‘i felt humiliated’: gym staff tell mother to cover her boobs because they are ‘too big’ for vest

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-15
She knew she was fat, but a gym fan was stunned when the staff told her to cover her chest.
Jenna Vecchio says she is wearing a vest like many other women there, but because her chest is bigger than everyone else, she claims to have been picked out.
She called herself Rose on Facebook and she called it discrimination and received a lot of support.
The Canadian wrote on her Web page: \"I am a member of the Movati sports club in Orleans, Ontario.
\"A supervisor at the club told me that my vest was not suitable and was offensive to the staff and other members.
\"At movanti, they have dress codes that stipulate that they only wear the right gym clothes and ordinary clothes.
\"The first thing I want to say is that my vest is no different from that of many other women in the club;
In addition to my chest size being much larger than my frame, my chest size is larger than many other women.
\"After asking every woman at the club, if my dress offended them, they replied no, who can I find on my way out, obviously, the only offense was the two female executives who worked at the club today.
\"I pointed out to them that my shirt is no different from the shirts of other women.
\"They told me that it doesn\'t matter if I can\'t wear a vest due to my chest size.
\"I feel humiliated and discriminated against because of my figure.
I was picked out and said I can\'t wear a vest, other women can, it\'s not fair!
Different numbers mean different rules?
I want to tell the public about this!
\"If the gym doesn\'t allow me to wear vests because of my chest size, then all women should not wear vests, regardless of size.
\"This is dress discrimination.
Different numbers don\'t mean different rules!
She added: \"I was told by the director of movan that they are a private club and can make their own rules ! \"
Discrimination is not good!
She posted her own photo on the top and asked: \"I have three pictures in the clothes I wear at the gym today!
Let me know if this is offensive!
In response, Sean whittar, regional director of the mofanti Movement group Ottawa, said in a statement: \"At the mofanti movement, every day we try to create a way to make all of our members feel comfortable and healthy.
\"We ask members to respect each other when they are in the gym, including wearing moderate sportswear and suitable shoes, restricting the use of mobile phones and keeping the facilities clean.
\"It is important for us that all members have a positive experience in Movati and that we take their needs and feelings very seriously.
\"So, on Saturday, some members of our gym were on Ms.
Vecchio\'s costume made them feel uncomfortable and was considered a violation of our dress policy. Our staff evaluated the situation and spoke with the LadyVecchio.
\"Although we are not going to embarrass her, we do feel that we have to solve this problem.
\"We are still looking into the matter and would be happy to sit down with Ms.
As we continue to look into the matter, Vecchio provides more detailed information.
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