kiwi woman\'s hilarious trade me wedding dress ad

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-17
After posting a funny, funky ad, a New Zealand woman asked my user to hysterically sell her \"One Slip\" wedding dress. The Masterton-
The head office woman got married in 2013, but she was not shy of revealing that she wanted to break up not only with her husband, but also with her wedding dress.
To give someone the chance to find a happy marriage, she posted a description of the white dress on the 14 th.
Wedding dress for sale-
Wear it wrong once!
\"Please help me take this off from my life and it doesn\'t make any more sense to me,\" she wrote . \".
\"It\'s in very good condition --
Different from my marriage.
It\'s almost brand new, and after a practice in 2013, it\'s ready for a legitimate wedding.
\"This amazing pass
A white dress on the 12 th.
16 because it has a very versatile lace, it comes with a certificate of authenticity, I do it myself
Wash away the bad luck!
\"The former bride is talking about-
The line-style dress with side folds is amazing to wear-
Before making fun of her illnessfated marriage.
\"It looks amazing enough to distract you and your guests from the fact that you married a forced liar.
\"If you like to go out at night and want people to buy you drinks or a great choice to clean the house and wash the dishes, it\'s also great to wear at night [
If you like Disney.
\"If you want to measure it, you have to try it yourself because it\'s\" tailored for a little girl who thinks she\'s worth less than she deserves, she is a strong woman now \".
The woman starts at only $300 and wants to make good use of the sale of the stylish dress.
\"My ideal thing is for this stylish dress to be over $300 as it will pay me a year of gym membership to lose my weight from such a miserable marriage --
Whether it\'s there or having a decent night on wine, it\'s needed --
So quote!
\"The seller received positive feedback from the users of the transaction Me.
Someone wrote: \"No problem --
Just crazy respect.
Forward, girlfriend!
\"The other one said,\" You go to the girl!
\"But the last sentence was left to the former bride.
\"Apologies for the photos, I lost about 90 kilograms if it was luggage.
The auction ended at nine o\'clock P. M. on Tuesday, January 16.
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