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by:Max Apparel     2020-08-10
Made with old wedding dresses, whether or not they are handed heir items, can bring a touch of elegance to anything you are creating.
Whether it\'s artwork, sewn things or something memorable, you can use your imagination to make crafts that anyone can appreciate.
So dig out those old wedding dresses and take out a pair of sharp scissors and start making them.
Make a blanket, quilt or pillow with the wedding dress you have.
Cut the stylish dress into a square and make it into a quilt.
If you use the old wedding dress at home, these can be called heir.
Cut the clothes into pieces and sew them together to make decorative pillowcases.
Use some decorations on the skirt, such as beads or decorative lace, to add size to the pillow.
By sewing on the date of the wedding as well as the name of the bride and the name of the groom, these items are made into a special souvenir.
Create art with a skirt.
Dye the clothes in different colors or paint them.
In order to pursue a more traditional look, please keep the clothing in a natural state.
Then, create abstract art by cutting the garment fabric into different shapes and using lace, beads and other decorations to create new patterns.
Frame these works as art displays.
Glue bridal lace or beads are decorated around the frame for extra elegance.
Create smaller items from these big and sometimes bulky skirts. Make Victorian-
Decorate the Christmas decorations with a cloth ball template and fill with the batting.
Use lace, beads or a part of the skirt and stick them to the clothes as decals.
Make handkerchiefs for future brides as their \"old things \".
\\ \"Find a dress pattern for the teddy bear and use the wedding dress as a fabric for the pattern.
Create unforgettable souvenir crafts for future generations with old wedding dresses.
Make a Christmas tree dress with this dress and use it every Christmas.
Cut the fabric panel from the skirt and use it as a scrapbook cover.
Put a photo of your wedding on a scrapbook, or put an empty book on it and hand it over to your child or the older child who will be married.
Use part of the wedding stylish dress as the background of The Shadow Box, which includes other items on the wedding, such as dry flowers in the bouquet or guest manual.
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