home decorating : apparel material can put furnishings on the best-dressed list

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-22
Denim, linen, suede and leather.
Paisleys, floral and Western prints.
All the clothes are great.
They are also beautifully decorated.
* High Point Michael delgdioC.
He said that the personal taste of clothing and household goods will be similar, which makes sense.
A fashionable man may pin a wild tie and patterned sockstripe suit.
The same sensitivity may lead him to combine silk with suede and hemp sides in his living room furniture, said delgdio, senior vice president and creative director of the 15 Beacon Hill decoration exhibition halls across the country.
Some colors, such as moss green and thick Matisse-
Like pastel colors, he said, it is equally popular in terms of clothing and home decoration.
In addition, natural fibers such as linen-
Wrinkles and all-
Interior decoration is as popular as clothing.
Even fitting can be similar.
According to Delgaudio, the classic elegance of Armani suits has a slightly loose but custom-crafted covering on the sofa or chair.
Linda Jones, marketing director, says the company that makes up Masco Industries, the parent company of Beacon Hill and a dozen other home products companies, is passionate about the look and feel of the clothing.
From the \"pilot jacket\" leather to the floral print worn in spring, they may all have.
For those who like the comfort of a quilting or chenille bathrobe, Masco wraps the sofa and chair in the same soft fabric.
In any case, Western style is more popular in home decoration than clothing.
Everything from denim shirts and headscarves to denim jeans has been transformed into household items, Jones said.
For example, the company has put denim fabrics into production lines in Lexington and hickory.
Ralph Lauren is one of the leaders at this crossroads. dressing.
His latest fabric collection for the family comes from patterns on women\'s accessories, including water Duck Paisley shawls, faded pink floral scarves, and Paisley snowtextile scarves.
Lauren uses cotton oxford cloth, twill cloth, chino, chambray and classic blue and white shirt stripes on the sheets.
He even used black denim fabric on bedding accessories.
He has gray flannel, chalk stripes, donigal flowers, glen plaid, and all kinds of flower bones ---
All with the sensibility of men\'s clothing-
Put into use as interior decoration fabric.
Laura Ashley, like Ralph Lauren, is known for home fashion and ready-to-wearto-
Especially the garden flower language in Britain.
However, a company spokesman said the two are not the same due to the large decorative fabric
Scale printing and solids.
Many of the latest decor styles are pure sportswear.
\"We use a lot of bold prints, like the ones you\'ll see on Lady scarves,\" said Charlie Green, president of the classic gallery group at High Point decoration.
Another style that the lady is ready --to-wear is a two-
Fabric treatment of sofa and simple chair: frame and woven pattern or printed cushion decorated with synthetic suede or leather.
\"I have the lady\'s clothes ready --to-
\"The clothing department has been looking for ideas for 25 years,\" he said . \".
The sauce of the goose is the sauce of the dry goose.
\"In the past, if the stylish dress looked hot, the home decor would be hot in a few years,\" says George de sotel of New York, who is Springs over-the-Counter fabric. \"Now, many 54-
Floral print, flame print
Stitching patterns and geometry are used in clothing.
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