how to bustle your wedding dress with an overlay?

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-20
There is no doubt that a perfect wedding dress will surprise our bride a lot.
In fact, it is a sweet dream for our bride to wear a beautiful wedding dress.
How to make their wedding dress look best if possible? In my opinion, do you know the function of panier? A good hustle and bustle will make your wedding dress more beautiful and elegant.
In this article, let me introduce how to decorate your skirt with cover.
First of all, let me briefly introduce the excitement of the wedding dress.
The noise allows you to nail the wedding dress train and pick up the train from the floor.
The two main types of wedding dresses are busy and busy.
For the covered wedding dress, you can choose any kind of noise, but under the noise, you can add buttons and loops inside the wedding dress, so, it does not damage or interfere with covering materials that may be gauze, transparent tissue, or other materials.
Then, let\'s take a look at how to decorate your wedding dress from Aiven with overlay. 1.
Turn over the wedding dress.
Place the dress on a flat surface and spread the dress so everything lies flat, including the train or skirt of the stylish dress. 2.
Measure to find the midpoint between the start and end of the train on the skirt.
Mark the area with pins and nail a noisy circle on the skirt.
For long trains, you should also measure the middle point between the start of the train and the middle point you just marked with a pin.
A pin and a noisy loop are also placed here.
You should also measure the midpoint between the center pin and the tail of the skirt and add the pin and the noisy ring there. 3.
Identify points in the higher area of the skirt, where you can connect the train at your fixed point to decorate the skirt.
According to, the higher points may be on the dress of the wedding dress or near the back of the waist. Pin a fabric-
There is an overlay button at each point. 4.
Turn over the skirt right, try it on, and let others help you mess up the skirt.
Let them arrange and rearrange the covering fabric to make it look right.
If adjustments are required, mark the area where additional bust should be added or the area where existing bust needs to be moved.
The best way to find the noise point on the wedding dress is to try it wrong. 5.
Turn the clothes over again, sew the buttons on the inside of the skirt higher, or sew the waist of the skirt higher.
Sew a coordination ring for each button on the lower side of the skirt.
In the current wedding dress market, there are two styles for your reference.
The bone skirt and the boneless wedding dress will make your dress form an elegant shape.
The advantage of the former is that it is not easy to deform, but it is inconvenient to have a seat.
The latter can easily change its shape.
About how to find you in the noise, I think you can go to an online clothing store like Alvin to buy your best wedding dress.
Finally, wish our bride the best wedding dress during the wonderful wedding. Good luck!
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