dressed for success: uniforms and team apparel designed to make a difference.

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With regard to wearing a uniform worn by professionals, there is something to say: wear the same jersey as Brett fafrey, or wear basketball shorts worn by Kevin Garnett. [
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For a company determined to reach a new audience, there is no better selling point than star power and quality craftsmanship.
This is exactly what Reebok enjoys when preparing to launch the fall 5 team clothing series for universities and high schools.
IsJune 1.
Chris Gallo, senior product manager for Reebok team apparel, said: \"We provide all the costumes for the NFL and the NBA . \".
\"We have exclusive authorization.
Therefore, it must be the top product produced in the market.
What we do in terms of team progress is focus on combining the techniques we provide for high school and university athletes. [
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\"It\'s definitely positive when we walk into a high school gym.
To prove itself to professionals, this is a great message for college and high school levels. \" [
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There will be more than 55 styles in the team lineup
Sporting goods such as tennis, track and field, football, baseball, basketball and training clothing.
The linemight team did not have the exact same cutscenes as pro line, Gallo said, but Reebok will use the same fabric and story. [
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\"We have to meet the specific needs at the high school and university levels,\" Gallo said . \".
\"The team clothing side business continues to decline by 2005, and our goal is to build the bestproduct that may improve the work we have done in the past.
Not only production, but also the story of water management.
Our moisture management umbrella.
It\'s not just a fabric, it\'s a lot of fabric that basically runs as a moisture management team.
\"When designing and building team uniforms, Reebok relies not only on the input of the athletes themselves, but also on Team equipment managers who are equally important.
Gallo called them gatekeepers for athletes and coaches.
Reebok brings its designers, developers and product teams to the player and Device Manager.
Then, after putting the feedback list, build the product and then test it.
\"In high school and college, it\'s not just jerseys,\" Garo said . \".
\"Although the team is screaming at the Jersey.
Of course, you want this product to be breathable.
When you deal with football pants, they must be able to accept the strict requirements of the sport.
When you start using very lightweight pants products, you have to make sure that these things stay the same day after day.
Not just on the court.
It must also persist.
\"But, as Gallo soon noticed, the clothes that athletes wear are not just outside.
This is what they wear under the product and what they wear in training.
Nevertheless, Reebok uses many microfibers, stretch products, polyester and many technical grids.
\"It\'s not just making up,\" Garo said.
It is also on the production line of the product.
Make sure you have the right weight, which is specific for the heat and specific for the cold weather.
These lines are for running men or girls who play tennis.
These fictional things can be tennis clothes or tight shorts.
\"Adidas\'s authorized license Fang Beilin is another company that hopes to make money in the academic football market. competitors such as Russell and champion have been in possession for many years.
Adidas\'s high school football uniform series, established overseas, is closely related to the university programs currently offered by the company, such as neblas in the United States, Louis Vuitton and Tennessee.
Tony Chapman, team service director at Betlin, said: \"We have a lot of good custom products, but they can only be affordable at certain heights . \".
\"So you have high schools that need more prices --
Uniform point type.
What we do is to start with the better aspects that we provide to our universities, to incorporate them into this model, and the benefits and features of this unity.
Chapman said: \"Adidas\'s jersey is made up of free-style shoulder sleeves, which can provide better fit on the shoulder pad.
Insert of Betlinhas upgrade, Leica-
What are professional teams using in their jerseys? -vs the old-
The school knit rib is completed.
This football pants has a superior pocket system that can accommodate mats and also a grip elastic band on the belt to help players hide their jerseys inside, a high school rule.
There are uniforms of all standard colors, as well as silver and gold.
According to the company, Betlin has also developed a tackle twill and screen print program that provides more numbering and font options than itcompetion, including unique Adidas fonts.
\"So, even if you have an inventory jersey, you can decorate it with a completely different outfit that someone else is going to wear at your meeting,\" Chapman said . \".
Custom custom uniforms are advantageous in many ways.
First of all, it allows the creativity of coaches, sports directors and teams to come up with something special.
Phil loftiz, Proball\'s chief designer, said: \"When you look at uniforms like side panels, a lot of teams want something cooler and glittery,\" specially made for customization
Make basketball uniforms for high school projects.
\"The team no longer wants your basic inventory uniform.
They want something very unique.
\"The consensus among basketball clothing manufacturers is that most high schools are focusing on the wear of major universities and professional teams.
It looks good, it means it feels good, and it\'s possible to play well.
\"From junior high school to the first department University, and the NBAfor thing, basketball clothes have become a fashion,\" said Tim Mauro, national sales manager at DeLong . \".
\"When you walk on the floor, there is no more such thing as a normal vest with a color number in front and back.
This is great.
\"It\'s not uncommon when our dealership group is close to end users, they are coaches and sports directors and what they hear is, \'I like the Duke style but only like the color of our team
\"There are both women\'s and men\'s clothing in Deron\'s basketball suit.
It has developed a separate product line that can see the first 16 outlines (
Insert pages for fabric and decoration)
In the public opinion of this country-Major and University-
Putting them in a random order makes it easier for dealers and coaches.
\"The quality is given, whether it\'s in stock or custom,\" says Cosmo . \".
\"In the past, you could buy products with low quality from which to wait.
Now it seems that the bottom feeder and the bottom feeder
The end is no longer there.
People are just tired of a $5 basketball jersey.
As the school budget gets tighter and frozen in some cases, the key is price sensitivity and quick shipping.
\"While Loftis believes that the dazzling fabric is out of date, mainly because it doesn\'t have the life of micromesh, TiVo implores everyone to make a difference.
\"There is still no dazzling cloth.
\"Fabric in high school,\" says Cosmo . \".
\"Maybe not that much at the college level.
However, some higher
The end fabric began to have a greater impact.
Those dazzling lines (
Bright and shiny ribslikecorduroy)
And textured pebbles (
Soft cottony feel, hands with pebbles).
The other is FlashKnit Brite, which brings another look to shinyfabric.
Loose shorts are still hot, while long shoulder tops are not as popular as traditional tops, Loftis reports.
The woman\'s shoulders are wider and the sleeves are shorter, so you can\'t see the underarm. V-
The neck plate with the neck plate is a very popular choice.
\"Many teams are imitating rounded up --
\"The crooked neck on the Los Angeles Lakers jersey,\" Loftis said . \".
Loftis and TiVo agreed that it would be the first choice to deal with twill fonts.
\"Tackle twill has a whole new life in a more fancy and complicated way,\" says Mauro . \".
\"This is what can be done to solve the font style of the twill cloth.
4 inch is the standard for the entire block.
Text and decals have become very popular.
\"The Victory movement is proud of the factory --
Direct, real custom clothing.
The company offers contemporary patterns and popular colors and has developed plans to keep up with fashion trends, produce baseball uniforms of any level, as well as softball and basketball universities.
\"You know what Nike and Adidas are doing in major university markets, and even some high school rankings,\" said RonRubenstein, business development director at Victory Sports . \".
\"We have already started at the University stage ---
Mainly split.
Division A, Division 2 and Division 3--
Are we looking for an exclusive partnership with such meetings?
We can provide something in three sports.
We believe we have the best products in the industry.
\"The Victory movement is also the only company that produces Barry Bonds style because there is no better name --pant.
Known as klemsenche, a similar style popular in the United States through klimson
Baseball, this is a look now beyond the ranks of the profession.
Victory provides this style for young people, high school students and college students.
\"The way we do this is totally different from the other people,\" says Rubenstein . \".
\"We just don\'t take the flexibility out of our pants like other companies do.
What they learned was that the pants had to stay on the shoes.
Our way is to use a built-in
Stretching your legs like a leotard,in about mid-calf.
The player slipped his foot and the pants stopped forever.
\"The championship sportswear has produced custom football and basketball uniforms and is expanding its product line as Spring 4 launches the track series and the upcoming Spring 2005 hockey series.
The latter will be shipped around Christmas.
\"Hockey is a thriving sport,\" said Ray Fowler, champion sales director.
\"So it makes sense for us to add a hockey series.
\"The track series uses the champion\'s frictionless technology, which helps prevent friction, while the company\'s dual dry moisture management technology can sweat.
Theline is suitable for men and women in family and outdoor style: white body with dark plug-ins on the side and white plug-ins on the dark body.
There are 16 color schemes.
The men\'s hockey team will have jerseys with dazzling shackles and sleeves
Brite mesh, tailored for shoulder pads.
The shorts are mesh.
As for the lady, this line will be made in double.
\"We didn\'t do fancy things like some of our competitors, but we did make sure our products would last for years,\" Fowle said . \".
\"So in six years, the school team will still play in our jerseys.
It won\'t capture or something like that, but we do take pride in our craft.
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