how to reuse or repurpose a wedding dress

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-21
After getting married, many brides may store their wedding dresses, pass them on to the next generation, or save them for just emotional reasons.
Some brides may find it more advantageous to reuse or redesign a wedding dress instead of putting it in a closet.
Giving a new life to a wedding dress may be a better choice than hiding it for years.
Considering how big a wedding dress is usually, you can make a few baby blankets with it.
You can do some for your children, future grandchildren, nieces and nephews.
Another option is to have some people donate to a shelter or hospital for the homeless, which is good for the parents of the baby, especially if they don\'t have a lot of property or are financially limited.
The ShawlsA shawl is a nice item for women to wear in the evening or during a formal event.
You can make a few pieces with wedding dress;
They can also be passed down from generation to generation very well.
If your stylish dress is beaded, consider making one or two special pieces from that part of the dress.
The fabric flower is beautiful made of a redesigned wedding dress.
One option when making flowers is to make a bouquet.
After you make the flowers, use a hot glue gun to attach them from the bottom to the plastic stem.
It would be nice to show a beautiful reminder from your wedding.
Another option is to make hair accessories or pins with fabric flowers.
These floral hair accessories are perfect for a casual outing or as a \"loan\" or \"borrowed\" item for a bridal wedding.
The type of runner you can create from your wedding stylish dress is the aisle runner used during your wedding.
If you have enough fabric for your clothes, you can make a dress that goes completely down the aisle.
If your future children are not the style they like, they may not want to wear your clothes, but they can at least incorporate a part of your wedding into their costumes and pass on the tradition.
Another option is to make some desktop runners from the skirt.
They can make great decorations for your table on holidays or special occasions.
Don\'t have a lot of places to donate wedding dresses for a woman who may not be able to buy a wedding dress in full or have no money to buy it at all.
By donating a wedding dress, you can make the bride\'s day more memorable.
Check locally to see if there is an organization to accept a previous wedding dress.
It may be difficult to re-use or redesign a wedding dress considering emotional value, but it may be worth it.
It can help you get more use from an expensive and important item, otherwise you might just wear it once and put it away.
You can also help pass on a beautiful item or multiple items to people who love them as much as you once loved your clothes.
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