Must-have fashions for fall

by:Max Apparel     2020-09-05
On the left, a knitted jersey is an important element of a female wardrobe, especially if she travels a lot (
Color block jersey from Banana Republic).
At the same time, red is the most dazzling color in autumn.
Red dress with leather trim details, black beret, black pleated leather gloves, silver hammer bracelet, black tote bag with toe nail details, all designed by Laura). VANCOUVER —
Fall 2010 is not about fashion, fashion or one-time fashion.
It\'s about building a beautiful, functional, Long
Long lasting wardrobe.
So when it comes to the \"must-
It starts with the foundation.
Call them your \"nine. to-
Five \"pieces, from a great-
A fitting pair of trousers, a pencil skirt, a white shirt and a beautiful winter coat.
However, once you have these wardrobe essentials, you will want to have a little fun.
Add a play.
Change your personality with one or two carefully selected accessories.
Call these your \"overtime\" pieces and these items can float your basic outfits up and down and change them from meeting room outfits to a night in town.
We know you may already have something basic, so we have a list of the top 10 of the season so you can choose \"9-to-
Five \"basic or\" overtime-so-basic. Go ahead.
Mix, mix and love your wardrobe this fall. 1.
A leopard-to-
Five: tight belt, silk scarf.
Overtime: pencil skirt, high heels, handbag, faux fur coat.
\"The cat is doing a sneak peek,\" said Gap spokesman Tara wake . \".
No one says it\'s down 2010 like leopard prints, and virtually no animal prints are available from python to zebra.
You will find it from the accessories
Belt, scarf, gloves, faux fur collar, calf
Hair pumps and handbags-
Major items like pencil skirts, cashmere sweaters and Jacob\'s faux fur coat.
Claudia Augusti, fashion designer at Plum, suggested: \"If animal prints make you a little scared, a great belt is a great way to incorporate it into your wardrobe. ”2.
Great accessories pantNine-to-five: Wide-
Trousers and trousers
Overtime: skinny jeans, especially jeans with goods or stitching details, leather or denim leggings (jeggings).
The absolute wardrobe of this season is essential.
\"I will get a great accessory
Leg pants in a fun fabric-
Instead, a large skinny man with different pockets or some stitching details, \"said Augusti.
\"The key is to find the one that best suits you --
\"Create an interchanging wardrobe with your favorite combination of sweaters, shirts and jackets,\" said Wickwire . \".
Don\'t forget to update your denim fabric, she said.
\"It\'s your mission to find a great team --
A pair of jeans that fit you will keep reaching out for it. ”3.
A great coat. to-
Five: camel coat.
Overtime: luxurious fabrics such as military coat, fake fur coat, color trench, velvet, poncho or cloak.
\"I think in Canada, having an entrance is a priority for the wardrobe --
Make a jacket or jacket.
This is a key piece in any wardrobe, \"said Susan Lee, head of wrench design.
The most notable choice this fall is the classic camel hair.
But there are endless options: men\'s tops, cold storage, fur
Trim coat, military
Windbreaker like the Old Navy, and even a source of inspiration like the cloak and cloak you\'ll see anywhere.
Don\'t think you have to stick to the basic black
After all, you will spend a lot of time wearing a coat, so you want something that you will like.
\"Choose a style that is as confident as yellow,\" Lee suggested . \".
\"Faux fur and velvet are in line with the luxury message of the season.
Inlaid duvet car coat with leggings is a stylish weather-buster. ”Nine-to-
V: custom suit Max woman jacketor suit jacket.
Overtime: knitted or artificial fur vest, tweed coat, Chanel-
Fashion jacket for Bolero.
It started with a spring boyfriend\'s suit coat.
This stylish cut jacket
Individually or as part of a suit-
Definitely a must for wardrobe.
But this is not the only choice. “A military-
Fashion jacket will kick immediately
Start your fall wardrobe, which is a great way to update your favorite basics, \"said Li.
The prepaid Tweed set worn on women\'s shirts and silk dresses is fun. Chanel-
Fashion jackets and boleros make the most of the Mad Men in their early 60 s
Aesthetic frenzy of the times.
The jacket doesn\'t even need sleeves anymore.
\"We saw a variety of styles of vests, from the practical version of the Old Navy to the knitted vest sweater of the Banana Republic, to the double
\"Gap\'s breasted tuxedo style,\" said Gap wire . \".
\"When layered with a simple rib white tank, everything is perfect, and it\'s great to wear shorts now and later smooth pants. ”Nine-to-
Five: smooth leather jacket.
Overtime: faux fur vest, leather shorts, sheep fur poncho.
For Laura and Laura Plus store stylist Johanne Demers, \"anything on the skin\" is inside.
As far as she is concerned, leather jackets are the key to this season.
But all the \"Skins\" are key this fall, whether it\'s artificial, real, vintage or recycled, leather, sheepskin, suede or fur.
You will see that they are accessories or decorations
Like the fur collar on the jacket.
Or major items like coats, jackets, skirts, pants, and even leather shorts and leggings.
While leather and wool cutting are important, the decisive skin of the season is faux fur, whether it\'s a vest, a coat or a decoration on a glove. Nine-to-
V: pencil skirt.
Overtime: velvet, long knit, pleat details.
Thanks again to the stylish secretaries in Mad Men, the most typical office supplies of the season are pencil skirts.
But this is just the beginning.
Like pants, the style of this season\'s skirt is very different, from the leather mini skirt to the long, floral knit sweater, and everything in.
\"In the fall, we see everything from denim pencil skirts to fun, frivolous folds and pleated versions,\" says Wickwire . \".
\"Increase interest in tops with basic skirts, or conversely, keep tops simple if your stylish dress is your own statement.
\"Like pants, the key is to invest in a very fitting pair of pants.
As Barbara Atkin, fashion director at Holt renfreu, said: \"It\'s all about your personality and how you can tailor fashion that suits your body. ”A Nine-to-
Five: crisp, people-tailored shirt.
Overtime: high-profile pleated lace white shirt.
\"The white shirt updated in the fall won\'t make you go wrong,\" says Wickwire . \".
\"Match it with your favorite suit coat or hide it in a trendy skirt.
Look for a boyfriend cut that works perfectly with tight pants and jeans this season. ”Nine-to-
Five: fashionable sweaters, jerseys.
Overtime Hours: rough knit, dolman or batwing sleeves, contrast trim, pleats details, wild pattern, tweed effect, beading mat, oversized cable knit, vest.
A classic cardigan is a work of easy layering in autumn, but why stop?
There are a lot more knitwear this season.
\"Knitting clothing has always been essential, but especially during this season, because of this amazing style, such as the chunky, live --in looks; classic poor-
Boy, neck and nose;
Generous, covered
Cardigan sweater and pleated, camel blend fabric
Li said.
\"Knitting is so great and rich, there are so many Tweed effects in the yard,\" adds Augusti . \".
If there\'s anything in her closet that a woman needs
Especially if she travels a lot.
This is jersey dress with a wide variety of styles and colors this season, from the popular packaging of Diane von Furstenberg to the simple sheath and sweater dress.
\"I like this knit dress,\" said Atkin . \"
\"Very casual, but very delicate. ”Nine-to-
Five: satchel or saddle bag with structure, Pearl and brooch in retro style.
Overtime: wide waist-
Wedge seat belt
Heel booties, inlaid leather, fur collar, beret, chunky knit scarf, animal pattern scarf, oversized hobo bag.
In a season built on the basics, there is nothing more important than matching their accessories.
Pick up your pencil skirt: add a nailed belt and a black bootie and it becomes hard --rocking look;
Exchange pearls, high heels and leopard scarves with punk leather, and the same one is a vintage elegant model.
Because the personality of this season is as important as practicality, the choice of accessories is almost unlimited.
However, you want a belt.
As Atkin pointed out, \"This is a belt moment.
This belt can be wide or narrow, can be matched or compared, can be inlaid in black leather or animal. Calf hair print.
It may even be a silk scarf wrapped around your belt.
You also want to wear high heels in the lace of the season
Boots, Bento shoes, wedges and spires-toe pumps —
Especially now, the designer finally starts to give us the heel height and we can walk in here again.
Handbags, classic-
Inspired satay, saddle bag and Burkin
It may be bright colors such as purple or yellow.
Snuggle up on a woven beret, a comfortable scarf and a pair of fur --trimmed gloves.
Pile up on necklaces, pins, pearls and pendants. Nine-to-
Five: red lips.
Overtime: red velvet evening dress, red dress, red suit, full body red.
\"Each season has a story of color that jumps out and what it is that jumps out,\" Atkin said . \".
In fact, if there is a way to update your fall look immediately without spending money, it is with gorgeous red lips.
This is the relaxing fashion season we like.
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