Masters 2016: Is it time for an Englishman to don the famous Green Jacket?

by:Max Apparel     2020-05-18
It\'s been 20 years since an Englishman won the Masters.
The only Nick Fardo tracked, captured and sunk the Great White Shark Greg Norman on the last day of 1996.
That Sunday morning, the Australian led the field with 6 points, and Faldo won the game with a 4-shot advantage after a solid, meticulous round of 67 points.
When Norman collapsed, Fardo was calm and calm.
To win this year\'s Augusta conference, a similar no-nerve exhibition is needed, but 20-
Is the year\'s wait over?
Is there a Briton that can swing beautifully between the pines and challenge Jason Day, Jordan Spitzer and Rory McRoy, the three most likely on Sunday\'s green jacket
Not long ago Lee Westwood, Luke Donnell and Ian Bolt will rock in Augusta, and they have realistic hopes for the title.
All three countries have now fallen from the top 50 in the world.
Donald, whose best score was third in 2005 and not even qualified, was a decline in the form suffered by the former world number one.
Now with the new crop: Danny Willett, Chris Wood, and Matt Fitzpatrick are the best of the young family\'s hopes --
But isn\'t it too early for these three relative novices to conquer Augusta\'s unique challenge?
This makes Justin Rose the only major UK winner since Fardo, and the $2013 open is the best bet to break the drought. Lee Westwood (125-1)
It feels like the main ship has sailed to the top of the world and is now ranked 67 in the global rankings.
Competitors in big events for so long-
Consistent completion with the top 10the 42-year-
The best chance for the old might be to come and go in the 2010 Masters, when he was in the middle of the lead, second only to the runaway Phil Mickelson.
He has been trying to challenge three of his last four layoffs. Ian Poulter (125-1)
Last year, the world\'s No. 62 won sixth place in Augusta, and it looks like he has never put on a green jacket, and his current standards indicate that he doesn\'t need to measure his chest yet.
He has not won since 2012, and he admits he has not played in the most recent games.
He said in a recent interview: \"My status is unacceptable and my game is in good shape-I\'m really happy.
\"It\'s always been an optimist, but it\'s hard to see him challenge over the weekend. Chris Wood (250-1)
When Bristolian made his debut at master\'s in 2010, he publicly admitted that he had been defeated.
This time, the world\'s 46 th player is qualified for his world ranking, not to perform well at the Open that year, and to feel more relaxed about traveling with the world is elite
His hopes will also be improved by the fact that he has been reunited with the club, which did not board with him last week.
But in fact, although he won\'t use the hire set, it\'s also too much of a requirement (
As suggested by someone at the lost and found office of the airline). Danny Willett (60-1)
Perhaps the best hope in the family, Willett climbed the world 12 after winning the Omega Dubai Desert Classic in February. he nailed a 12-foot bird putter on the 18 th, to achieve a brilliant victory. The 28-year-
The old man from Sheffield may be wiping his sleep with his eyes.
He became a father last week.
But there was a surprise in this form.
He was equalled 38 points last year. Justin Rose (22-1)
Rose likes master.
Ranked ninth in the world is Augusta, who never missed Friday night\'s game when he was qualified.
The only major winner in the English group, 35-year-
In the past four years, the old has two top 10 grades, but he has not been bitten like Big Dog Day, Spieth and McIlroy.
Matt Fitzpatrick (250-1)
Fitzpatrick is only 21 years old, but may have the brightest future. he has already ranked 43 in the top 50 in the world.
Like he\'s from Sheffield.
Must be Yorkshire Tea.
He won 2013 American amateurs and followed up with the British Masters after becoming a pro last year.
He took part in 2014 Masters as an amateur and missed the game. He may not be a member here now, but he is definitely a member of the attention.
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