dressed to kill

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-19
Today, we Americans fight with weapons that seem to come from industrial demons.
Our planes are smooth and feature-free, our professionals are cleaner than warriors, their faces are illuminated by the fluorescent glow of the glowing screen, their battle Technology language
Crisp and parse.
Tom Clancy is so interesting.
Of the thousands we have in and around Afghanistan, only a few even bother to carry rifles;
The rest of the people came with mobile phones, Berettas and credit cards.
But we have different people to play.
They had no night vision, no missiles, no air power. Screens?
They don\'t have smelly screens.
One thing they have: guns.
We have hundreds of special forces on the ground. -
They\'re also gunmen.
That\'s why the front page of this newspaper or any other newspaper, or the detailed colored part of the news report, looks like a photo spread during the shooting time.
Guns are everywhere: knotted, wooden, all pipes and welded joints, ugly, greasy, clumsy, shabby, dusty, jingle, curved, with straps, blades, double pods and-
If you read the poses of those who carry them-
Completely gratifying.
It\'s not meaningless.
Guns are the same as other things.
They do not exist in a vacuum, but in an environment ---
History, Culture, Politics, machinery-
So, if you know your guns and ammo, you can read it like a critic of any art form and learn something.
American gun Express
They\'re not even guns anymore. -
Or rather, their gun parts are just a small part of a larger system, and even those carrying similar but more primitive weapons can\'t imagine, like during the Vietnam War.
Our gun is M16.
Our current gun is a carbine gun variant of M4, M16, which means the weapon has been modified for the fourth time since it was originally used for the jungle war in the 1960 s. (Yes --
The gun is \"edited! )
The parts of the gun are not much different: this is the same arrangement of Bolt, room, barrel, magazine and stock;
It has the same springs, levers, pins and the same plastic furniture.
It exists because, around 200, we were able to process the metal into strict tolerances and harden it to withstand tremendous pressure without making it too brittle.
We have invented chemical reactions of high efficiency powder, solid plastic and rust-proof steel.
But now it gets smaller, its stock folds up, and it has a small nut barrel. . . it\'s got stuff. So much stuff!
We\'re in the West. we\'re our stuff, aren\'t we?
Who wouldn\'t agree?
M4, especially love.
With the efforts of special forces and seals, there are pipes everywhere.
This is a row of pipes.
It\'s tubular magic.
A tube mounted on the frame is reddot sight.
In its intimate recess, a tiny laser emits a beam of light striking the lens.
Capture a red dot on that lens, which can be accessed by simply observing the behavior of things.
The point can then be adjusted up or down, left or right to coincide with the impact point-
So the gun can shoot where you think it is.
One way is to adjust the red dot to the bullet, but the other way is: you will see the red dot, which is where the bullet will go.
The purpose of all these works is to bypass consciousness and enter the subconscious mind of the soldier.
To shoot well, you have to look at the scenery ---
But to do that, we have
Focus on goals.
When a guy with a turban shoots at you, it\'s almost impossible.
With a glowing red dot, the operator\'s eyes subconsciously pick up the mark, so there is no waste of time in the most annoying human habit of getting up close
Season: thinking.
If you\'re thinking, you\'re behind, which means you\'re dead.
No, the thing is this: look at this guy and your reptile brain will instruct your reptile to trigger the finger press as the red dot goes through him.
You haven\'t done it yet, your subconscious has.
This is much faster.
But let\'s say it\'s night.
Well, there is a night vision tube in front of the red dot tube, which has the alchemy ability not to turn lead into gold, but more valuable: it turns darkness into light. Or semi-light.
By zooming in on ambient lighting, the night vision range can render enough of the universe to shoot accurately.
But let\'s say you have five goals, and only one of them is a bad guy.
Then you check the number.
3. this is a yes-
Fire brand flashlight on-
Turn off the switch in the trigger housing.
You separate the man with AK from the three children and the masked girl he held hostage.
And then you
Click on him and move on. But suppose . . .
All five of them are bad guys?
Then you check the number.
4. this is an M203 grenade launcher.
You hit 40mm on them.
Ladies and gentlemen, don\'t pay attention to the sound of a two-ounce TNT explosion as they send out about 10,000 pieces of white debris
A small area previously occupied by five people.
You don\'t see the Taliban carrying guns like this, no, sir.
Look at Osama bin Laden\'s gun.
As can be seen in more than a dozen photos, it is a tire-free, screen-free and grenade --launcherless.
But it\'s not just a gun.
This is a gun with coded information;
You can read this person like a book.
Of course he is not captain Winters of HBO\'s \"brother band\", and although he was born with the talent to be a soldier, he insisted on bringing the bland M1 of the frontline soldiers all the way to Bei
No, bin Laden\'s narcissism. -
Give a dead gift to a fake tough guy-
He asked for a fashion statement.
Any idiot knows it\'s AK-
47 in a video response to the US bombing, bin Laden leaned against the cave wall behind bin Laden. Yes, the AK-
47. during the Cold War, the Soviet Union and its vassal states issued the world\'s most famous weapons of liberation.
There may be 50 million floating around the world today.
But this is not the case.
But don\'t feel bad if you are one of the idiots;
You belong to 99 other people.
9% know nothing about guns.
Bin Laden\'s rifle is not AK-
47, except for one of its descendants, an AK-
74, there is also a special modification that includes a very short barrel and a folded skeleton material and a flash suppression device for easy carrying and operation.
It\'s called Klinkov.
It\'s actually a hybrid.
If you cross the Classic 7.
Soviet ak-62 mm x 39
With an American.
56mm NATO M4, its natural rival in about 75 wars, rebellion and special wars --
You get AK-
74, AK-
47 re-configured mechanism to launch smaller-caliber, high-velocity round.
Then you lied to it.
By cutting the bucket and adding the folded stock, you get a Krinkov, a hot click for people who want to get noticed at the moment.
It was designed for airborne units.
If you are not going to jump off the plane, the 47 will not be of any help to you.
Bin Laden knows this: for him, the gun is not just a weapon, but a symbol.
He\'s making a statement, like the curved ceremonial dagger hanging on his belt when he\'s wet --
In his white stylish dress.
He claimed: I am a member of the elite.
In other words, what he says is too Western, which shows the soul
His hypocrisy is deep.
I\'m so cool, he said.
A person who likes to pose with krikov has a grand illusion that he will try to take over wherever he is.
Bin Laden will not be caught by an ordinary old AK, but his men are everywhere.
Interestingly, I prefer that he has this little vanity.
I don\'t think he\'s good enough for AK.
What it stands.
This is the real symbol of war, because it seems that there are thousands on both sides, no matter where the next war happens, you can bet that most of them are close
The old warhorse will be killed.
The cold wind you just felt is the chill of history.
Remember, ladies and gentlemen, in the bad days of the past, a thing called the Soviet Union, managed by a principle called communism? The AK-
47 is its tool, its icon, its manifesto. The AK-
47 for the Russian Empire, what is the short sword for the Roman Empire.
It lives in the right hand of the Centurion.
This is the frontier of cynical philosophy disguised under the false flag of liberation to conquer.
Very simple, even the least developed countries can, under the guidance of Russia, make it out of Russia\'s plans with several lathes and stamping machines.
You can build one in your basement if you like.
Rough, derivative, simple, powerful, powerful, tough hell.
Can a gun be great?
You probably shouldn\'t read the article if you don\'t think so, but AK-47 was great.
It was invented by a peasant Sergeant and produced in a tractor factory.
What else is more red?
They won\'t admit it though--
Just like they wouldn\'t admit the Wright brothers invented the plane. -
The Russians must know in their hearts that the AK family\'s weapons were largely influenced by the German creation of the late World War II called Sturmgewehr --44.
Yes, guys: Sturmgewehr is decrypting it perfectly. . . assault rifle. The Stg-
44 represents the \"firepower base\" method of military theory, which is a Russian machine --
Agreed with enthusiasm.
In fact, the Russian armed the entire battalion with PPSh.
Submachine guns in World War 41-
This is the real awkwardness.
It looks like there is a ventilated barrel with no handle and a huge drum that can hold 71 9mm wheels.
They had just burst out of a snow storm of lead and marched behind them.
But later in the war, there was a story like this, and the Russians met a SS unit with a new Stg.
At the age of 44, it turned out to be a massacre.
The submachine gun fired 9mm pistol with an effective range of about 50 yards.
The assault rifle was launched with a shortened rifle, which was shot at the same speed, but with a range of about 200 yards.
Simple reality: 200 150 away from 50.
So when they move forward, the Russians are at 150-
The yard killed an area and could not even fire on the hidden Germans who cut them down from far away.
In the end, Russia just called for air support and dumped white phosphorus into the Germans.
But they learned that in small physics
The terminal trajectory drives the universe, faster rounds faster than slower rounds, and rifle rounds are always faster than pistol rounds.
If you can light it quickly and accurately, you win. Thus, the AK-
The Soviet Army was officially adapted in 47, 1949--
When our people are still carrying M1, M1 is designed in the early 30 s.
Later in Vietnam, AK-
So the Army\'s M14 (
One of the super M1)
As a countermeasure, we adjusted the m16 in a hurry. The AK-
47 may be called a rough masterpiece, its inclination and strange arrangement of curves, its directness of the receiver.
Looks like a gun designed by Mr. Tommy.
After reading the good history of dostoyski and Peter the Great, Moto.
The curved magazine is necessary for technical reasons, but it provides a sense of beauty: it gives the rifle a sense of orientation.
Then, like the Siberian pipeline, the gas pipe on the barrel has the thickness of the farmer, and the continuous evil high-altitude scene.
It has no grace or wisdom.
Its cleverness lies in its contempt for cleverness.
This is a rifle tractor, a serious job.
The genius behind this was a senior tank sergeant, Mikhail Timothy feevich Kalashnikov, who was injured in the battle of Bryansk in 1941 and conceived the design of the weapon when he was ill.
According to the official website of Kalashnikov, he later made an early prototype \"with the help of leaders and comrades. (Yes --
In Kalashnikov. guns. ru/! )
Due to his efforts, he was finally awarded a socialist Labor hero (twice)
The winner of the Stalin and Lenin awards, as well as a box of other cheesy red doohickeys.
Look at his face.
He\'s bluffing-
The farmer was in a completely calm look, and the cold gray eyes implied the winter prairie, the set of meat, the surprisingly gorgeous hair, but somehow he had a sense of Orthodox
He is Russian like vodka, and his masterpiece perfectly reflects his culture.
It\'s not fancy or high-tech.
It answers a question that is so useful to the Empire: How do you kill a lot of people quickly and simply without spending too much money?
The country was flooded with Russian debris as the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan failed.
You saw it too-
The current PK machine gun is on its feet, the former squad of the Soviet Army automatic weapons;
It looks like it was designed by a drunken plumber in the Odessa hotel room waiting for the plumber to arrive.
But, like other Russian weapons, it has been working even after being packed in mud.
That\'s why, when you see the small arms used by the Taliban and the Northern Alliance, and the smoother things our soldiers carry, not only can you see things, you can also see the idea and metaphor of violent history drifting on the dusty hills of this pristine land.
You can feel the shadow of the past and never forget it.
When it\'s over, the history has moved to other places and only the bones and guns, one whitening and the other rust, will stay.
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