\'inappropriate\' outfit gets student sent home

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-15
LONDON, Ont. —
When Laura Anderson chose her school uniform on Monday morning, she didn\'t think she was getting dressed for a fight. But the 17-year-old A. B.
Lucas middle school student, a member of the student council, said she was sent home to change her clothes.
Principal Linda Will called it \"inappropriate \".
Anderson is wearing jeans and vests with holes.
\"It\'s no problem,\" Anderson said . \".
\"Excessive, I think.
The sexiness of women in our school has turned into a toxic environment for our teenagers.
Lucas principal Tom McLeod said the dress code was reviewed every year and was advised by a school committee of parents.
\"Our dress is very open --ended.
\"We don\'t suspend students, we try to get them to where they need to be, and usually tuck or roll down will work,\" mclawd said . \".
Cover all the underwear.
Anderson said Will told her that her vest was too thin.
Anderson disagreed and said she had a matron on her bra under her coat.
Anderson said her vest passed.
It means that the strap is the width of two fingers.
McLeod said students in inappropriate clothes could choose to go home and change their clothes or put on something else they might have in their lockers.
Anderson says her father feels angry and she feels degraded.
She came back to school wearing different jeans and loose T-shirts. shirt.
\"My eyes are crying,\" she said . \"\"(
Mentality is too distracting. we need to respect ourselves.
If the boys can\'t handle the way we dress, we don\'t need to change the way we dress, they need to change their point of view.
\"On Wednesday, her peers planned to protest by wearing vests and ripped jeans on behalf of Anderson.
A petition to change Lucas\'s dress code has also started online, with the label MyBodyMyBusiness lighting Twitter on Monday night.
McLeod said there are other ways to protest the dress code, such as going to the school council or the student union.
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