Inside Donald Trump\'s tower, where it\'s open to the public, but guarded like a future president lives there

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-26
High above, somewhere behind the black glass facade, the presidentelect Donald J.
Trump is crowded with his core circle to plan how they \"drain the swamp\" and reshape Washington, perhaps the world.
On the street far below, inside a metal fence, surrounded by a huge concrete fence, printed with the \"New York police station\", there are two in the middle
Older women have been involved in a sign conflict.
A man holds high a worn-out poster with the words \"love is better than hate \";
Just a few feet away, the other man waved a smaller piece of cardboard with the words \"overcome it \".
\"I\'m somewhere in the middle. . .
The secret service seems a little uneasy.
There\'s a lot in Trump Tower.
Donald Trump\'s royal jewelry skyscraper
Real estate empire, home to the Trump Organization\'s corporate office, a long-term
The timing of his reality show apprentice, now, as described by the New York Times, \"a 58-year-old
Story of Midtown Manhattan White House.
As mentioned earlier, it is also: \"open to the public from eight o\'clock A. M. to ten o\'clock P. M.
\"When the tower was planned in the late 1970 s, Trump-
Like other developers of this era
An agreement was reached with New York City.
In order to add additional floors to the building, he agreed to provide amenities for the public, including access to the washroom, atrium and two upper floorslevel gardens.
When I arrived at Trump Tower less than a week after the election day, the garden on the fourth floor was leared off, so I took the escalator, turned right, and walked through a door, enter the outdoor pocket park on the fifth floor terrace.
Just as I went in, a group of Japanese tourists were leaving. suddenly, I was alone and a lonely figure in a secluded urban oasis.
But not long.
I sat on a silver aluminum chair, on a table, and listened carefully.
Just a few minutes ago, there was a zoo on Fifth Avenue: Demonstrators shouted \"love is better than hate\", Trump\'s supporters shouted, and the traffic noise in the city canyon echoed, \"Wow\" of the siren and bikini \"-
Women in body paint sing in front of the main entrance.
But in this rectangular roof garden, close to the new White House. in-
Wait, everything is calm.
No hint from tourists-
Dynamic unrest below or in the potential world-
Change the political conspiracy above, just the relentless white noise-
Hum of HVAC system.
During the secret ceremony of His Majesty the King, the Stars and Stripes flew over the White House in Washington, D. C. C.
In the Oval Office, it is connected by another banner --
The seal of the president of the United States is printed on the dark blue field.
Here, however, the ancient glory flies side by side with the slightly tattered black --and-
The silver Nike swoosh flag is lazily waving above Tony\'s storefront --
Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent, Burberry and Chanel-
57 Manhattan street and, of course, Trump Tower-Tenants of Niketown
I stand under these flags and stare down at the luxury retailers, which clearly proves that for those who do notso-
Watching me cleverly.
Soon, a healthy and heavily armed man in black tactical gear --
It seems to me like something from the kafflar assault suit and the ballistic vest.
In the garden with me.
I asked, \"How ? \" But he just nodded, beeping with something hard to understand, and as I sat at a table and scrawled away on my black Moleskine notepad, I stared at me hard for a few minutes.
My new prospective military partner is in full compliance with the requirements of the militants.
The camp aesthetics around Trump Tower flourish.
Adding fences and concrete obstacles to the already blocked holiday sidewalks brings all the fun of airport safety lines to Fifth Avenue.
Now dozens of police officers stationed around the skyscraper have given air to a military outpost on its hostile land. (
All of this was sold at a low price of $1 million.
Additional costs per day in New York City. )
Police Chief James O\'Neill left the Army recently.
In addition to traffic police, beating police and bombssniffing dogs —
Now occupy the luxury part of the city: \"specialized units, key response command and strategic response teams, as well as plainclothes police and-
Supervision Team for work-in-
Work with our intelligence and federal government partners, especially the Secret Service.
\"The armed man I attended with in tactical gear belonged to the latter agency.
\"You are one of the reporters downstairs,\" he finally asked . \".
\"Yes, I am a journalist,\" I replied, and then said in silence, \"it must be a new one, well, he replied, there was a second White House to deal with \"Yes, almost\" and then assured me that most tourists seemed disappointed with the park.
\"I think everyone will think there will be more, but it\'s like \'Yeah, OK.
Small Talk, however, is not an agent\'s strength, nor does he seem to be good at intimidation, although it is clear that he is not thrilled to have the public in this public space.
Fortunately for me
And lost art of conversation)
\"Joe\" soon join the We of the ranks.
\"Joe is a bald old man who is not inconspicuous. he seems to be on the management track of the Secret Service.
He\'s not a commando. chic.
He\'s not dressed up in the ridiculous SWAT.
He also did not put countless accessories on his clothes, nor did he have submachine guns tied to his body.
He was wearing an inconspicuous blue suit with a silver and blue pin on his left lapels.
When he was sitting in the seat opposite me, I introduced myself, in response, and although he worked for federal agencies, he quickly started a very New York police station job --
Interrogation with the New York Police Department. style accent.
\"Nick, what happened . \" He asked. “Not too much.
\"What are you doing, you are all here alone . . . . . . \" \"Yes, I\'m all alone.
\"It\'s a little strange,\" and his voice was a bit like Robert De Niro\'s sausage sandwich.
\"I don\'t know how.
\"What are you taking notes on? \" he asked . \".
When I put my notepad on the table, I instinctively turned it over to a new page, and Joe was doing his best to find out what I wrote.
I explained that I was a reporter.
Joe wanted to know who I worked for, so I made a list of the stores I was published on.
He went on to ask me where I came from.
I told him and asked him the same question.
Joe said he was from Queens.
\"What do you do for a living? \" I asked . \". \"Secret Service.
\"I just said to your friends here that having a second White House is a real experience.
\"Yes, you can call it that,\" he replied . \" It sounds a little annoyed.
Joe disagrees with my further chat attempt and agrees with his own idea of where our conversation should go.
\"You have some ID cards on you,\" he asked . \".
I replied, \"I will . \" I was just silent for a moment.
He said politely, \"Can I have a look ? \" \"Do you need it if you don\'t mind ? \".
I gave him my driver\'s license and business card because I didn\'t.
Joe looked at the previous photo of a young man with much thicker hair and asked him the most important question so far: \"What did you do to your hair ? \" \"Ah, yes,\" I answered with a sigh, stroking my sparse hair with my hand --out locks.
\"It\'s actually what my hair did to me.
He pointed to his head and said, \"I remember those days.
Joe, a public private party at Trump Tower, asked if he could do anything for me, so I\'m not shy.
I told him I wanted to know what his job was like.
What do you need to protect the president-
Donald Trump and his upcoming electionto-
Become the second White House
\"You do different things. Long hours.
Nothing unusual.
\"It may be the same as you,\" he said . \".
I told him that I really doubt this and continue my reverse interrogation.
I asked, \"What did you do today other than talking to me . \".
\"I don\'t know,\" he replied . \"“Look around. Security.
We\'re from the Secret Service.
He assured me that it was a boring job.
\"Come on,\" I said.
\"There must be many challenges to ensure such a place.
Like this one, you have open public space.
\"In fact, there are more than 500 private-owned public spaces or persistent organic pollutants across the city similar to this landscaped terrace.
By adding Gardens, atrium and other amenities a long time ago, Trump was able to add about 20 floors to the building, a deal worth at least $0. 5 billion today, according to the New York Times.
And after
In the election era, the Trump tower now has a newof-a-kind amenity.
The sky above was declared \"national defense airspace\" by the FAA \".
\"If it is determined that the aircraft poses an imminent security threat, the US government may use lethal force against the aircraft on board,\" the agency warned in a recent notice to the pilot.
Back on the fifth floor, a metal plaque installed on the outer wall sets out the provisions of the POPs agreement that this \"public garden\" will have nine big trees, four small trees, 148 seats, there are 84 active chairs and 21 tables.
No tree looks particularly big.
According to my statistics, there are also three tables missing from the terrace.
An online product starting at $42. 99 —
About 20 chairs, although some are stacked outside of view, of course, only two are needed now since Sir
Throughout the time, tactical equipment was kept standing and close to each other.
This hidden little Park seems to be far from the circus below, the barricades outside the building are sharp, and tourists take selfies with the big bronze \"Trump Tower\" logo in the background, the heavily armed anti-terrorism police stood near the entrance to the revolving door.
I commented on the massive presence of the New York police station on the street.
\"This is their city,\" Joe replied, and quickly changed the subject, asking, \"so the business is good,\" No, the business is not very good.
I should choose a different career, \"I replied, asking if the Secret Service is hiring.
Joe told me they were, and explained what they were looking for in the agent: clean records, college degrees, \"legal experience \".
\"This reminds me of No. so-
The agency\'s clean record in the Obama era, during which agents of the agency were repeatedly cited for misbehavior, such as when the fence-
Jumper ran all the way to the East Hall of the White House and made outrageous acts, including a prostitution scandal involving agents preparing for the president\'s visit to Colombia.
\"What did you do before the Secret Service? \" I asked ? \".
Joe told me he was a cop.
At that point he gave him the black
High-signed and young men dressed in clothes left the garden.
\"You see, I\'m not a threat,\" I assure him . \".
Joe nodded and said that he understood the charm of the small park now.
I realized that he was eager to end the trial I turned my head around, so I started pestering him with another round of questions.
Instead of answering, he said, \"Yes, no matter what, Nick, I left you here,\" and then gave me a parting advice --
Maybe someone who didn\'t have Secret Service agents to protect the past president.
Elect used to have a chance to say something, and maybe it shows that he\'s on the same wavelength as the incoming commander --in-
Chief, a man who likes to see women (
Not to mention the bragging about sexual assault on them).
\"You should come downstairs,\" Joe suggested, with his eyes wide open and a bright smile on his face as his voice became active for the first time.
\"There is a lady in a bikini with a picture on her body!
\"Joe walked away, that\'s it, and I was alone again, listening to the dull hum of the HVAC, sitting in the dying lights later in the afternoon.
Soon after, on my way out of the park, I passed the Secret Service agent with tactical gear.
He said: \"I think you are the person who finds the most entertainment here all day . \" He clearly tried to figure out why someone would take the time to sit in an empty park and scribble on his notebook.
I mentioned something about depicting the scene, but more importantly, I tried to immerse myself in the atmosphere and capture a feeling, in Manhattan\'s own gilded White House, struggling with the uncertain future on the chaotic Boulevard below.
You might say I\'m looking for a preview of Donald Trump\'s US.
Up and down the escalator, I found myself staring at the hall, where a group of reporters stood waiting for the golden elevator door to open, it is possible to expel Trump\'s family or others who wish to serve the next president.
Behind me, the water was stacked along a pink marble wall, an over-rendered monument, along several floors.
In front of me, glass case full of Trump/Pence 2016 T-
Shirts with the names \"Empire\" and \"success\", Cologne, the iconic red \"Make America Great Again\"size-fits-
All the baseball caps, plush toys and other toys stand next to an overflowing gold-plated trash can.
I thought of it all, Joe and his commandos.
Fashion colleagues and Trump\'s deserted private-
The park, the police force, the metal barricades and the circus waiting for me on the street.
I feel like I really got some hints about the future, a whisper of waiting.
I\'m sure I\'m going back to Trump Tower. and soon.
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