Europe Addresses Inefficient Water Pumps

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-28
Earlier this month, the European Commission set a date to throw incandescent lamps into the historical bin.
Later last week, the government and energy experts in Brussels targeted another --
Century Technology: A circulation device that wastes water.
These circulating pumps deliver the water heated by the boiler to the radiator in our home and office.
European Union officials say most of them use too much electricity in circulation, causing unnecessary damage to the climate.
According to the Commission, most of the 0. 14 billion circulators currently used in Europe are pumping water continuously, whether or not needed.
Up to 20% of household average energy bills are paid for running these inefficient recycling systems, the report said.
A new regulation is part of the Commission. called eco-
Design activities will only allow very high
By 2015, efficiency, the circulation of intellectuals.
These units only work when needed and can adjust the speed.
The regulation will also require the removal of standard circulators from e-commerce. U. market by 2013.
Approve this ecology
It turns out that European design directives are very complex and often involve
Additional review called framework law, regulatory commission and European ParliamentU. governments.
Intense industry lobbying led
Ups is launching new rules on energy efficiency for consumer goods such as refrigerators.
But Andreas pibalggsU.
The energy commissioner said the importance of incremental measures should not be underestimated.
The way heating systems will work will soon save society and the industry a lot of energy and bring benefits
The regulation could create 7,000 jobs and save the equivalent of Ireland\'s annual energy consumption, Piebalgs added.
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Europe uses 220 V and the United States uses 120 V.
120 V efficiency is much lower, only 100 feet of the running lost power, followed by about 2-
3% unless you like to waste copper with bigger wires.
Since 220 V is not only more efficient but cheaper, already in all households, why not switch to 240 V using lighting for each household included?
This will automatically upgrade the existing cabling system as you need a small wire to carry the same 220 V current (amps).
Afraid of electric shock?
The Avery family can upgrade the main GFCI circuit breaker on the entrance panel.
It is mandatory in Europe.
My guess is that conservatives don\'t work in the long run.
See also the metric conversion that everyone does except for the US.
What happened to the convection circulation system?
I learned mechanical engineering in my early 60 s and remember to design a heating system where the water cycle is done by the density difference between hot and cold water-no pumps are needed at all.
That was the day when the auto industry was in its infancy in Brazil, where it built a three-cylinder, two-cylinder DKW car.
Using this principle, the 1 liter stroke engine is equipped with a water pump, and the water is really pouring out!
How are these pumps improved?
Can you post the link to the website?
The link to Wilo\'s company led to a huge website that did not immediately get an obvious answer.
It would be helpful if you could quantify a bit!
What is the average power consumed by one of these pumps?
How much will this save for a typical family?
Are we talking about 100x, 10x, 1/10, or 1/100, as big as the change of tungsten lamp to CFLs?
Will the new pump save \"Irish annual energy consumption\" for the entire new heating system?
I can tell you that my circulating hot water pump is an energy pig.
And it\'s always on!
I installed an electronic timer.
I noticed that the timer built into the commercial now makes one.
If my water heater has a timer
My old, inefficient domestic hot water circulating pump is rated at 80 W and runs 5000 hours a year and consumes about 400 KW hours a year.
A valid variable
The speed circulating pump needs 11 W and 55 degrees per year, saving about 350 degrees per year.
With the installation, the pump is about $400.
The electricity bill is about 17 cents per kilowatt hour (
They are higher than most places in the United States)
It is profitable to replace the old pump.
Replacing all 0. 14 billion inefficient water circulating pumps will eliminate the need for \'000 70 W, bringing the installed capacity to 7 GW (
7 nuclear power plants and about 10 coal-fired power plants).
The average electrical savings are about 50%, up to 80%. Try //www. wilo-usa. com.
Thanks, Stefan.
So the electricity bill for the new pump is about $10/year, not $70.
I know I can check this out and I just want to complain that an article doesn\'t leave a clear order for each reader --of-
The scale of this problem is estimated.
They never report \"someone murdered\" and they always tell you if it\'s 1, 10 or 100 and I hope that\'s the same with energy consumption.
We can all put $60 next to the annual heating bill or car refueling fee.
No matter what happens to the rules, don\'t sweat for small things? The U. S.
There is a lot of room for improvement in low-flow toilets and other such equipment, if the United StatesS.
If the government wants to support these products like in Europe, there will be a gold rush that will start to change the old system and make the new system more effective.
The problem in Washington is that some companies lobby for their products, which confuses the whole reason for doing such projects.
We are such a wasteful society-we are on par with China in terms of energy consumption, but the last time I saw that China has more residents than us.
The digital thermostat needs to be heated during preheating
Programming time . . . . . . Boliler is set to keep the water at a constant low temperature and start to high temperature and run the circulating pump when needed.
I think the key here is the smart thermostat . . . . . . The pump will only do what is told doWe has a house over 100 with a hot water heating system that cycles hot water to the cast iron radiator through convection. No pump at all.
In addition to the 12 volt thermostat that controls the burner, no electricity is required.
This is the most comfortable heating system I have ever stayed in.
Even hot, there is no airflow.
The system only needs a new boiler every 25-
30 years, no other maintenance at all.
Maybe it\'s time to get back to the future.
To be frank, I am surprised by the widespread use of such a system that is constantly circulating.
Although I have heard of such a system in a very high-end house, this is not normal in the United States. S.
The timer on the water heater is easy to install and the blanket on the water heater is also a good idea.
Hot water heating systems in Europe are not common in the United States.
They usually have a radiator parallel to the main circulation circuit and a constant temperature radiator valve on each radiator.
Therefore, the pump must operate at all times in order to supply any radiator at any time.
S. systems usually have an electronic thermostat that controls each heating area, so the pump will only run if the thermostat requires heat.
90 w pump in my system (
The running time is less than 25%.
Replacing the circulating pump is a waste of money \", heating the water to the radiator in our home and office with a boiler.
European Union officials say most air outlets are using too much electricity. Have you ever seen these things?
These things are similar to the water pump on your limo.
Technology is not low.
I\'m dumbTech.
The philosophy of our ancestors is, \"no problem.
Any heat generated by mechanical movement will help warm the building.
\"It was in an era when Standard Oil provided a lot of cheap energy, but it designed expensive expediency.
Yes, we can use the transmission pump to save energy.
Did you notice how your air conditioner blew on you or was it silent?
This is a waste of space for heat exchangers.
The heat exchanger runs slowly and efficiently.
In contrast, all on-or full-turn technologies use less energy in circuits close to zero resistors, 1 ml, while at a milliliter close to an infinite resistor.
Digital circuits use this arrangement for zero current/or/zero resistance methods for zero resistance targetsheat.
The paradox is that you do the opposite on a heat exchanger.
They work slower and more efficiently.
It is best to use the variable flow rate of the heating cooling device that provides the heat exchanger and radiator. Ah!
But we need expensive positive-displacement pumps. Not so.
The stator rotor, the stator rotor, the stator turbine, can do a lot of grades for the strong head needed. Ah!
But you pay as much for the pump and jet engine. Not so.
You don\'t need expensive titanium technology.
Use cheap * plastic *.
Many polymers can be injected into the complex curves of turbine blades, with economies of scale, making prices lower than those of GerryRigDesign.
But you need to reconsider the variable rate of the thermostat. No problem!
Water may be the final consumer product and investment in freshwater infrastructure will be a good long-term investment theme.
Although the Earth is often called a water planet, there are only 2.
5% is fresh, three of which are locked in ice in the Arctic and Antarctic.
About 18% of the world\'s population lacks drinking water, and demand is expected to grow by 40% over the next 20 years.
The United Nations says investment in water infrastructure will cost $11 billion a year, and $15 billion in the US stimulus package will also be used.
The pump depicted in the article is not actually a \"smart\" model, it is just a normal three-speed wet rotor circulator.
When other manufacturers produce constant-head variable-speed circulating pumps, Wilo is introducing a new ECM smart pump into N. A market.
It can be argued convincingly that most of our residential heating systems have been overpumped and connected to an oversized boiler.
New technologies are important, but the shift in training and priorities is ultimately more important than hardware.
The pump is only as \"smart\" as the designer who integrated it into a given system \".
In my opinion, companies like Wilo take a little risk when investing in a market dominated by a bigger and better mindset.
Our country has an enviable history of innovation, but we find ourselves unable to even get access to many of Europe\'s more advanced new technologies, where there is much less manufacturing and design.
How can climate change, scarcity of resources, population growth and other challenges reshape society?
From science to business to politics to life, our reporter
Pursue a greener Earth in conversations with experts and readers.
Where can I find the Times\'s ongoing coverage of the environment.
Read more . . . . . . Some of the long term contributors to the Green blog will now be posted to the core group and the Bits blog where they can be watched on Twitter.
The New York Times will stop the Green blog, but plans to move forward with positive energy and environmental reporting.
According to Oxford University economist Dieter Helm, the United States is ahead of Europe in addressing climate change due to the boom in natural gas.
A photographer tried to drive home to see the distance between fracking and Glacier National Park.
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