helen flanagan exclusive: star looks incredible in maternity lingerie line... as she reveals she can\'t get married until she has her arm tattoo lasered off because her dream dress is sleeveless

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-24
She\'s engaged to soccer player Scott Sinclair, the father of her two children, but Helen Flanagan says she can\'t walk the aisle yet.
In an interview with The Daily Mail, the 28-year-old Coronation Street actress said she found her dream dress, but it was different from the Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her arm.
She said: \"I found my dream stylish dress, but it was sleeveless and I had a tattoo on my arm that I got when I was much younger.
\"I always cover it, but I can\'t wear it if I want to wear it, so I have to sew the tattoo up.
In fact, I have to start right away.
Helen is currently promoting a new maternity stylish dress that she imitated when she was pregnant with her second child, Delila, named after her.
Helen wants to create a range of affordable products
Works starting at £ 12
For other moms, enjoy fresh fun and sexy while also comfortable and easy to use breastfeeding.
She explained: \"I know there is a gap in the market because I really have a hard time finding what I want when I buy underwear.
\"I \'ve been looking for beautiful, sexy and cool nursing bras, as well as practical bras for feeding babies.
I want to do this. the collection]
I have been passionate about it for so many years.
In fact, I have been designing these works since the beginning of this year.
It was great to do it when I was on maternity leave. \'The mother-of-
The two showed off her blossoming baby lumps in promotional photos taken for the series, which were taken a month before she gave birth.
The first set, Rajah, is made up of a delicate pink and black animal print with beautiful purple-red lace trim.
A sexy cross front design with a small central bow drew attention to Helen\'s plump chest, while low
The cropped underpants sit comfortably under her baby lump.
While the lingerie company is known as Delilah Ruby in honor of Helen\'s second daughter, the actress also named one of her underwear after her first daughter, three-year-old Matilda.
The dark-skinned beauty put two pictures in beautiful light pink and light blue-
Works featuring eyes
Grab the trim under the plunging cup of the bra.
The third and final piece of underwear Helen put on, named Dolly, is an interesting pink and white polka dot two --
One piece, which gives a subtle glimpse of the cleavage. The mother-of-
The two were busy taking care of her little daughter, and while the character of Rosey Webster in Coronation Street had been identified, she had not yet set a date.
She said: \"I do want to go back to Coronation Street, just not quite sure when.
Thanks to the girl dad\'s work in Scotland, ideally I want to wait until our family is together before I go back.
Helen was engaged to Celtic winger Scott Sinclair this year when the player raised the issue in a fairy --
The story proposal in front of Cinderella Castle at Disneyland Paris.
However, the soap opera actress revealed that she will not wait too long to get to the aisle and she has made up her mind to get married next year.
\"We haven\'t set a date for the wedding yet, but it\'s going to be summer next year,\" she said.
Because of participation in May and then with Delilah, there is no time to plan for this year.
\"Scott will definitely be like this when he doesn\'t play football, so in next summer\'s game --season.
I don\'t know if I want a wedding abroad or a wedding in China.
When it comes to her potential wedding, the mother --of-
The two have not yet asked anyone to play a key role, and her attention is still focused on her two young daughters and engaging them in the big day in the cutest way possible.
Helen said with a smile: \"To be honest, I don\'t know who I\'m going to ask to be my bridesmaid.
I don\'t want to say it if I change my mind.
\"I \'ve been so busy with the girls since we got engaged that I don\'t have time to sit down and make any final decisions.
\"I know I want the girls to wear my mini wedding dress.
The material is exactly the same color.
I just want them to look as cute as possible.
\"Scott and I have been together for 10 years, so when we built our lives together and everything was so lovely and safe, it was very nice to get married.
I really enjoyed our daughter being able to share with us at our wedding.
\"Helen had previously publicly stated that it was very painful to give birth with Delilah and suffered from vomiting.
This is a pregnancy complication characterized by severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss and sometimes dehydration.
Despite all the difficulties she has experienced, the actress admits that she will still have more children because she likes to get pregnant and is very fond of having a newborn in her life.
\"I like babies,\" she said.
I can continue to have more of this.
I like to get pregnant, although I often vomit when I get pregnant.
I like my baby hitting.
\"I also like every stage of Matilda\'s growth.
Now it\'s so cute for her to chatter and develop her funny personality.
But I really like the new one. born stage.
\"When they are so small and true, you just want it to last forever.
They grow so fast that you must cherish every moment.
Helen also admitted that she was not afraid to miss out on social activities in order to be with her family.
She said: I was invited to my friend\'s hen party, but I couldn\'t go because I was breastfeeding and because I didn\'t want to leave Delila when she was so young, but I\'m going to the wedding.
\"I really should have planned my hen party, but I don\'t like it anymore.
I\'m not the party guy at all.
I really don\'t go out.
I just spend all my time with the girls.
As we all know, Corey Starr was candid about the difficulties she faced as a mother and admitted that the first two weeks after her second child was born were very tired.
Helen said: \"The performance of the first two weeks is really unacceptable.
It is difficult for her to adapt to having two young children. Delilah]
Sleep well.
She seems really content right now, but I know this can change at any time.
\"Delila is always with me now because she\'s been eating.
So, Scott was really with Matilda and it was great.
He takes a bath with her, sleeps, tells stories, and he likes it very much.
\"It was really nice to have Matilda with Delila, and it gave me a sigh of relief.
She\'s not jealous at all.
When I was pregnant with Delilah, I was worried about how I would share my attention.
\"I\'m so obsessed with Matilda that I don\'t know I\'ll feel that way about two kids, but that\'s what you do.
Helen is an outspoken person who openly advocates breastfeeding and has recently partnered with The Lansinoh UK brand to become a \"feed for confident ambassadors\" to promote breastfeeding in public places.
\"I really think the more breastfeeding in public, the more comfortable you feel,\" she said.
\"Confidence-filled feeding\" brings the actress in, raising public awareness and support for breastfeeding by sharing her own breastfeeding journey to help women gain confidence in public feeding
\"I like to be able to use my social media to tell my experience honestly and to help other women have the confidence to breastfeed whenever they need it, wherever they are.
When I received a message from women saying \"thank you for being positive\" and told me how much they felt it was, I really liked it, especially when they had a bad day.
It\'s really worth it.
Although the soap opera actress is often praised by loyal fans, she has unfortunately become a victim of her mother --shaming.
Helen explained: \"When Delila was a few weeks old, I was at Starbucks trying to find a discreet place to breastfeed.
A couple sat in front of a table opposite me and stared at me as if what I was doing was disgusting, the worst thing they had ever seen.
This is actually the most natural thing in the world.
The brand newmaternity lingerie collection by Helen is now available from www. delilahruby. co. uk.
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