feature: e-mail addresses changing design of japanese business cards.

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-21
14 Kyodo News agency e-
The surge in PCs makes mail possible, which has an impact on the design of Japanese business cards.
Business cards written vertically in Japanese \"Chinese characters\" Display names and related information, once a pillar of the card industry.
This card has been replaced by business card level writing, including e-commerce.
Mail address other than name and other details.
Tokyo Meishi center is a large company specializing in the production of business cards, known in Japan as \"Meishi\", which said that business cards with horizontal writing accounted for 95% of its products.
The company provides cards for about 1,800 companies, including those listed in the first part of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and saidit has become a habit for company employees and others including e-commerce
The Mail address on the phone card.
Cards written vertically were dominant until 30 years ago, but horizontal layout gradually became widespread, probably because more and more people think that characters written horizontally are easier to read. Meishi --
From \"beauty\" to \"stone\" to cut--
It is said that when people cut their names into bamboo and trees, they originated in ancient China.
The center is estimated to be around 7.
Japan produces 2 billion business cards every year.
Akira Aoki, president of Aoki office services
The head of the center said, \"business cards are no longer useful when a person\'s company name changes.
How to reuse is the challenge we face.
We are looking at preventing its abuse, such as integrating numbers into it.
Business cards are usually made of paper, but metal and plastic are also being used.
Mitsubishi Materials
When Marchlast first went public last year, more than a million pure gold cards were sold.
The company uses its precision roller press to process a gram of pure gold into a thin sheet of about 14 microns in thickness and cover it with a transparent film.
Mitsubishi Materials says there is a considerable demand for gold business cards as gifts for those who are promoted, transferred or retired.
Manufacturers recommend a retail price of 10,000 yen per card.
Main trading company of Itochu
Invite a lecturer outside the company to teach the etiquette of the new employee to show the phone card.
Despite the general trend of horizontal layout, some politicians and corporate executives still tend to print their names vertically.
A company even changed the business card from horizontal layout to vertical layout after the employee served as senior manager.
In addition, in order to emphasize the position occupied by the holder in the company, the printed characters on the surface of the trademark are improved. Some foreign-
Affiliates allow employees to own such business cards, but in Japanese companies only the chairman and president have the right to have such business cards.
The price of the business card is 12,000 yen, a box contains 100 cards, while the price of ordinary cards printed in Japanese on one side and ordinary cards printed in English on the other side is about 2,000 yen.
The beautiful poems made as hobbies are also welcomed by some people.
They display the cartoon portrait of the card owner on a golf suit or pet.
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