home, they don\'t carry huge student loan debts, they must worry about paying off their debts.
As a result, the average wedding cost for elderly couples is about ten to ten percent higher than the average wedding cost last year, at $656, below the previous
According to the Wedding Report, the recession peaked in 2007 at $732.
This means a big deal for companies that meet the needs of brides and grooms --to-be.
Zaven Ghanimian, CEO of Simon G
Jewelry companies selling engagement rings and other jewelry to about 900 small stores across the country say men in their 50 s and older have been investing more in engagement rings.
They spent $ US2500 to $ US2000 a few years ago;
Now they are paying $ US4000 to $ us8000.
David\'s wedding is the largest wedding chain in the United States, with 300 locations across the country, and over the past two years, business from older couples has doubled, in contrast, brian Bitler, chief marketing officer of the younger generation\'s business growth chain, said.
While old customers account for only two to three percentage points of total sales, the company expects that number to continue to grow.
They are a group of people who make money.
David\'s bride, based in consohoken, Pennsylvania, said that the older bride spent about $ to $ on the gift, including accessories such as necklaces.
This is higher than the US500 to US600 that customers in their early 20 s and early 30 s usually spend.
But older brides not only spend more, but also in different ways.
In the past, for example, older brides tend to stick to special --
But now they want more traditional wedding dresses.
\"She is the bride of our dreams,\" said Catalina Maddox, fashion director for David\'s wedding . \".
\"She wants 25-year-
The old bride wants, but more
\"This trend is very common and David\'s bride is looking for ways to better connect with the older wedding crowd.
In fact, its store in Danbury, Connecticut, recently held a bridal fashion show at a nearby care and rehabilitation facility;
The store said the event was welcomed by residents.
\"It really sparked something,\" said Jenna McNamara, assistant store manager for David\'s wedding in Danbury, Connecticut, noting that residents of nearby nursing homes are customers for weddings or commitment ceremonies.
We realized it was a big deal.
\"Terry Hall, fashion director at New York City bridal salon Kleinfeld, with over 1000 designs under one roof, is the nation\'s largest choice of designer bridal costumes, in the last year or so, the attitude of the old set has also changed.
The group\'s business has doubled, he said.
MS Hall said Kleinfeld\'s old customers bought a dress for $4000 to $7000.
By contrast, the average purchase of $3500 is insufficient. 30 set.
\"They used to be subtle,\" Hall said . \" MS.
\"Now, they say, \'who cares? It\'s my day.
They want the dress.
\"This is especially true for older people --time brides.
Yolanda Royal, 64, lives in ivinton, New Jersey and is preparing for her first wedding in next July.
After living with her partner for 20 years, he raised the issue with May.
The couple plans to spend about $100 at the reception for about people, but for the Royal MS it\'s all about the stylish dress.
After that, other details will be in place, she said.
Caregiver MS Royal and her 41-year-old daughter are at David\'s wedding in Manhattan, New York. year-
On a recent Friday, the old niece tried on a white wedding dress with a small train.
The Royal MS said she wanted something \"sexy\" and she tried everythingthe-
Design of shoulder to shoulder.
\"At my wedding, on my day, the dress I wanted,\" the royal MS said . \" She did not want to give details of the dress she decided to wear because she wanted to surprise her future husband.
\"I really don\'t think about age.
I think age is something people should not consider.
It\'s all about your life and how you feel.
I feel good about myself and my life.
\"This is not to say that some brides planning big weddings will not be held back by friends or relatives.
Joan Hunt, 76, for exampleyear-
The 33-year-old widow plans to have a big wedding with her fiancé, Guido campanier, 87. year-
The widow of October
The couple will spend $10 at a reception in the wedding hall.
They plan to have 10 people at the wedding, including her two adult sons aged 56 and 54, who will take her and her 5-year-
The old great-grandson who will be the leader.
The couple also hired a DJ and a florist who was working on a flower arch.
But when MS Hunter first told her son about her plans, they thought she was \"crazy \".
They want to know why she\'s not just eloping to Las Vegas.
\"I told my children that this is most likely my last big party,\" said Hunter MS, who lives in Rosemead, California.
\"I\'m really young inside.
I just want to do something that everyone will remember.
Nevertheless, there is a limit to the older bride.
She was going to throw the bouquet and was thinking about tying up the garter but not wearing white.
Instead, she intends to put on the tan gown she purchased at David\'s wedding.
\"I don\'t think the white one is suitable for me,\" said MS Hunter, who will wear the upper body of the chiffon dress and the cascading waist of the layers of ruffles.
Obviously, there are restrictions on the groom.
He offered five to hunt. and-a-
Half carat diamond ring
But he stopped without a single knee.
There was no ground on his knee.
\"This is for sure,\" Hunter said with a smile . \" MS.
\"He may not be back again.
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