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Mickey in May cut15, 2012E-
Reader out of the box.
But when consumers start using them, a lot of people find them clumsily craning their necks, constantly rubbing the screen with their sleeves, or holding some readers under the lights at night, at the same time try to read other readers in the sun. Helpful at hand.
E-commerce market
Accessories for readers and tablets are booming; Amazon.
Com alone has more than 2,000 Kindle-related items.
There are a lot of options in products within all price ranges to make the reading/browsing/touch/viewing experience more enjoyable --
Or at least not that annoying.
The accessories the user wants depend largely on the electronic product
The readers they have
For example, basic electronicsreaders —
Simple touches like Kobo Touch, Sony Reader, $79 Kindle and Nook --
Copy the reading experience on the print page using electronic ink technology.
Still, it\'s hard to read at night on these devices, so a light accessory might help. Other e-readers —
Like the iPad, the Kindle Fire, and the Nook Tablet --
With LCD technology, users can play games and watch videos to enhance the visual experience.
Users can also read easily on these tablets, so no extra light is needed. AdvertisementE-
The reader also has different audio features, which may determine what kind of audio attachment the user wants (if any ).
It may be wise to impose a dollar limit on accessories, otherwise users can easily double the price of the reader.
And look for bundled accessories to limit costs.
This guide assumes that the user has purchased the case, cover, sleeve or bag, warranty and power adapter (
If not included).
Advertising lights on, turn off the lights for readers with electronic ink, clip-
Turn on the lights for only $20 or less, such as the Verso Clip Light of Light wedge ($15)
And the bright and powerful MiniFlex ($12). M-
Edge sells a beautiful electronic product
The light fixture touches the book lamp on the accessory, similar to a paper clip for $20.
It can be used with all electronic devices
Including readers of printed books and magazines.
It comes in a pocket specially designed to sew in all M-
The Edge Jacket is sold separately at medgestore for $40. com.
Activate light by touching low level, medium-and high-
The strength is set and powered by an AAA battery.
The manufacturer says it can last for 20 hours in a medium environment.
The Kindle also combines a light with a cover with a bright leather cover that costs $60 and has black, saddle-brown, olive green or wine purple.
The light draws energy from the Kindle and does not require a battery.
E Ink Kindle owners should make sure to order versions designed for their model: $79 with five
Way controller, $99 touch or $149 Touch 3g.
Screen Management of cleaning screen, glasses cleaning cloth can work properly.
Cheap screen protectors and wipes are also available.
Lexerd provides TrueVue ultra-
Transparent film studio, Sony and Nook Electronics
Readers on the store and website lexerd. com.
Prices vary from $10 to $30 depending on the model. AdvertisementM-
Edge sells anti-glare protectors for a variety of devices with cleaning cloth ($20). Marware. Com for two-
Screen protector for packaging fire prevention and glare prevention ($15)
Or regular scratches.
Waterproof and transparent protector, and super-fiber cleaning cloth and applicator ($15).
To avoid stains on tablets, users can also add stylus touch pens to their arsenal.
Splash glider (splashproducts. com)
$22, plug in any headphone jack.
It feels like a pen, providing more accuracy when tapping. Targus.
Com sells stylus for any capacitive touch device designed for any touch screen for $15.
It has a rubber tip that does not scratch the surface and does not need to be connected. Caseen.
For those who like to order, draw, or sketch, com has screen protectors and styles, just like the new atmosphere.
Caseen says the atmosphere allows users to sketch at angles below 30 degrees or above 70 degrees.
Sometimes, Caseen products can be purchased in bundles.
For example, a supplier on Amazon.
Com packed two Nook anti-glare screen protectors and a stylus for $11.
Bundles usually include items that the user may have never purchased separately.
DigitalsOnDemand Amazon, for example.
Com is selling 15-
The Kindle Fire costs $50, including headphones, travel bags, and a variety of charger adapters and USB cables. CrazyonDigital.
Com bundled 12 items for Nook for $19.
Audio enhancements for some devices-
Simple Touch like $79 Kindle, Kobo Touch and Nook-have no audio.
There is a standard 3 for others. 5-
Mm audio jack or speaker, or both.
For these, it may be time to swap the colors of tired old black or white headphones with JBuds J5 earbuds.
For $30, the color is plum purple, blue steel and pink lemonade.
Information about where to buy them is in jlabaudio. com.
For women looking for comfort and more style, the Altec Lansing Bliss headset should start at $25. com.
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Many readers, including Kindle Touch and Fire, Nook Color and tablets, and Kobo Vox, have their own speakers, but for a richer audio experience, or for e-commerce
Card reader (excluding speakers), Chill Pill Audio mobile speaker chillpillaudio. com (
$50 black, red, purple, pink and white)
Music, Video, or audio books can be enlarged.
Standard 3 for speakers. 5-
A millimeter audio cable connected to the tablet.
For accessories with multiple functions, consider a docking station that helps with audio.
I-iLuv Creative Technologyluv.
Just launched an audio dock for the Kindle.
Called mobildock, the station will be sold at some retailers for $70.
Arms adjusted for fire or touch hold the equipment in place while the dock is equipped with micro-equipment
USB port for charging.
Built-in charging station for Reader\'s Wharf
In the speakers of Fire and Nook, the unit price of the reservation for March 1-3 -august 15 is $55, free shipping (readerdock. com).
After that, N-
The price of Nook Color and tablet and fire station will be $60.
Taking a tablet rest for a long time is boring.
Users pay extra for the tablet experience;
They might as well install a secure stand to charge and upgrade the audio. A bare-
The Bones travel rack is about $20.
The new bracket for Jadu industrial Kindle Fire costs $60 and is available in jadu for smooth silver or blackindustries. com.
Bass is stylish and practical.
Place the fire on a sturdy aluminum rack and push a lock to keep the fire in place.
It will be adjusted and locked at multiple angles either horizontally or vertically.
The rear slot allows the USB connector to charge.
Perch also represents the iPad, the Motorola Xoom, the BlackBerry PlayBook, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
For a booth that can also work with books, there is a budget --
The BookGem offers a friendly bookgem for $15. com.
BookGem was originally designed for hardcover and paperback books including cooking books. Twin spring-
The company says its multi-functional folding legs allow reading at a desk, chair, beach or bed.
Now, manufacturers say it works with e-commerce
Readers and tablets that can be viewed from different angles.
The bookmarks are neatly folded and can be placed in your pocket or wallet.
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Style and comfortable reader.
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