eugenie bouchard’s hidden bra falls foul of wimbledon dress code

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-25
It was not easy to find that Eugenie Bouchard violated the dress code.
Source: Getty Images Wimbledon dress code police are targeting the sensation in Canada, autoni Bouchard, wearing a sports bra hidden under a skirt.
After Bochard was forced to defend her use of the black sports bra, the most strictly enforced dress code in sports made headlines again, although it was almost completely hidden under the white sports bra and the white dress.
Federer is also a victim of the England club.
In 2013, when a player was banned from wearing white shoes with an orange sole, his stylish dress code was white.
When Bouchard escaped any official sanctions, he was asked
A court composed of a tournament referee is enough to punish 21 people. year-old.
This is the black bra strap at Wimbledon.
Source: APLast runner-up of the year
When the chairman\'s referee Louise Enzel lost to China in the first round, the up was threatened by a dress code violation.
After noticing Bochard\'s black bra strap, Ying Duan briefly extended out from under her white suit.
When asked about world rankings after the game
She said she did not even know that she had almost violated the code.
\"I don\'t know that at all.
\"No one told me anything about my bra,\" Bochard told the Daily Mail . \".
Wimbledon\'s strict dress code: \"contestants must wear a suitable tennis outfit that is almost completely white, which applies from the moment the player enters the perimeter of the stadium.
\"Any underwear that can be seen or can be seen in the game (
Including sweating)
In addition to a single color of no more than 1 cm, it must also be completely white (10mm).
In addition, common etiquette standards are required at all times. ”The 7-6 (7-3)6-
The defeat against the Chinese qualifier was Bouchard\'s 12 defeat in the past 14 games, and she will withdraw from the world\'s top 20.
\"I feel unprepared for this game.
But in any case, I want to play, \"Bouchard said after Wimbledon was out.
OK, we\'re not sure if this is the shadow or the black bra that Eugenie Bochard is sticking out.
Source: Agence France-Presse \"my AB has a two-level tear.
It may not be smart to play here, but I can\'t get through Wimbledon.
So I did the least preparation for this game.
Bouchard said she had not yet vented her frustration at Wimbledon.
\"I\'m sure I won\'t break my racket on the court, and that\'s for sure.
You can\'t do that at Wimbledon.
Maybe something will explode in the future. \"She said.
Bouchard said she would now give in to her body and take a break.
\"I need some time to heal, maybe not thinking about tennis for the time being, and then recover right away,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s hard to be forced not to play tennis, especially at Wimbledon.
\"I want to find a good coach to make me as strong as possible so I don\'t get hurt.
\"One is definitely not strong enough, but two, bad luck.
\"Of course, I will be happy to leave this time behind.
Very disappointed with my past few months.
Bochard thinks on her roller
In recent months, she has been on a roller coaster, saying she has learned from her experience of physical decline, but still believes she can challenge the sport\'s highest honor.
Interestingly, this white dress may have actually passed the dress code at Wimbledon.
\"This is a tense time,\" said a Quebec native of AFP . \".
\"To achieve great results, then get so much attention, and then get bad results, it\'s a huge learning process, just to understand the ups and downs of life and tennis, things will not always be perfect as I expected.
\"I \'ve been trying to keep faith, be true to myself and do what I need to do as well as I can.
\"It\'s definitely a tough time.
But if I stick to it and move on and get the success I know I can get, I think it will be even sweeter.
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