has this dress been to more countries than you?

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-19
\"Made in Morocco\" the label on the pink Zara shirt says \"Made in Morocco \".
While this may be the place where the garment is finally sewn together, it has been to several other countries.
In fact, there is a good chance that this stylish dress will be better than you travel.
If it were human, it would certainly go far enough to earn some decent air mileage for itself.
The material used to make it comes from lyocell-
Sustainable alternatives to cotton.
According to Lenzing, an Austrian supplier of Zara-, the trees used to make this fiber are mainly from Europe
Used by owner Inditex.
The fibers were transported to Egypt where they were spun into yarn.
The yarn was then sent to China where it was woven into fabric.
The fabric is then sent to Spain for dyeing and pink in this case.
The fabric was then transported to Morocco, cut into various parts of the skirt and sewn together.
After that, it was sent back to packaged Spain and then sent to any of the 93 countries in the UK, US or Inditex that have stores.
From stylish dress to T-shirt
Shirts and trousers, most of the clothing sold around the world will go through a similar and complex journey.
In fact, they may be more complicated.
Most Inditex garments are produced near their Spanish headquarters or in neighboring countries such as Portugal, Morocco and Turkey.
That\'s why it helped the company achieve the famous fast response time to new trends.
The supply chain of most of its competitors is not local.
No matter where they are, most factories are not owned by fashion brands that use them.
They were selected as official suppliers.
Typically, these suppliers subcontract their work to other factories for certain tasks or for the purpose of meeting an urgent deadline.
This system can make it difficult to track specific sources of individual projects.
I contacted several big clothing brands last week including H & M, Marks and Spencer, Gap and Arcadia Group to give me a t-
Shirts from seeds to the basic range of finished products.
Only Inditex can respond in a timely manner to meet the deadline for this article.
\"I don\'t think the company wants to respond because they don\'t know where the materials they buy come from,\" said Tim Hunt, a moral consumer researcher at the Research Society, about the ethical and environmental behavior of the business.
These difficulties were highlighted by the 2013 Larna square disaster, when the Bangladesh garment factory collapsed, more than 1,100 people were killed and 2,500 injured.
In some cases, brands don\'t even know where their clothes are made.
According to the \"bar code behind\" Report of the Christian Aid and development organization Baptist World Aid Australia, among the 87 largest fashion brands, only 16% of brands have published a full list of their garment sewing factories, and less than the fifth brand knows where all their zippers, buttons are, and the lines and fabrics come from. Non-
The profit group Fashion Revolution, set up after the collapse of Lana Square Mall, is leading a campaign to try to force companies to be more transparent about the supply chain.
Every year, in the event of a disaster, it launches a campaign to encourage customers to push the company on this issue.
Fashion Revolution
Orsola de Castro, founder and creative director, said the demand for mass production in the fashion industry and the tight schedule needed to get the product off the shelf as soon as possible meant that the manufacturing process was already very, very confusing \".
\"The human power to invest in t-productionshirt -
Even at the sewing level, it goes through many different hands.
\"On their standard products, most brands don\'t know the journey from seed to store,\" she said . \".
While newer and smaller fashion brands are creating products with 100% traceability, she says it\'s a lot harder for established giants.
\"Reversing the situation is a major and complex issue that requires a massive shift in attitude.
\"However, just over a decade ago, Piera rivori had no problem following a $6 cotton t-journey
She picked a shirt from a sales box at Wal-Mart, Florida.
Start with the label behind t-
The shirt, she tracked its journey back from the US \"step by step along the supply chain.
How Professor Rivoli described her journey, which led to a book \"T-
Shirts in the global economy.
As a finance and international business teacher at Georgetown University in Washington, Professor riverley wants to investigate her hypothesis that free trade benefits all countries.
Her trip took her away from cotton.
S. , Texas, to China
The shirt was sewn together.
In the end, she came to Tanzania on the east coast of Africa, where there was a second prosperous place --
Clothing market.
She believes that complex supply chains are driven by cost and market forces.
Her conclusion is that many brands decide where to buy supplies and make clothes is actually politically driven.
She cited US agricultural subsidies for cotton growers and China\'s immigration policy to encourage workers to move from rural areas.
\"Not the story of how people compete --
How do I make faster T-
Shirt, better T-shirt
A little cheaper T-shirtshirt -
What I found was T-
\"The shirt and why its life has become like this is actually about how people use political power,\" she said . \".
She believes that the current rebound in global trade is a direct result of such political intervention.
Such consumer anger, she said, could eventually push for change in fashion companies.
Professor Rivoli pointed out that many companies now list all direct suppliers and said that they are moving towards developing less, longer-term supplier relationships.
\"There may be a little less jumping around,\" she laughs . \".
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