how to make a halter dress out of old t-shirts

by:Max Apparel     2020-09-07
Of the two old T-shirts, one was removed from the collar and marked under the underarm around the T-shirt.
The marked line is cut along.
After the shirt is tried on, pinch under the arm until it is appropriate and mark it with chalk.
Both sides of the shirt were cut off and nailed along the chalk line.
Make a line with straight edges and chalk from pins to the bottom sides of the shirt.
Both sides of the chalk line are fixed.
The bottom is made with a ruler and chalk and cut off.
For the second shirt, half of the bottom is the same width as the first shirt, with a height of about 9 inch.
The first half is placed at the front bottom of the first T-shirt.
This step is repeated in the second half and back of the T-shirt.
The pin line is sewn along.
Side stitching extends further to cover the added side of the half part.
There is an inch dent at the bottom, drawing a new line on both sides of the shaped garment.
Side seams and extra material are cut off.
Fix and stitch the hem along each arm hole of the skirt.
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