hoodies, polo shirts and jeans for new look guides: organisation\'s uniform revamp will allow girls to mix and match what they wear

by:Max Apparel     2020-09-06
This is a national institution, and there have been some major changes in the past few years.
In order to keep up with the changes of the times, the Girl Guide movement has introduced \"body confidence training\", removing the mention of God in their promises, perhaps most controversial, they hired a former abortion activist as chief executive.
Now, only the eighth female guide uniform has been significantly improved in their century-old history.
Scroll down to watch the video for years of woggles, scarves and navy skirts, replaced by two-tone zip-
Up polo shirt with leggings, shorts or turquoise dress.
This is the first time in 14 years to update the Girl Guide uniform, and in order to make this series youthful, the organization has brought a team of five female designers from Bournemouth University of Art.
Fashion students Kate Fisher, Jessica Gray, Megan Wright, Hattie Lines and Georgia letterwood spent a year talking to a 10-year-old contemporary guide
About what they want to wear.
The final conclusion is that it is necessary to maintain comfort and flexibility, but also to maintain their own style, not to appear too childish.
\"It has been almost 15 years since the decision to allow female guides to wear jeans-as long as they are blue --
As part of their uniform, this latest makeover will go further towards a more casual style.
Girls can now choose long and short
Long-sleeved tops worn with pants, leggings, skirts, jeans and shorts, and uniforms and skirts.
The practical design is sky blue, the cuffs and sleeves are bright red, girls can choose how to match their uniform
Far from the strict uniform standards of previous generations.
£ 12 polo shirts starting today.
The $50 and £ 20 hoodie will be launched for the first time, and the rest of the series will be released on October.
Lead guide Jill Slocombe said: \"We are particularly proud of the young women who have been so taken care of on this project.
We are satisfied with the design.
They are fresh, young and versatile.
The girl\'s guide, founded in 1910, is the answer to the rapid development of girls
Scout movement.
The girls are eager to participate in activities that their brother already likes, but Boy Scouts founder Robert Baden-
Powel was not in favor of a mix of men and women, so his sister Agnes helped build a girl called a guide.
At the beginning of the campaign, the uniforms were mostly homemade, usually brown, just like the uniforms of the Scouts, but changed a lot depending on the current situation --
In fact, the uniforms of many people were developed by the Brothers of the early guides who customized the uniforms that fit them.
In the 1920 s, a Navy uniform or a navy shirt and skirt appeared, folded into a tie with a scarf, wide --
Brimmed hats appear and they begin to be decorated with badges.
For the next few decades, although the stylish dress was shortened to knee length and the Navy was replaced by a brighter blue color, the uniform basically did not change.
The next big change took place in 1990, when Jeff Banks first tried to modernize uniforms, including the first polo shirt, sweatshirt, jogging bottom and T-shirtshirts.
In 1998, this more casual approach was confirmed with the introduction of blue jeans, and in 2000 Fashion designer Ally Capellino added another rugby shirt and body --
Warm range.
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