how to dress for parties and how to create a party capsule wardrobe.

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-08
Have you been invited to the party? Don\'t know how to wear clothes?
In this article, I will show you how to dress for a party, whether it is informal, casual or more formal and complex.
So, if you\'re still young, still at school/university, just starting out in the world of work, don\'t know what to wear to go to an office party, also don\'t know what to wear to participate in more complex social events, I\'m going to show you how: learn the number one secret of how to dress for a party and avoid embarrassing mistakes that are overworn or underdressed.
Build a small wardrobe for party costumes to make sure that no matter what type of party you are invited to, you always have something to wear. The no.
The secret of knowing how to dress for the party.
The first secret to know how to dress for a party is really simple --
Can be found in the invitation letter.
Most invitations include dress code, which is a guide to the casual or formal level of the party and the proper way to dress.
Below is a list of dress codes that you may find at party invitations, along with the right party outfits.
Black tie dress if you receive an invitation to attend a party with a dress code for black tie, you will be invited to a very formal party and asked to wear a formal one
For men, the required clothing is a tuxedo, while for women, a dress, a long dress or a dress is appropriate.
If it\'s a dance party, you can wear a dance dress.
The black tie party is a great opportunity to dress up.
Go with sparkling evening jewelry and charming evening hairstyles.
Examples of parties with a black tie dress code are: school dance, prom, New Year\'s Eve dance, formal wedding, formal dress code. The dress code shows that the party is still a formal thing. But not as formal as a black tie party.
Men can still wear a tuxedo, but they can also wear a dark suit and tie.
Women still need to wear a cocktail stylish dress, long dress or dress.
White tie or super
Formal dress CodeA white tie or super
The formal invitation indicates that you are invited to the most formal party.
Other participants may have high social status, such as senior government positions such as Royal family members, business leaders or foreign diplomats.
Men are required to wear a full evening dress with a white tie and shirt, and women are required to wear a long dress. Semi-
Formal and informal dress codes will be used for invitations to events such as evening weddings.
Party for special occasions such as 50th birthday or silver wedding anniversary.
This dress code means that men no longer need to wear dresses, dark suits and ties.
Women no longer need to wear long dresses, cocktail dresses or smart evening dresses.
Cocktail parties if you are invited to a cocktail party, men need to wear dark suits and ties, and women can wear an elegant short cocktail dress or a small black dress.
Informal or semi-formal holiday invitations
Formal Christmas and New Year parties usually use festivals as their dress code.
A little spark is appropriate for women.
Items can include a beaded sweater or a red silk top with black trousers or a skirt.
Fashionable leisure and leisure Leisure means a casual look in the dress-up version.
This suit is suitable for a party at a friend\'s house.
For women, it can include a shiny top with smart denim jeans or casual late pants.
It could be a nice shirt and beautiful jeans for men.
Leisure usually means everything. The no.
The second secret about how to dress for a party is to create a small capsule wardrobe for a party costume based on the above dress code so you always have something to wear.
Below I provide an example of the men\'s and women\'s capsule party wardrobe.
It\'s worth investing in these outfits and building your wardrobe in this way.
This means that you are ready when the invitation suddenly arrives.
You don\'t have to say \"I\'m not dressed\" or say there\'s no money to buy things.
You can also avoid panic shopping at the last minute and overspend on clothes you don\'t like.
You should prioritize clothing based on the type of party invitation you currently receive and your future expectations.
Women\'s Party capsule wardrobe based on the above dress code, party capsule wardrobe based on the following items should make sure you always have something to wear when you receive an invitation.
Sort by priority and versatility: gemstone color or LBD (
Small black dress).
This provides something suitable for formal and semi-formal
A formal party and a work Christmas party.
Separate for casual parties in the evening, such as black or colored evening pants or skirts, as well as silk or satin evening dresses.
You can even wear dark denim evening dresses for more casual parties.
Holiday party tops worn at family or work Christmas parties.
If it\'s a fairly casual event, or with trendy pants or skirts, you can match the jeans on it.
A full length evening dress
Because many women do not attend the ball, I put the ball dress as the last priority.
You can rent a dress if you do receive an invitation.
However, it is worth buying a prom dress in the following cases.
Either you are an old woman who often goes to the dance, or if you are young, have a school dance and then go to a university where there are a lot of balls and prom.
Men\'s Party capsule wardrobe.
Men are lucky because they only need to invest in three sets of clothing to get to the party to make sure they always have some clothes to wear. A Tuxedo -
If you often go to a black tie party, it\'s worth buying a tuxedo.
If you rarely receive an invitation to attend such a party, it may be easier and more cost-effective to hire a tuxedo.
Black suit, shirt and tie, black shoes.
This is one of the core clothes in the men\'s wardrobe.
It is suitable not only for parties with formal stylish dress specifications, but also for weddings during the day, just change the tie to a tie that is more suitable for the wedding.
A nice pair of trousers or dark jeans and a shirt.
This dress is suitable for a casual party.
Festive shirt
Something with a little spark or shine, you can wear your pants or jeans on it for a casual Christmas party.
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