games for a dress-up birthday tea party for 10-year-old girls

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-11
A stylish dress-
Birthday tea party is the perfect time for girls to celebrate everything. Ten-year-
They still like to be stupid at this age, but are able to appreciate more challenging games and activities.
Tea party theme is suitable for games that combine the fun of playing adult games
Excited like a child.
Place treasure hunt items around the room at a glance and give guests a list of items.
The tea party should be the most
Themes, but also include items that are more difficult to find, such as transparent tape attached to a window or TV screen, rubber bands placed on the legs of a chair, a coin at the bottom of a transparent vase, A dollar bill wrapped on the spine, or a line laid along the windowsill.
Hide items, such as a teaspoon of things, in unexpected places, mixed with a cup of pencil, or tea bags glued to the frame with tape.
When the player monitors the item, she has to take a note of the location without attracting the attention of other girls.
This treasure hunt combines the thrill of chasing with the challenge of keeping secrets, perfect for 10-year-olds.
Divide the girls into two teams.
Place a feather baby, beading necklace, bracelet and a pair of no for each teamvery-
High heels across the room.
Give a Book to the first team member of each team.
Every girl put the book on her head and walked up to a pile of clothes without throwing it away.
She put on her clothes, put the book on her head, went back to her team, took off her clothes and handed the book to the second player.
The girl was dressed, put the book on her head, walked through the room, where she took off her clothes, put the book on her head, and went back to her team.
The first team to complete is the winner.
Put the tea bag in the teapot so that each girl has a tea bag.
The girls took turns pulling a tea bag out of the pot.
Each tea bag has written instructions for activities that girls have to do, such as singing \"I\'m a small teapot, \\\" pour a cup of tea or a bunch of sugar.
Every girl can decide whether to let everyone join her event or perform alone.
Provide a piece of clothing
In order for guests to add feather babies, earrings or novelty glasses to their clothing, guests may be asked to add them.
Divide the girls into two teams.
One girl in each team has to guess the answer because her team members are doing well --known tea-
\\ Not-and other related wordsrex,\\\' \\\'t-
Ball, tee time, no tee time
\"Bone\" and \"TV \".
Team members are not allowed to speak--or to roar!
The first team to guess the words won a round.
Two new players are chosen to guess, and each team has another clue.
Start the game in a familiar and simple wayto-
T-wait for cluesrex or t-
Get guests on the right track.
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