How to Dye a Wedding Dress

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-02
Maybe you want your wedding dress to be a less traditional color for your wedding, or you have put it on and want to extend its life.From the comfort of your home, you can dye your wedding dress to the color of your choice.By using this dyeing technique, you can save money during the dyeing process and avoid buying a brand new dress of the color you want.
The perfect hue of your wedding dress awaits you.Weigh your wedding dress with the digital dress.Buy an ounce of RIT dye of your choice for each pound of clothing.
If you are changing from a very light color to a very dark color and vice versa, additional dyes may be required.Water in the sink.Once it gets as hot as possible, insert the sink and fill in a few inches below the top.Heat is the reason for successful dyeing.The hotter the water, the better the dye will be absorbed into your fabric.
The recommended temperature is 140 ° and 180 ° F.If your clothes don\'t fit your sink, do this step in the tub.Add the bottle of RIT dye to the water and stir thoroughly.
Use large plastic or metal spoons.
Don\'t add skirts yet.
Wet your clothes in a different sink or tub (instead of dye) with hot water.Soak your wet clothes in the dye.A sink or bathtub filled with water.Stir your clothes with dyeFill the water for 25 minutes.Use large plastic or metal spoons.Remove the wedding dress from the dyeFill the water and rinse it clean with warm water.
Once it is completely rinsed in warm water, start to rinse in the water that is gradually cooled.Rinse the clothes with cold water until the water flows out of the inside and looks clear.Hang the clothes on a plastic or wooden hanger and put a bucket underneath.
Wait for it to dry completely.
It may take a night.
Scrub the sink or tub with hot soapy water and a rag to remove any possible stains
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