Laguna Beach police department sparks controversy by painting American flag design on patrol cars

by:Max Apparel     2020-05-26
On the side of the freshly painted police car, a pattern on the American flag is being crossed between a small coastal city in southern California.
According to the Los Angeles Times on Saturday, some people at Laguna Beach thought the flag design was too aggressive, while others were surprised that some would oppose the US flag.
The city council will decide at its meeting on Tuesday whether to keep the logo or choose an alternative logo.
Artist Carrie Woodburn said at a parade committee meeting that when the newly painted Ford Explorer was launched, it was shocking to see the bold design.
We have such an amazing community of artists here, and I don\'t think that aesthetics really represents our community, says Woodburn.
It feels aggressive.
Designer Chris Prelitz said: \"People think it\'s a special police force, a federal agent.
So it has had such a strong effect that I think there may be some unexpected consequences.
But lawyer Jennifer Wales Zett said she found the police car \"exceptional\" and questioned the loyalty of anyone who opposed the display of the American flag.
Critics hate President Donald Trump so blindly that they can\'t see through their current bias and realize that a police car flying the US flag is the ultimate expression of the US, she said.
City councillor Blake said he was caught too.
The Los Angeles Times said: \"people screaming at the American flag on a police car is somehow another. . .
Harm can be the feelings of an immigrant or visitor.
\"People\'s comments about the American flag on our police car are actually ridiculous.
The city council agreed to repaint in February.
The black and white police car, the stars and stripes on the door run through the word \"police.
There are 11 police cars in the police station.
The proposed graphic approved by the council in February 1 is a more understated design version that now appears on the car.
Laguna Beach is located 55 miles south of Los Angeles and has a population of about 23,000.
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