how starbucks and a&w are addressing the plastic problem

by:Max Apparel     2020-09-07
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This week: reduce plastic quickly
Food bizAmazon has introduced all systems for greener shopping options go: Great electric car chase to make our buildings green and eco-friendly-
Food brands are working globally to reduce plastics, and we produce nearly 0. 3 billion tons of plastic waste each year, with an estimated 8 million of plastic eventually entering the world\'s oceans.
A considerable part of these items are disposable plastic packaging and for fast-
Food restaurant.
Environmental activists and serious consumers have worked together to force large chains to work hard to solve the problem of plastic use, and some have found new ways to solve it.
For example, A & W Canada last year promised to eliminate plastic straws by investing in paper straws.
They are produced by a company called voddvark, which says 100 of their straws are biodegradable, compostable and sustainable sources.
A & W said that 82 million plastic straws will be excluded from landfill sites each year when switching to paper.
Starbucks joined the campaign to ban plastic straws last summer, but their approach is: why use straws?
The coffee chain says it will replace most iced drinks with a recyclable straw-free lid shaped like a children\'s suction cup by 2020 (above).
Unlike plastic straws that usually end up in landfill sites, the shape of the lid will make it easy to classify and recycle, Starbucks said.
American plastic reduction expert Megan ByersS. -
Based at the Institute of product management, these rapid initiatives are considered
The gourmet restaurant is a \"good first step \".
\"I soon understood the challenge --
In our restaurant, food restaurants are facing the problem of reducing disposable itemsthe-
To facilitate the culture, . . . . . . There are always things that can be done to reduce the plastic footprint.
\"Ikea is mainly a furniture retailer, but there is also a very popular cafeteria that promises to further phase out a single restaurant
Use plastic products before the end of this year.
Instead of investing in new alternatives, Ikea chose an older one --
School concept: glass cup, porcelain cup, porcelain plate, metal tableware. \"Many fast-
The dining hall provides dining tables for customers.
\"In this case, it makes a lot of sense to try reusable options such as trays, plates, cutlery, cups, etc,\" Byers said . \".
A major plan for rapid plastic reduction, she said
The \"food chain\" appears over time.
\"The first step in making a big change is\" eliminate what you don\'t need and reuse what you can do. \"—
What are you thinking?
In response to Emily Chung\'s article on the right to repair, published in Canada last week, email authors seem to be largely in favor of lifting restrictions on repair products by many gadget manufacturers.
A reader\'s thoughtful note talks about a bigger problem: \"I think the throwing problem today is more prominent --
Far away from society, manufacturers are allowed to sell products with very low longevity.
Whether it\'s a car, a computer or a home appliance, they rarely use long
Quality and reliability are no longer considered.
This kind of design thinking will produce more garbage, just like being single.
Use plastic packaging.
\"Email us atwhatonearth @ total blood count. ca.
Amazon has more eco-friendly shipping options
Will people buy it?
As we reported last fall, online shopping can be bad for the environment, especially if you choose the same way --day or two-day shipping.
This is due to the fact that it usually results in less delivery efficiency, resulting in more boxes and more carbon emissions.
At that time, we provided some tips to minimize the environmental impact when shopping online, such as splitting your purchase into as few orders as possible and avoiding quick shipping.
Now, it\'s easier for Amazon Prime members to do it, they pay an annual fee for two free benefits
Transport and watch TV shows and movies during the day.
Last week, Amazon announced it would offer its 90 million Amazon Prime members in the United States. S.
Choose one day of the week to deliver all the items they ordered within seven days.
According to the company, testing Amazon day with a small group of key members has reduced the packaging of tens of thousands of boxes.
But there are a lot of other environmental benefits, says Miguel Jalal Martelo.
Director of the University of California-Davis Center for Sustainable freight research.
Slow delivery, simplify planning, enable companies to optimize inventory, fill trucks and plan routes more efficiently, reduce delivery trucks and travel times
Greenhouse gas emissions.
Jaller said he was \"pleasantly surprised\" by the announcement, which is part of Amazon\'s \"zero shipping\" strategy, which aims to make half of the carbon emissions of goodsRemain neutral until 2030
While the company billed the Amazon Day option as sustainable and convenient, Jaller noted that it did not provide any incentive for consumers to choose it.
It is only open to the main members and you have to register specifically for this project.
Given the growing awareness of the impact of online shopping, Mr. Jaffer said he hopes consumers will take it as a warning, and other companies will also offer consumers new options to reduce their environmental footprint. —
Emily ChungThe big picture: Electric cars are catching up with the growing consensus that electric cars (EVs)
It\'s a very low part. carbon future —
One sign is how much money large automakers have invested in electric vehicle production.
The chart below shows how many big car companies are in the world
Over the next decade, countries will plan to invest in this technology.
Hot spots and troubles: provocative ideas from online headline writers have had fun in a new report that saysS.
Obsession with super
Soft toilet paper has a great impact on the forest in our north. (
Our favorite: \"Americans are washing Canadian forests in toilets. \")
Joking aside, this trend is really bad for the Earth.
In order to reduce carbon emissions quickly, some people advocate increasing nuclear energy.
However, an article in The Atlantic magazine believes that this kind of zero
Emission options are not a treatment for climate changeall. Why?
Because the energy grid is not the biggest problem in terms of emissions.
While politicians at the highest levels of the Canadian government continue to debate the severity of climate change, the smaller jurisdictions are taking bold action.
The City of Kingston announced a climate emergency this week.
What does this mean?
According to the declaration, \"name, formulate and deepen our commitment to protect our economies, ecosystems and communities from climate change.
\"Reducing the carbon footprint of buildings is not necessarily a daunting task, and any strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions must include improving the efficiency of buildings.
Andre Mayer spoke to Vice President Mark Hutchinson.
Chair of the green building project of the Green Building Council of Canada, on what that means.
How big is the carbon footprint of a building?
The entire construction sector, including commercial, institutional and residential, accounts for about Canada\'s national emissions.
When you look at any particular municipal jurisdiction, this number will be higher because of a lot of our emissions [
All over the country
From agricultural practice, heavy industry, oil and gas extraction, these things don\'t usually happen within the city.
So, within the city ,[
Carbon emissions from buildings are
Usually more than 50 cents.
Where is the problem?
It stems from our energy use in buildings-from lighting to heating and cooling, to our laptops, computers, dishwashers, and more.
We must recognize that this energy may exist in the form of fossil fuels.
Usually in Canada, we heat up with fossil fuels, and we also supply fossil fuels with hot water.
How can buildings reduce their carbon footprint?
The approach we encourage the industry to take through our projects is to first consider reducing demand for energy in any form.
Reduce heating, reduce cooling, reduce lighting, and reduce what you can do.
This means . . . . . . Make our buildings and homes more insulated than in the past.
The second thing is to provide this energy as efficiently as possible.
This means the type of device you are using.
For example, this means using a low temperature ventilation system or heating system, and can transfer heat or cooling more efficiently than high temperature
Temperature system.
The third thing is to choose the system that runs in the form of the cleanest energy you have available.
The building code is clearly the key to all this.
Nationwide, the federal government is committed to achieving net zero energy consumption. ready [building]
Code by 2030, this laid the provincial tone for the development of building code.
At the provincial level, province B. C.
Very progressive-thinking.
They have introduced a step code.
Basically, they said [
To the owner
, This is what you need to do today, but we are now telling you what the next layer is, the steps that follow and the steps that follow.
So the industry has a pre-warning on track and time, and they can adapt to that.
What is the most forward-looking?
Consider the project now?
In our zero carbon construction project, we have a series of pilot projects and other projects that have been registered, some of which are [buildings]
Completed and in place.
The first project is evolv1 [a low-
High-rise office building in Waterloo, Ontario. ]
This is a good example of leading. edge design.
The second project to be certified is the institutional project, which is wasMohawk College in Hamilton.
One key point from these projects and the research we do is that tomorrow\'s building will be zero.
Carbon Building . . . . . . In many ways it is no different from what we have built so far.
There are different types of technologies adopted, but nothing in design or technology is yet to be practiced.
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