how to: casey jones t.m.n.t. costume.

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-27
This note will try to show you how I made my amazing Kathy Jones fan costume.
Kathy Jones is a vigilante criminal fighter from the Ninja Turtles universe and is the best character in my opinion.
Now, there are many different versions of this hero, so in further instructions I will try to point out other paths or clothes you can use if you don\'t like my design.
I would like my Kathy Jones to be a combination of the movie version produced by Kathy Jones fans and the Ninja Turtles movie version of 1980s.
With all this, hooblah said, let boogie.
This is a list of things you may need to buy yourself in order to make this outfit.
Scissors, sandpaper, bleach, Black Oil, pastels, flour, water, newspaper, air-
6 D ring dry clay (silver)
White A-black denim jacket
Shirt white and black long sleeve collar shirt white shirt or white fabric black cotton working gloves black regular fit jeans white shoes with old black and white shoes hot glue gun paint primer white paint black this layer is just a basic-Shirt, (
Wife beating machine, white beating machine, beating machine, tank, vest. etc. . . )
I only used a normal ole white.
For this I used a white and black knit
Long sleeve collar shirt.
Buckle the shirt with about 4 buttons, just enough for-Shirt to show.
Then roll the sleeves to your elbow, and if they don\'t stay by themselves, the safety pin will push the sleeve up by passing the pin through the outermost layer in the sleeve roller and putting it into the upper arm part of the sleeve.
The third and last floors should be dark denim vests.
I started with a black denim jacket. (
Yes, it\'s a women\'s jacket, but who cares? )
Cut the sleeve after the seam. (
Keep sleeves for later)
Throw the vest into the washing machine and add about a cup of bleach after the washing machine is full.
Bleach is to relax the fabric and make it look aging, do not add bleach directly to the vest, which will ruin its math.
After the washing machine is completed, the next step should be the dryer.
Now you should take it out and put it on to absorb the warmth of it. (
This is important! )
Then take a knife with teeth or a piece of sandpaper (
How about skateboarding?
Same working principle)
Through the seams you cut off your sleeves, it also gives it an old look. (Other Options)
For other versions of Kathy Jones, you can also use justa red-
Black T-shirt shirt or justa
Shirt rolled up with sleeves, or blue-
Green jumper hoodie with cut sleeves.
New CG movie version?
Gray long sleeve shirt under red T-shirtshirt.
Some packaging is required for this version. . .
If you have white, you can use the medical packaging they put on the wound.
Or you can do it yourself!
How to pack.
Take a white shirt or a large piece of white fabric and cut it into a spiral, not because you want a circle, but because doing so will give you a very large package.
Once you cut the package ,(
Let\'s say you cut the entire edge into a T-shirt)
Cut the package in half.
You should have two packs now, about 5 feet long each.
Start to wrap with the palm of your hand, then wrap it with your thumb and work up your wrist.
Go about 6 inch from your wrist, then cut it off and plug the end under your last pack.
Now you need gloves.
Yes, you can use fingerless gloves, but these things are very uncomfortable.
What I did was buy a pair of cotton work gloves from the dollar store, remove the packaging and cut off the finger part for about a while.
I mean it\'s a costume accessory and don\'t have to worry about the end of the sewing or anything else.
It\'s no big deal.
Put the gloves on now and thar ye has it. (Other Options)
Other versions of Kathy Jones.
You can wear only fingerless gloves, you can wear only brown long leather gloves, you can wear only hockey goalkeeper gloves, you can wear only one arm (
It\'s important whether you\'re left or right. )
Gloves without fingers
He should be wearing a jersey or hockey pants, but I chose a pair of black jeans. Why? Well. . .
When asked what made him better than the rest of the militia, a great man once shouted, \"I didn\'t wear hockey pants!
\"Shout out terlitz!
The Instructables member terlitz got a nice 3 month professional membership code as he was the first to notice the \"Dark Knight\" mentioned above. -So. . . yeah. .
As with the jacket, wash the pants with a cup of bleach and of course do not add bleach directly to the pants.
For the belt, like the typical lanyard you found in the actual hockey pants, I used a white lace and tied it through the belt ring.
I \'ve seen Kathy sketch in a black and white Converse top.
I just had a pair already, that\'s it. However. if you dont. .
I think any kind of black and white shoes are OK. (Other options)
Other versions of Kathy Jones.
Gray sweat pants, black track pants with white stripes on one leg, faded and torn blue jeans.
The typical Casey Jones mask is like a hockey mask that mixes puni\'s skull, so using a regular goalkeeper mask won\'t cut it.
The first thing you have to do is make something paper.
All I use
Flour and water.
Combine the two to make it similar to the consistency of ordinary school glue.
To use it properly, completely foam the torn newspaper and put it on your object.
Now draw a contour on your face similar to the one in the picture below, painted with black oil powder. (Comes off easy)
Go to your hair line and make a sharp \"cheek bone\" shape, go down to the inside and outline your chin.
Before doing anything messy! ! !
It is recommended that you drop a large piece of cardboard or trash can, or anything that may be covered with muck, and no one will care.
Then lay on your back and paint the sticky paper.
If you can\'t do it yourself (
You shouldn\'t)
Let a friendly assistant cover your entire face with a paste of paper to match the outline.
Make sure that the person who covers your face does it evenly and presses it on your skin for the best results.
Open the bottom of the nose and it should be triangular.
Your assistant should have about 4 to 5 layers so that it will harden when it dries. IMPORTANT! ! ! -
Make sure your \"Friendly assistant\" doesn\'t resent you.
Otherwise, when you are blinded by roll paper, they may do some cunning things to you or your family!
Once your \"skin tight\" face shell is completely dry and hardened, you can start adding details that really become a Casy Jones mask.
First, draw the \"detail\" and raised areas you want on the basic shape mask.
Now see the picture, cut out the eye hole, 3 slit and 3 rectangular slot. (
Located at the top of the mask and at the end of the 2 cheek bone areas. )see pictures.
Then take some air-dried clay and carve on some threatening eyebrows, this is a beautifully shaped high cheekbone line and 3 dental areas need to be lifted as well.
Once you have carved all of these blocks, try to flatten inward or \"mix\" the clay into the base Shell facing the center.
So it looks like a seamless ramp that stretches out.
After finishing the clay placement, cover the entire mask with about 3 layers of paper. Let dry.
It should be heavy when it dries, it\'s just the weight of clay.
Paint the primer once the mask is completely dry (
Gray or white, same working principle)Let that dry.
Then paint it again with white paint.
Go ahead and let it dry. . .
OK, then grab a flippin knife and dig into the suction cup! ! ! (
These are dramatic words, just along the lines of the \"scars\" on the eyes shown in the picture below roughly through several layers of paper. )
Then paint the interior of the cut with black acrylic and wipe any excess paint with a rag. Kablamo.
Now it\'s time to make the straps that hold the mask on the face.
This is where those Max woman jacketsleeves come in handy.
The first is the black part of the mouth.
Cut a rectangle from one of the sleeves, preferably completely covering 3 mouth holes, and then stick the rectangle inside the mask with hot glue to cover the mouth holes.
It makes your mouth look cool.
Hook things. . .
You need 6 D rings. And. . .
Cut 3 rectangles as high as the D ring, about 4 times long (see pictures)
Fold the top and bottom of the rectangle inward about 1 cm.
And then stick them in place with hot glue.
Pass the rectangle through the hole on the mask and place its hot glue in place. (
For further help, remember to view the pictures. )
Place the 2d ring outside, pass the rest of the rectangle through them and stick it inside.
Do this 3 times. Top strap. (1. )Left strap. (2. )Right strap. (3. )
Do the actual tape now.
Still use sleeve denim.
Cut out 2 rectangles as high as the D ring, about 1 feet long. (
These are side belts)
Remember, not everyone has heads of the same size, so your head may need to be longer or shorter.
Then cut a rectangle about 1 feet and a half long (the top strap. )
Like I said, everyone is different and you may need to measure it yourself.
The main base at the back was cut 2 laps, about the size of the original silver dollar.
As shown in the following figure, stick 3 straps to one circle, and then stick the other to the other end, just like the sealer.
Cut the bottom of the circle under the side band to make it look flat.
Now pass the belt through the D ring.
Put it on your head and make sure the straps are uniform. . .
Hot glue sticks the straps on the top and the straps on one side to the appropriate position, and these straps stick together will make it easier for you to wear and take off at will. . .
To remove the mask, now all you need to do is release the side D ring that is not hot glued in place.
It\'s not Kathy Jones. it\'s me. . .
I\'m not going anywhere without that hat. CASEY JONES! ! !
Not that bad, right? No, really. . . was it? How\'d i do? How did you do?
Did you do this?
I \'d love to see it!
Wear your CJ stylish dress and be proud to wear it!
Note: most versions of the Casey Jones character use the hockey stick as a weapon and place it in a typical golf club style bag.
He was described only at the golf club before.
In my instructions, I did not mention the production of weapons or weapons packages because (
Set a good example for my son)
I did not.
The golf club you see in the photo is just for the show.
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