montreal millennials ditch the corporate dress code

by:Max Apparel     2020-05-14
As the workplace changes, office dress has also changed, becoming more flexible and personalized while staying professional.
When millennials are kids, go back to 1980 and 1990 years of age, and if they have a company or professional job, their parents go to work in a suit: their father would wear a dress shirt and tie and the shoulder pads on their mother\'s Max woman jacketmake them look like guards.
That was the uniform at the time.
With the weakening of the company\'s form and the limitation of dress code becoming smaller and smaller, terms such as business leisure, smart leisure and business fashion have entered the vocabulary.
In the context of Silicon Valley startups and casual tech entrepreneurs and engineers, many millennials have begun to work in T-
Shirts and running shoes.
The change has become a new change.
\"I think people are more casual to wear than they were 10 or 15 years ago --
In millennials, most people never need to dress up.
Host of Montreal
Headquartered in Ludique, a company of image consultants and fashion designers.
It is called the change of culture.
As Ethan song.
Founder and CEO of Montreal Frank and Oak
S. -based fashion retailers, whose designs are large with millennials, said: \"It\'s not so much about the workplace becoming more casual as it has changed. Transformed.
\"There are a lot of freelancers and a lot of people are working in a co-operative company.
The workplace, \"he said.
In a generation that has a strong relationship with media and digital technology, \"industries like technology and marketing have more people.
They are more creative professionals who dress differently from business professionals.
Florence Leggate, 28, said: \"What to wear is up to you\" by the Montreal construction company lemme \".
Their workplace, like Montreal-
There is no dress code for Lemay construction.
Visit its bright and spacious St-hour atmosphere this month
Henry\'s headquarters is casual. some employees wear plaid shirts or jerseys, loose jeans and running shoes, and others are open.
Tight shirts, sport jackets and custom dark jeans or casual pants.
\"It\'s up to you to decide what to wear,\" said Florence Leggate, the lymay architect, who described her style as \"always casual, but also stylish \"--
Black pants or jeans with a shirt or sweater, and sometimes a jersey with jeans if she doesn\'t meet a client.
If so, 28-year-old Legault likes nine-point pants for dark stockings and stockings. sleeved tops.
Like many millennials, she is dressed in position.
Anthony Garnier is finishing his building stage in lemé, and he may wear loose jeans and running shoes on days when he doesn\'t see a client, maybe a denim jacket.
\"What I wear depends on my mood,\" he said . \"
Sometimes he wants to look more in tune.
The day we took his picture, he was wearing dark diesel-branded jeans and shoes, with an unstructured black coat on his shirt with a subtle black and gray floral pattern.
He likes dark colors.
\"I may wear colors if there is more sunlight, but only solid. ” (
Think about it, I \'ve noticed that there are very few of the more than a dozen millennials I \'ve interviewed that model. )
Gasnier, 28, said \"everything is in the details\" for the architect . \".
\"We pay attention to what to wear.
Even if people wear jerseys, they are beautiful.
Anthony Garnier, 28, said that despite the casual dress code available in lemé, \"everything is in detail for the architect.
All millennials can wear jerseys to work.
When Alexandra de Roscher
Vaughan works in the community relations department of Raglan Mine, a nickel mining company in nunavic, she goes to work in the Inuit community of Salluit and Kangiqsujuaq, her
But in the company\'s Laval office, she was wearing a skirt and a shirt, \"always a little dressed, not dressed properly . \".
\"I don\'t mind dressing up at all.
\"I still feel like I have flexibility-\" says Desrochers --\"Vaughan, 28.
\"I\'m in the communications department, so you should show a specific image;
You represent the company.
\"At A2 design, Frederick lafrans works part-time as a graphic designer, men wear\" nice shirts for clean jeans \"and women wear wide --
Leg pants or jeans with jacket.
Her boss \"wants us to look decent all the time in case customers and suppliers visit,\" said UQAM, a marketing and communications major, \"but be comfortable as well.
The 22-year-old was once drawn to \"more eccentric works\" but found \"more adult-style \".
\"She loves Frank and oak because they are simple, classic, professional, young, feminine.
When we took pictures of her at the retailer\'s women\'s boutique at Mile End, there were two Frank and oak products in her outfit: a green forest short film
A long-sleeved sweater and a pair of black boots.
Frederique Lafrance is wearing Frank and oak tops and ankle boots at the retailer\'s women\'s boutique at Mile End. The 22-year-
The old work is a graphic designer for A2 Design, and her boss \"wants us to look decent all the time in case customers and suppliers visit, but be comfortable as well.
\"Dave Sidaway/Montreal gazzettecheck is outside any office building in the city center and you will still see lawyers and bankers wearing suits and ties, but less than you usedThis month, U. S.
Investment bank of Goldman Sachs
Described by The Washington Post as \"one of the last bastion of crisp --
Custom collar
Dress for the workplace \"-
To launch \"a company --
Wide and flexible dress code.
\"At least two of the four big accounting firms that many consider to be fairly conservative have implemented looser dress codes. In 2016 PwC (
PwC accounting firm)
Launched the policy of \"dress for your day.
In 2017, EY, Canada, followed by the introduction of \"jeans \".
Analysts say these corporate initiatives are aimed at adapting to the growing proportion of millennials in the workforce.
With the decline in the number of emerging parents, Millennials have become the largest generation in Canada, and millennials have accounted for the largest proportion of the labor force --
Nearly 40.
Lisa Brestansky, a 32-year-old senior manager, said PwC\'s relaxed dress code was \"not told \'this is what you need to wear, \'and more about making yourself . \".
Santino Gurreri, a senior manager at the age of 36, said that with the new guidelines, \"people can express themselves through the clothes they wear . \".
Dave Sidaway/Montréal Gazette \"I think the employer is trying to give employees more choices and make things more flattering and competitive due to changes in the workplace, speaker and writer Mitch Joel said
Founder of consulting, investment and content six pixel group --
A production company focused on technology, business and innovation.
\"Being able to wear jeans every day is a real advantage for my generation,\" said Max IME laliberé, a chartered professional accountant at EY Canada Assurance Services . \".
It\'s not just his generation: Laliberté, 25, said he noticed that some senior employees are wearing jeans and getting used to more corporate dress codes.
Santino Gurreri, PwC\'s 36-year-old senior manager, said that with the new guidelines, \"people can express themselves through their clothes . \".
\"We are a culture and we celebrate it.
Lisa Brestansky, a senior manager at PwC, said: \"People are rarely told that \'this is what you need to wear, \'and more so that you can be yourself . \".
\"When employees are able to come to work and be who they really are, they do their best to work --
We will provide the best service to our customers.
Brestansky, 32, made her wardrobe decision based on her calendar: jeans and shirts if she did not meet clients;
If so, her dress matches the way the client dresses.
\"If the customer is more casual, I will wear clothes accordingly.
She will wear a suit when meeting with a conservative client, but will wear high heels.
\"I felt comfortable in four games.
\"High Heels in inches,\" she said.
\"I can\'t think in tight clothes,\" Alexis Caron said . \"
Scott, 31, is a copy of Sid Lee.
The temporary residence of creative services company on the 21 th floor of Ville Marie 1 Place is designed to remind people of the camp experience; Caron-
Scott sits on a building that evokes a canoe.
\"I find that young people are more concerned about comfort and function today,\" said Dave Sidaway of the Montreal Gazette . \".
\"What they want to breathe, what they want to stretch, and what is easy to maintain.
\"I can\'t think in tight clothes,\" Alexis Caron said . \"
Copy of Sid Lee creative services.
Melanie Mei Tyrone, office colleague
The coordinator and marketing staff at Malicis informque observed: \"If I feel uncomfortable and distracted because of my clothes, I don\'t think I will be the most efficient.
Taillon, 28, was dressed to reflect her personality.
The day we took her picture in her employer\'s glass
WeWork co-walled office
In the work space of vermarie square, she was wearing black overalls, a gray high-collar shirt, and a tall Dr. Martens.
WeWork has 2,700 members in Montreal and a location across from Bell Center.
In 27 countries, the company\'s philosophy attracts everyone from freelancers to big companies looking to reduce the company\'s atmosphere.
\"I like the concept of openness and how we see our neighbors,\" Taillon said . \".
\"I like people walking through all the time.
Melanie Mei Tyrone, 28, said: \"If I feel uncomfortable and distracted because of my clothes, I don\'t think I will achieve the highest efficiency,\" said a colleague from an office.
Coordinator of Malicis information que.
John Kenny/Montreal gazzettemillennials also want functional clothing that goes beyond working days.
\"Many of our clients go from office to conference to happy hour --
\"They want to wear the same clothes,\" Song said . \". “If I have in-
Caron said: \"The recording studio in the morning, the movie Conference and demonstration in the afternoon, I went out for a drink after work, I want to be a little more comfortable, it looks good . \"
31-year-old cété in Sid Lee\'s temporary residence on the 21st floor of Place, Marie-1, Ville
Cleverly designed to evoke the rivers and mountains of the camp environment. (
The Sid Lee permanent campus in the lobby and mezzanine is under construction. )
\"Sid Lee has a lot of style and scope to wear,\" he said \".
Business development personnel dress more formal;
For the creative department, \"the style of clothing is loose, fun and comfortable,\" he said . \".
\"I pay attention to what to wear, and I tend to look for things that are eternal.
The day he was photographed in the Montreal Gazette
C. wear sneakers, black jeans and long black jeanssleeved T-
A charred shirt.
Orange top
Frank and oak, and his bright-colored socks.
He made two customer reports that day.
Sasha Morielli, technical recruiter for LeverageTek IT solutions, held two customer meetings on the day we filmed him.
On days when no customers were seen, Morelli, 29, chose \"clean jeans, running shoes and comfortable sweaters \".
\"John Kenny/Montreal gazzetsasha Morielli technical recruitment with LeverageTek IT solutions, there are two meeting clients and we have a WeWork space for him at the local Weile.
He was wearing a black suit, a white shirt with no collar, and No.
The pants were rolled up so his ankles were visible and he was wearing shiny black Oxford shoes with no socks.
On days when no customers were seen, Morelli, 29, chose \"clean jeans, running shoes and comfortable sweaters \".
Like many other millennials, he works from home and says he prefers the social and community aspects of his colleagues
Work space to make him more efficient.
\"Going home means that you don\'t wear clothes at work. wearing slow pants is not the same as wearing straight pants. It’s more self-
\"It\'s imposed, but if I\'m wearing more\" appropriate \"clothes, it feels like I \'ve done more work in a week,\" he said . \".
\"For me, you have the feeling of wearing clothes.
\"Sschwartz @ postmedia.
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