holiday wish list.

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-22
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Doorman this is a list of local organizations seeking help during this holiday season: Home Development Center, outpatient mental health and rehabilitation services, toys required, clothes, children\'s gifts, holiday dining gift certificates.
To 1258 High St. , Eugene,97401. Call 342-8437.
Christians who provide family abuse, education and mental health services to families affected by domestic violence need to prepare Christmas gifts for children.
Donate to Eugene 921 Suite 222 Country Club Road 97401. Call 686-6000.
Coburg Community Farm, community support services, cash required, food, children\'s toys.
To P. O.
8041 cases, Coburg, 97408. Call 343-0381 or 228-1502.
Always a bird first saved, an advocate for abused exotic birds, needlework, cages and bird racks, foster families.
Send a donation to Ruskin St on 1925Eugene 97402. Call 461-5851 or 461-7099.
Senior dining items, dining and companionship for the elderly, demand and miscellaneous entertainment, table decoration, gift bags, volunteers.
Send donation to 1015 Willamette St. Eugene 97401. Call682-4483.
Meals on Wheels, meals for the elderly at home, small gifts, volunteers are required.
To P. O.
Box 11336, Eugene, 97440-3536. Call 682-4378.
First book Eugene/Springfield, book to low
Children need to buy books in cash.
Send donations to 225 Fifth Avenue.
Springfield, 97477. Call 484-1466.
Pre-school education
Children with income need toys and books.
Sending donations to 221 B. St.
Springfield, 97477. Call 747-2425.
Looking for glass Youth and Family Services to support-
Riskfamilies, cash required, Jersey with hat, sports equipment, daycare, gift certificates, food, household items.
Send the donation to 97401 Eugene Suite 2 th anniversary circle 72b or donate online. lookingglass. us. Call 686-2688.
The American Red Cross Pacific branch of Oregon, for disaster relief, education and community services, requires cash, new clothes, volunteers.
Donate £ 862 to 97402 Eugene Bethel Avenue. Call 344-5244.
Accommodation, housing and medication management in ALDE Street officially ill men need vouchers for cash, new shoes and clothes, ham dinner.
Send donation to 1774 Alder St. Eugene 97401. Call 683-7532.
Pearl Center family program with special needs, support for people with development barriers, need cash, gift cards from grocery stores and department stores, new toys, clothing, books, make toiletries and diapers for SUB and EWEB.
Send donation to 5100 W
97405 Amazon Avenue EugeneCall 345-8506.
Parents born at the age of three who support babies under the age of 3, needlework, diapers, straps, pacifiers and bus tokens.
Donations to 97401-year-old Eugene Centennial Ring Road 86. Call 349-7784.
Project reindeer, Cascade Middle School, family food box, need to buy food in cash.
Send a donation to Eugene Echo Hollow Road 1525 97402. Call 689-0641. Sponsors Inc.
, For the former
Violators need sheets, pillowcases, blankets and towels, clothes for men and women and household items.
Send donation to 1756 Willamette St. ,Eugene, 97401. Call 485-8341.
EC Cares, serving parents of children under 5 years of age, need cash, sweat pants for children, art supplies, educational toys.
Send donationsto 2325 Oak Street.
Florence, 97439. Call (541)997-1513.
Lane Community College baseball and football program, college sports opportunities for men and women, need cash to run the program.
To donate, visit www. lanecc.
Sports/baseball. htm. Call 463-5599. FISH Inc.
Food, clothing, cash, perishable food, clothing and medicine. Call 689-9750.
Children and teenagers clothing, toys, games, sports equipment, CD player, CD, toiletries, books, need foster support.
Donate to any Les Schwab tire store. Call746-3376.
Instead, senior care staff are at home, low
Gifts and volunteers are needed.
Send donation to 149 W12th Ave.
, Eugene e110, Eugene, 97401. Call 485-2273.
HIV Alliance, support for individuals and families with HIV/AIDS, requires $5 and $10 gift cards, food, toys, warm clothes.
Donation to Garden Avenue 1966Eugene 97403. Call 342-
5088 friends at Springfield Public Library need books, CDs and video tapes that can be resold.
Send donationsto 225 Fifth St.
Springfield, 97477. Call 741-
8830 Eugene Mission provides food, clothes and shelter for homeless people, and food, gifts, warm clothes, toiletries are required for Christmas dinner.
Send donation to 1542 WFirst St. Eugene 97402. Call344-3251.
Forest protection, cash required, reamsof paper (
100% recycling)
G4 Mac computer. Go towww. cascwild. org. Call 434-1463.
Bridgeway House provides services for people with autism and their families, requiring cash, toys and newer computers.
Donation to 996 Jefferson Street,Eugene, 97402. Go to www. bridgewayhouse. org. Call 345-0805.
Greenhill Humane Society, caring for homeless animals, gift certificates for pet shops, cash, food for dogs and cats, Kuranda dog bed.
Send a donation to 88530 Greenhill Road, Eugene, Zip code: 97402. Go towww. green-hill. org. Call 689-1503.
Warm Stewart Aquatic Center
Water treatment service, need to be lowRevenue customers (
$25 for five Tours). 3575 Donald St.
Suite 210, Eugene, 97405.
Go to stewartaquatic. org. Call 344-2247 or686-9290.
The health care Cascade Medical Team of the local population of Guatemala needs cash.
To P. O.
Box 528, Eugene, 97440Call 484-6868.
Providing Relief Nursery, child abuse prevention and intervention services for families of children under 5 years of age, requiring cash, perishable food baskets, double sheets, children\'s wear (
Telephone for specific needs).
Send donation to 1720 W25th Ave. Eugene 97405. Call343-9706.
Kiwanis, Fern Ridge, provides food and cash for the poor, and seeks food and cash that cannot be saved for perishable items.
To P. O.
858 cases, Veneta, 97487. Call 935-5750 or 935-2556.
Toys are toys, toys are low
New toys and cash are needed for income families.
Bring donations to any Eugene or Springfield fire station. Call484-6244.
South City spins to collect low socks and underwear
New socks and underwear are needed.
To any St.
Paul\'s location. Call 284-8101.
Sharing pregnancy and baby loss support to support those who give birth to a baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth or death of a newborn requires cash payment of care packages, bereavement materials and postage.
Send donations to 1075 Washington StreetEugene 97401. Call 284-2712.
Willamette family company
For girls and women, substance abuse treatment requires items for babies and toddlers, including clothes, diapers, new chairs and car seats.
Donate 687 Cheshire Avenue. , Eugene,97402. Call 343-2993, Ext. 104.
Young people in need, outdoor and recreational equipment for social service organizations, need new and used outdoor equipment.
Send donation to 1702 WSecond Ave.
Unit A, Eugene, 97402. Call 686-0165.
The elderly need cash, volunteers, food that is not easy to rot, and they need resources and services.
Send donation to 1015Willamette St. Eugene 97401. Call 682-4374. S. A. N. T. A.
Toys, books and gifts for 17-year-old children born in theFern RidgeCrow-Applegate-
Toys, books, games, sports equipment, CD players, Barbie dolls are required for the Louran School District.
Send Top donations. O.
309 cases, Veneta, 97487. Call 935-1995.
The Lane Community College Foundation, which provides financial aid to students, seeks scholarships.
Sending donations to E. 400030thAve. , Bldg.
Eugene, 97405.
Eugene aid coalition raises funds for community programs that provide clothing and dental care for low-income people
Income student, teddy bear of Eugene police station, has long been a friendship with people
Termcare facilities, need to resell cash and goods in the use of mild thrift stores.
Send donation to 1149 Willamette St. Eugene 97401. Call485-3421.
Community sharing in Cottage Grove, basic needs for low demand
Among the residents of South Lane County, happy tree needs cash and gifts.
Send donation to 1440 Birch St.
Grove Lodge, 97424. Call942-2176.
24-Siuslaw outreach
Services such as hourly crises, information and resource phone lines for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault require grocery gift cards, cash, volunteers.
Send donation to 1576 W12th St.
Florence, 97439. Call (541)997-2816. St.
Vincent de Paul to low-
People need Turkey during the festival.
Send a donation of 450 to Eugene highway 97402 99n. Call 342-0606.
Community Counseling Center, affordable mental health care
For adults, gift certificates for family entertainment such as mobile theater, swimming pool, bowling alley and pottery are required
Pizza and burgers.
Send the donation to 1465, 97401 keborg Road, Eugene. Call 344-0620.
The Willamette Leadership Academy, a charter school focused on leadership, needs cash to help cover transportation costs, textbooks, and operating costs.
Donation to 87230, 97402 Eugene Central Road. Call 935-6815.
Indian partner, Eugene-based, faith-
India-based international relief and development agencies need cash to provide food, blankets, medicines and shelter to victims in October.
Earthquakes in India and Pakistan.
Send donation to 372 W12th Ave.
Suite 4 Eugene, Zip code: 97401. Go to www. indiapartners. Organize or call 683-0696.
Mainstream housing company
Providing quality affordable housing for low-income families
People with disabilities need volunteers and cash.
Send donations to 433 W. Eighth Ave.
Unit Eugene 1E, 97401. Call 484-4868.
Oregon-supported life programs provide accommodation services for adults with developmental disorders, gift cards required, household items, games, bedding.
To 1250 Charnelton St. , Eugene,97401. Call 343-4196.
Halfway House service
Housing for adults with chronic and persistent mental illness requires men\'s clothing, food, money, snacks, gift certificates.
Donation to 910 Jefferson Street
Eugene, 97402 or 1774 ALDE Street. Eugene 97401. Call686-8438 or 683-7532.
Florence regional Humane Society, shelter for livestock, spay and neuter programs, veterinary care for low-income people
Quality pet food, pet supplies, office supplies and cash are required for both individuals and individuals.
Donate £ 2840 to 97439 North Azalea Avenue, Florence. Call (541)997-4277.
The Uhlhorn program at Shelter Care, which helps residents with brain damage, requires cash and gift certificates from grocery stores as well as department stores.
Send donation to 689 W13th Ave. Eugene 97402. Call 345-4244.
Food in Lane County, asking for, planting and collecting food for hungry people, requires turkey, ham, chicken, cash, volunteers.
Send donationsto 770 Bailey Mountain Road, Eugene, 97402. Go to www.
The food was delicious. org. Call 343-2822, Ext. 330.
Senior dinner for Health and Human Services in Lane County, Christmas dinner for seniors, cash, gift certificates, gifts required.
Send donationsto 125 E. Eighth Ave. Eugene 97401. Call 515-9600.
Religious services, need volunteers, cash, food, toiletries.
Send a donation to 240Invington Drive or send cash to 4720 Thunderbird. Call 520-4597 or 517-9688.
Rose restaurant collects clothing and school supplies for HollySt.
Children between the ages of 3 and 5 need underwear, socks, jerseys, sweat pants.
Donation to 207 South A street
Springfield, 97477, or get off at four in the morning from Wednesday to Sunday. m. to 7 p. m. Call 747-9482.
American fire camp, Wilani Council, youth organization and K-camp
12 students, need to be heavy-
Mower rides a Mower and brushes a pig. Call342-6338.
Become a true home for recovery, offering accommodation for addicts on rehabilitation, needsChristmas tree, gifts, household items, cash.
Donate to 524Kodiak St. Eugene 97401. 606-9220.
The Lane independent living alliance helps people with disabilities to access employment and community resources, requiring laptops and cash.
Send donations to 99 W10th Ave.
Suite 117, Eugene, 97401. Call 689-4297.
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