off the rack: suppliers dress up upholstery fabrics at every possible price point.

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-22
The fabric line that debuted at this winter show represents the best products the industry can offer in terms of price to quality ratio and design and construction innovation.
The battle to create hot fabrics for the furniture industry is more intense than ever, but both woven fabrics and printed fabric suppliers face challenges.
Although the printing fabric sales in other business areas are strong, but with the development of the furniture industry, the sales of printing fabrics are slow to decline.
At the same time, in the face of fierce competition in the business of peers, weaving manufacturers are competing for market share.
The word \"value\" is more often used as a description of new fabrics.
But what does that mean and how does it bring greater sales to furniture manufacturers?
Fabric suppliers report that the quality between price and quality is more important in this market.
Some of these suppliers say they are making more purchases for each price point in order to make the product more competitive.
\"There is price pressure on the market and price pressure will be a factor in judging value,\" said Ted Paccione, vice president of fabric sales at Joan.
For printed fabrics, suppliers are looking at different base colors to increase interest in texture and greater perceived value.
IrwinGinsburg, president of Anju/Woodridge, said: \"We are introducing new greige products for printing and death.
We have also introduced a variety of fabrics that can be used as main pattern fabrics and/or general-purpose related materials.
\"Fame also adds new backing and printing on a variety of different textures.
Judy New, director of design, explained: \"We have some exciting flower cloths that we will print through new technologies.
We have gorgeous new cloth specially developed for furniture people.
The price is between $4, she said. 75 and $5. 95 per yard.
Fabricut and Wellington Sears have also introduced fabrics with a floral cloth.
According to Harvey nunderman, president of ofFabricut, the company\'s introduction includes a comprehensive damasklook with contrasting stripes, both printed on cloth.
Price points are not disclosed, but \"they are competitive with the prices of other printed ATMs,\" Price leman said.
\"John Wolff\'s Provence collection features a hammered satin stylish dress with the same look and feel as a decorative fabric.
John leweit, merchandise manager for decorative fabrics at Wellington Sears, said: \"Our factory gives us the ability to texture the patched fabric.
We will have a duck, then add aslub, replace it with linen, or use a printed flower cloth as another example.
According to Leverett, a printed flower cloth named Sambuca in Wellington Sears costs $5. 50.
Madras is a linen building for $4. 25.
Swavelle/Mill Creek is another company that works with a variety of infrastructure.
According to Richard Hanfling, vice president of the company, \"we are launching a new fabric called Summit, which was developed for us.
It has a very durable heavy textured bamboo joint effect.
However, it has a soft and soft hand.
To expand our solid lines, we have also introduced five new cloud lines.
These fabrics are available from the traditional damask look to stripes to texture patterns.
\"Sandown & Bourne is printing a cotton duck to increase Texas appeal.
Jack Nunery of the United StatesS. -
ForSandown & Bourne, head of worldwide sales, noted that the company is launching 12 new screens, some of which are also on duck cloth.
\"It gives the fabric a comfortable, textured look, almost like linens.
\"The price of AllSandown & Bourne cotton duck is $5. 40.
The bloom process is made with texture by printing on the bark fabric.
Fred Vechione, vice president of sales, noted bloomraft\'s new crafts collection, listing $5. 25 price point.
Golding fabric, as President David Pearce calls it \"casual, stylish-
\"Inspired fabric\" gives a new meaning to the textured fabric.
Instead of increasing the texture by washing cloth or adding yarn, Golding introduces a design that prints an implicit texture effect.
\"In our clothing category --
Inspired fashion, we create texture-
A sharp technique that makes the magnolia color look like it has been basking on it for a few summers.
\"It\'s an aging effect because it gets sunburned if you look at the color in white,\" he said . \".
\"Our printers need to print perfectly, and now we\'re asking them to not print perfectly,\" Pierce said . \".
\"Competitors will not want to try.
\"The other introductions are $5. 25 price point.
Flexibility is key when suppliers present their new classification to furniture manufacturers, especially when printed fabrics are mixed and interrelated with fabrics.
Covington is one of the vendors that offers this option.
Albert Sardelli, vice president of creative services, said: \"At ForShowtime, Covington really provides our customers with the ability to connect wovenprograms with print.
An example is the fine-carved flower language of romance printed in monochrome, reminiscent of the French colonial flower language.
These delicate flowers coordinate with the elegant silk collection
Like texturedwovens.
\"Leverett notes that Wellington Sears has been expanding its contemporary and transitional design using coordinated prints and printed Yaka.
\"Our overall goal is to provide coordinated packaging in terms of structure, yarn and styling.
We will introduce a few jacqu.
In addition, we will collect a large number of patterns with transitional properties, such as plaids and stripes.
They can be packed together or together.
It\'s like buying cotton for $3. 75.
The bottom line, says Neu, is \"we offer a better product from the bottom to the top to get a better price . \".
This is a direct response to the market and our commitment to the market.
We want to provide comprehensive services to our customers, and we will strive to provide them with all product categories.
We know that the price is important, so even if we have higher-priced fabrics, we have products that are price-sensitive.
\"Some fabric suppliers such as La France obtain quality and value from the fabric\'s structure, and then price the fabric accordingly.
\"We are upgrading our products to a higher style and a higher price,\" said maneglin Thomas, executive vice president and general manager . \".
\"We just do what we can to make a fabric and then price it again.
\"We have introduced about 85 patterns in flat fabrics, Dobbin dogs, jieques and a dozen pieces of cotton and cotton/artificial silk --
He continued.
\"We also brought cotton thread.
\"His highest price is $9. 95.
Michael Marzen, general manager, J. L.
De Ball, producer of Velvets, agrees with Thomas\'s theory of quality.
\"If you push the value side, you will sacrifice quality,\" he said . \"
\"We have traditionally taken another road.
\"De Ball\'s introduction includes washed velvets from the vintage Hampton Collection, jacqudvelvets from the Art Deco collection and clouds.
With the exception of Hampton Village, the price point is not for rent, and the price of Hampton Village is between $7. 95 and$10. 95.
Craftex vice president of marketing Jack Eger studied somelessons at the last show, but he will stick to the real texture fabric formula he has tried.
\"We are following up on the success of artificial silk chenille and polyester fiber,\" Eger said . \".
\"We are looking into the artificial silk and linen of chenille to make us different.
\"We are doing follow-up work on the cornerstone, a polyester tapestry,\" he continued . \".
\"Nevertheless, we still have a lot to know about more business markets.
Mode will be transported by rail, the price will be higher
To eliminate waste.
This is also a different game in terms of color.
We\'re going to introduce a combination of four classics, not one.
\"Eger added,\" We are introducing mosaics: a series of mosaics that span a variety of buildings, such as damask and tapestries using window flowers and cotton.
We are also making animal skins in damaskstructures with monochrome flat skins.
\"Eger lists the price ranges between $12 and $14, acknowledging that certain clothing, such as eufilia and oberlong chunier, can reach $19. 50.
Some weaving suppliers are adding new structures to their products, offering manufacturers a variety of options.
AlfredBolton, vice president of microfibre marketing and sales, said, \"In the past we sold solid and printed velvets.
Now we have introduced a wide variety of textured fabrics to complement thevelves.
\"The price point of the textured fabric was not revealed, but the price of the new velvet design was $4. 25.
Bruce Allen, vice president of marketing at Burlington House, said, \"furniture manufacturers want to have an application option.
\"He used the company\'s coastal and Bernini series as examples of innovation and stripes that coordinate well and have valuable options.
It costs $3 per piece.
95, \"If there is a way to add value through different structures, to make a collection of patterns, we will do so.
If it doesn\'t show that value, we\'ll send it back for processing at some point.
\"We prefer the quality of the presentation, not the quantity,\" Allen added . \".
Coris & Aikman from the Doblin branch will add acotton/artificial silk imitation suede brocade for $ month.
95, a variety of fabrics.
Another supplier with a different structure is Sunbury, which will launch Octavia, a woven stripe, Sadie, a painting tapestries and a snow Neil landscape leaf panel.
The price is $10. 95.
Some fabric suppliers are confident in the successful collection of the past.
These include Joan fabric and Collins & Ekman home fabric.
Collins & Aikman will launch its Wesley Mancini damask series for $6.
50, while Joan fabric is promoting new velvets for $4 to $6, new textured fabrics for $3 to $7 and their collection of design combinations starting at $5.
Lawry Bump, vice president of sales at Phillips Mills, said: \"fugitives are $4.
95 is an existing building and follow-up
The last market was successful with up toNouveau.
Darlington is $4. 25 is afollow-
Until last season.
Added a snow Neil.
Bump added that as part of the effort to produce mid-range fabrics, the Phillips plant will continue to add new production lines.
\"Pompeii is the new schunier building for $6. 50,\" he says.
\"We also introduced acrylic lint for $6. 50.
Woven fabric manufacturers also determine the value by providing fabrics at different prices.
For example, Mike Rice, senior vice president of Merrimac, Barro industrial division, explained, \"We are more valuable at $8.
99 and the other end of the line.
We have a cake for $3. 99.
We then have two new tapestries, tapestries, and print programs that are interrelated and present together.
Damasks is $5 in this project.
95. the print is $3.
The tapestry is $6. 95.
\"Louise Feinstein, corporate art consultant at Malden Mills andMalden Glen Street Studios, said the company is
\"Looks like cotton, feels like cotton, the price is in the range of $10.
It is 100% recycled polyester, so there is also a story about the environment.
There are some traditional and contemporary (designs).
The concept is right.
Feuerstein added that the company is also adding the top of its product line.
\"We also have more high density products and asa linen that we are developing for $28 to $30.
\"This is a carved linen,\" Feuerstein said . \".
Reynolds Long, vice president of sales at Silk Mills in the United States, said the company\'s latest innovative product was a flower cloth.
\"We want to be consistent with our jacquby plaids and stripes in design and quality.
\"American Silk will continue to serve its popular colorful Dobby dogs.
Long lists the price range of $7.
The price of the fabric presented by the company at the show was between $95 and $20, \"depending on the percentage of silk in the fabric,\" Long said, although most American silk brands are priced at $7. Between $95 and $12.
Through technological advances, textile mills said they were able to produce high-quality fabrics at a fraction of the historical price.
Mike Shelton, vice president of Valdese Weavers, said: \"Valdese is mainly aimed at furniture manufacturers, so the new product we launched this time is the 12 twisted color palette ---a full-
CountDacron Sutra type $ month. 50 to $8. 00 range.
As an industry, we offer better value in terms of price and appearance.
With the technology we use, we can produce $5 to $8, compared to $10 a few years ago.
Now, this is expected.
Suppliers such as Joan and Dicey produce their own yarn, which helps to control indirect costs.
\"We are vertically integrated,\" explained Paccione . \".
Only Joan and Quaker will produce chenille yarn.
We make the most of this in styling.
Ed Oteng, Dixie\'s director of merchandising and design, said: \"We are a family --
We have our own business and have complete control over the whole process in style and appearance.
We put everything together.
House from yarnto to dyeing process.
It makes us more competitive.
We don\'t have to buy raw materials everywhere or ship them.
Companies such as Gloucester, the British garden and Aspen introduce the price range of $3.
The Army is a jacquard Plaid flower of thejacquards 95, $.
Other ways suppliers add to each price point include designing unique designers.
At Mastercraft, Barragan, the brand new design brand, will be available this week.
And Balagan has always been a member of the staff.
According to Tom Byrnes, vice president of marketing at Mastercraft, it was his first royalty collection in seven years.
His major is modern and casual.
I think he has a good hand in transition.
\"The design names of other companies include Liore Manne and Stanley King.
Waverly will officially launch the new Mario Barta series at the show this week.
In addition, according to Reuben Luntz, vice president and general manager, the company will also add its Wimbledoncollection.
\"We have cross sections and various textures.
Istill believes that it is important to mix in the upholstery with prints.
\"The unique look includes a variety of textures in print and printed fabrics.
Toltec has added seven new series in this market, each with a different texture story.
A collection like this is a rough surface that includes artificial snow Neil, whirlpool, and leaf patterns.
Les essentiales includes textures inspired from shells and coral reefs.
Coordination remains an important aspect of any new line.
Weavetec presented its new print and overprint stripes for $6. 75.
Mission Valley launched its pure stallion stripe collection for $5. 25.
According to President Chris Stone, Chris Stone presents a coordination group of nine six-color patterns with a total of 54 SKUs.
\"A lot of things have the feeling of clothing.
We are very excited about this.
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