holidays : a gift for the environment : many regional merchants suggest dressing up presents with baskets, cloth bags and boxes that can be recycled.

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-18
Karol Gartley started a family gift 20 years ago
The tradition of packaging has become a post-90 s business that seems to be eco-conscious.
She began making cloth bags with brightly decorated Christmas fabrics to pack gifts, and last year she started in Florida --
A company called \"fabric packaging\" is responsible for selling reusable bags used during her child\'s growth.
\"When you think about it. . .
We cut a quarter.
There are millions of trees each year as Christmas gifts, which really shows how we need to help the world create some Earth.
\"Friendly change,\" said Gatley.
She was also surprised that no one else had come up with the idea.
\"It is so simple;
Just open the gift, collect the top and tie it with a ribbon.
You don\'t need to cut down any trees in order to buy an expensive gift package.
\"This fabric bag was sold through the new Oxnard mail Walden\'s --
An order company that features an environment-friendly project.
The bags sold five to one for $24. 95.
\"The gift bags have been selling very well,\" said Steve Knight.
Together with his wife Audrey, he created the catalogue of Lake Valden.
\"We like the fact that recycling doesn\'t mean it\'s not that perfect.
\"Local merchants in eco-friendly stores have suggested other options for dressing up gifts, including using baskets, cloth bags and boxes that can be recycled.
\"We encourage people to reuse the packaging and bring their own baskets, straw, boxes and bows, anything that can be recycled when wrapping the gift,\" said Susan migliasio, owner of the environment, santa Monica environmental store.
Environs sells multi-color rope packs that can be tied with raffia or bows and then reused as gift packs or shopping bags. The over-the-
The backpack costs $3 to $6. 50.
The store also packs gifts with biodegradable cellophane and 100% rear
Consumer recycled paper.
\"I also like to pack gifts in eco-friendly newspapers or magazines.
\"It makes a unique gift package and conveys a message,\" Migliaccio said . \".
Trading Co Green soil.
An eco-Department store in Santa Monica uses corrugated boxes for recycling.
\"We wrapped them in hemp ropes with dried flowers and used chopped magazines as internal fillers.
\"The boxes are very strong and can be used again,\" said Alan botagk, manager.
The store also sells reusable canvas bags that can be used widely and for gift giving.
A place close to home can be wrapped in old scarves or cloth.
The remains can be purchased at the fabric store and then reused for gift packaging over and over again, or turned into other craft items.
\"You have to be creative and go out and look for new ideas.
\"We are making some changes, which is right and wise for the future of the world,\" Boltuck said . \".
Along the way, you may start a family tradition.
Gartley of fabric packaging said: \"My two sons, now 23 and 27, have been in use for many years.
Now, when they go home for Christmas, they want all the gifts packed in their special bags.
They said it would be different without them.
\"Where and when: fabric-packed gift bags can be bought through Walden\'s catalogue. Call: (800)336-4460.
Content: Environs, 2523 Wilshire Avenue. , Santa Monica. Call: (310)829-7577.
Content: Terra Verde trading
420 Broadway in Santa MonicaCall: (310)394-1115.
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