how to make a flapper dress from a t-shirt

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-19
Socket stylish dress-
Short dress with decorative beads or stripes sometimes-
Very stylish in 1930s and 1920.
When with feather boa, headband or hat, high heel t-
Fl shoes, long beading necklaces and short bob hairstyles make simple Halloween costumes for theatrical performances.
You can cut and sew T-with a few strategic-
Shirt of the color you choose.
On top of the tank.
Depending on the length of the dress you want, measure down from the bottom of the tank to the knee or higher.
After the measurement is completed, remove the top. Take the T-
Your size shirt, measure the same length from the bottom of the shirt.
Make a mark on the shirt to show where to cut.
Cut the top of the shirt and put it aside.
Nail the bottom of the shirtside-
Until the bottom of your tank top.
Nail it so that the cutting side is outside and there is a tank top and bottom pendulum inside.
Sew the shirt together with a pin and polyester thread to make a dress.
If using sewing machine, please use the zigzag sewing needle.
If you don\'t have a sewing machine, hands --
Stitch using a sliding Needle.
Measure the length of the skirt from top to bottom.
Divide this length by 5, to the upper 1 inch.
For example, if your dress is 32 inch long, 32 divided by 5 is 6.
4 inch, then rounded up to 7 inch in the next inch.
Cut the bottom from your big shirt.
From the bottom of the shirt, measure and cut five equal lengths so you can get five equal tubes.
Use the numbers obtained in the calculation above to determine how wide each tube should be. Place these T-
Starting at the top of the skirt, the shirt revolves around your original skirt.
If required, overlap the tube only at the end, and the higher part overlap the lower part.
Nail the tubes on the original skirt and sew them the way you sew them on the first piece.
Cut the stripes on the tube you sew.
Cut from the bottom of each tube to the top, only a short distance from your stitching.
The width of each strip should be around 1/3.
Cut stripes around each tube.
Now you have a striped stylish dress.
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