how the fleece vest became the unofficial uniform of silicon valley investors

by:Max Apparel     2020-09-15
Even HBO\'s Silicon Valley has become popular. John P. Johnson/HBO)
I\'m sitting at a counter in San Francisco.
The service restaurant is waiting for my chopped salad, a group of tall white people wearing buttons --
The cash register was packed with Downs and wool vests.
My boyfriend who works for a venture capital company found them and said they are venture capital companies.
\"Do you know them? \"\"No,\" he says.
Wool vest.
This is a giveaway. \"It\'s true.
Wool vests, usually black, from Patagonia, an outdoor clothing retailer, have become the most typical --
Venture capital projects in the wardrobe of investors.
No one seems to know how fashion faux pas turn into staple food, however, wool vests are inevitable in Silicon Valley.
For example, Reed Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and partner of Greylock (
Its portfolio includes Airbnb, Facebook, Flickr and Zynga)
, In the harvest of the moon blue shocked Batagonia men\'s better sweater wool vest.
The retail price on the website is $99. (
Marc Benioff led the sales team to fund some of the world\'s largest private cloud software companies.
Earlier this year, the brand black vest on the stage of TechCrunch Disrupt. (
Steve Jennings/Getty)
\"Gotham Girls\" angel investor Joanne Wilson has invested in all industries from food, gym to real estate.
She used this high wool to enhance the stereotype of black wool. fashion, mixed-materials vest. (
Business Insider spoke to several venture capitalists about the story, but could not track how popular the vest was.
But we have some theories.
One important reason this vest is so popular is that it will
Turn around in the Bay Area.
This year, the Franciscan (reluctantly)
Enjoy one of the gentlest summers ever.
This city only sees a 70-
Meteorologists told the San Francisco Chronicle, a degree day on August.
When investors travel up and down the bay, meet with entrepreneurs, attend board meetings, and negotiate on timeless deals --
Spring weather, it helps with the zipper.
Kim Milosevich, marketing partner at Andreesen Horowitz, told Business Insider: \"This is the Bay Area, so layering is useful . \".
Andreessen Horowitz, one of the best players
Well-known businesses in Silicon Valley have ordered Batagonia vests with the company\'s name on them.
They usually order enough supplies for customers and employees.
\"Our swag is mainly a gift made for guests of our event, so we want it to be of high quality and what they want [or]
Find something useful, \"said Milosevich. (
Jeff Berg, CEO and chairman of International Creative Management Co. , Ltd.
Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google\'s parent company Alphabet, and Alan Batagonia\'s sport swag have another explanation.
They just made a good vest.
\"I think one of the reasons for the popularity is: Patagonia represents quality, not pretentious,\" said Corey Simpson, communications coordinator for Patagonia . \".
A casual, slightly wrinkled wool vest may make many millionaires and billionaires in Silicon Valley feel (
Or at least look at it)grounded.
Patagonia will not disclose its sales customers.
Simpson said Patagonia, who has a retail store in Palo Alto, raised a lot of questions about the trend --
Especially at its best.
In HBO\'s Silicon Valley, selling vests became a cameo.
Actor Zach Woods plays \"Donald\" Jared Dunn, the head of the cute and quirky business development at Piper.
Whether he was at the press conference of the fictional capital company Bachmanity, or was voting on TechCrunch to disrupt the participants\' views on how to reverse the company, he was soft, patagonia green wool vest. (HBO)
Richard Royon, the production designer of the show, said in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle on 2014 that before the show aired, his team spent months investigating Silicon Valley for aesthetic inspiration.
They worked for hours at Google, Facebook, Zynga, Apple and Dell.
\"Patagonia is obviously very important,\" said tojan . \"
\"You walk up and down the University Avenue and see all the people who wear bartagonia costumes during the day.
A little crazy.
\"From Silicon Valley to Silicon Valley in New York, the trend of vest even crosses.
Henry McNamara, general partner in New York
Greak Oaks Venture Capital told Business Insider that he also owns a wool vest.
He didn\'t know why he saw so much in the wild.
\"I think I never really thought about it,\" McNamara said . \".
\"I really like the vest.
\"Disclosure: The author has a relationship with an employee of Anderson Horowitz.
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