dress, how the customers see you arrive and depart ...

by:Max Apparel     2020-09-10
Most sales trainers and sales authors are talking about exploration, presentation and closing of sales.
Occasionally you will read How to wear clothes to help your sales.
But I don\'t remember someone saying how you got there and how you left (assuming you would see them) for the customer.
It\'s the same whether you knock on the door, walk into the business or see the recommendation.
A little bit about clothing and appearance.
I always find it good for me to play safely.
You don\'t know what taste, bias or dislike potential customers will have. . . .
So, I just want to be \"strong \".
I mean,
My shoes will be polished black work shoes.
A clean white shirt, a skirt and trousers, I scraped very clean.
To be frank, I look like a Mormon.
I may wear a watch, but there is no jewelry but a wedding ring.
I don\'t chew gum, smoke or anything they don\'t like.
Do I do this because I have some moral standards? No.
I do this because I don\'t want to show up or act in any way they don\'t like.
No Mohawk, no sandals, no earrings. . . . no piercings.
Again, just to attract the widest range of people.
This is a secret that most people don\'t talk about. . .
You don\'t know if they can see you when you get to the date location (or where you\'re going.
Let\'s say they canSoooooo. . . . .
What did they see when you parked in the car?
It is far from important to have an expensive car. . .
On top of that, the car is clean and there is no visible rust and no noise that indicates the need for repair.
It gives the impression that you are sloppy or not paying attention.
Potential customers may wonder, \"How will they treat their customers if they don\'t take care of their cars?
\\ \"Is the radio ringing when you get off the bus?
Did you spit out what you chewed?
Are you smoking?
Let\'s say they can see you.
Let\'s say when you drive into a driveway or parking lot. . .
They can see you.
What\'s more, when you leave. . .
After you just sold it. . . .
How are you doing?
Will you leave the driveway because you\'re excited?
Will you turn off the radio before you close the window?
If you\'re with someone else (meaning the two of you are on the phone), do you \"slap\" each other?
Are you laughing loudly?
If you just bought something from the sales staff, you see them go to the car with a smile. . .
What would you think?
Are they laughing at me?
\"I\'m leaving a home where I just made a big sale.
I\'m with an intern.
He jokingly gave me an obscene gesture as we walked towards my car.
I turned around and saw the lady looking out the window.
I told the guy I was with, \"You just spent my money on that sale.
They call to cancel the sale before we get back to the office \".
They did, of course.
If you want to blow the radio, laugh out loud, sing along with the music, or scream the car tires. . .
Do it after you walk along this road.
When I walked down the porch. .
What people just bought from me. .
The person (the other) I was training said to me, \"Do you think they will call to cancel ? \"?
That guy is assh @ le \\\"
It was summer and the windows in the house were open. Yes. . . you guessed it. . .
The customer heard that he had gone out and canceled the sale before we got on the bus.
I started telling the sales rep that they could see them when they parked and when they drove away. . .
Between everything.
Everything you do or say.
What you look like, what you do. . . .
Even your expression. . .
It will either increase your chances of selling. . .
Or reduce the likelihood that you will sell your goods.
Everything is important.
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