how to organize a prom dress swap

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-29
Many prom dresses are worn once and then hung in the closet or resold on eBay or consignment.
Prom dress exchange allows girls to exchange prom dresses, jewelry, shoes and accessories with other girls.
Each girl can get a new prom dress that is roughly the same value without having to spend money to go to another store to buy the dress.
Occasionally, you can buy cheap prom dresses in exchange. 1.
Arrange the day and time of the exchange.
The ideal time for a dance change is after the dance or before the second year.
In this way, the girls are excited about the dance and are interested in exchanging clothes.
If you are going to sell cheap clothes, you should wait until the ball arrives. 2.
Advertising Activities
You can post flyers at school, post lists on Craigslist, or call friends who attend the ball.
The more girls attend, the more clothing to choose from.
Make sure you have a contact who provides information on the ad.
If you are going to charge a cover fee, please indicate the amount on the ad. 3. Set up rules.
To be fair, the person attending the event needs to bring the dance stylish dress in exchange or plan to buy the dress at a cheap price.
Some people prefer to set standards and in order to participate in the exchange, participants must attend the dance at a specific school.
If attendees want to sell their clothing instead of exchange, you can combine clothing exchange with clothing sales. 4. Rent a facility
If you belong to a church or social organization, you can save money by using their facilities.
You need to make sure you have enough space to accommodate the estimated results.
If you want a runway that shows the costumes, think about it.
You may need to charge an entrance fee in order to pay your fee. 5.
Organize the area with tables and shelves.
Hang clothes of the same size together.
Use tables to classify jewelry, accessories and shoes.
Shoes should also be sorted by size.
Plans to provide full length mirrors and dressing rooms for the girls. 6.
Plan activities that match the dress-up activities.
This is a good opportunity to cover the health and safety issues of the dance.
The girls can take part in the fashion show to show their costumes.
Local beauty salons or colleges may volunteer to do hair and makeup for the show. 7. Add activities.
Dj can play background music.
You can draw like hair and makeup
Meeting or change of local company.
Snacks are standard in some clothing exchanges.
Local remodeling companies may want to set up a booth to advertise their services.
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