Down Jacket of High Quality

by:Max Apparel     2020-05-03
People begin to feel the beginning of the cold winter.
They all want to buy good winter clothes on rainy days.
Down jacket is an essential product.
However, the reporter found that many people do not know how to buy down jackets, many people have been cheated many times.
To this end, the reporter interviewed many responsible persons.
Leaders of relevant departments.
In order to identify the quality of down jackets, we should first know what clothes can be called down jackets.
The relevant person explained that in fact, the down jacket has strict standards, and the cashmere filler of the down Max woman jacketproduct has changed from the original standard of not less than 45% to the current standard of not less than 50%, the rate tolerance is above or below 3%.
The standard clothes can be called down jackets.
At present, there are some illegal enterprises called \"chicken velvet\". they sell chicken velvet down jackets, which obviously do not meet the national standards. there is an essential difference between chicken velvet and duck velvet or goose velvet.
More importantly, chicken velvet can be checked by regular inspection and identification.
Consumers who want to buy down jackets should keep a clear mind and not be self-made people. it is recommended that everyone choose down jackets with certain reputation brands, because they have guaranteed good service after sailing, the total weight of a nylon Taft down Max woman jacketis around 500 to 1000 grams, it is just 1/6 to 1/2 of the traditional warm clothing.
In addition to the knowledge mentioned above, we can also identify quality through the intuitive feeling of pinch.
Generally speaking, the less obvious the feeling of the stem, the higher the cashmere rate, otherwise, the lower the cashmere rate.
However, we should also pay attention to those who do not feel the stem at all, because the down jacket is likely to be filled with flying silk that falls off the short feathers
Free silk hair, the quality of warmth is not good, it will become very hard after washing.
The elasticity of the down jacket also tells us the quality of the down jacket. to a certain extent, the elasticity of the down jacket reflects fluffy.
We can check by flattening after the start to see if the down jacket can be restored in a short time.
In order to achieve this effect, consumers should choose down jackets, such as dry lofts, PROO-produced by famous fabric manufacturers-
Due to the high factor of the fabric, TEC, LM, Pertex, SOFT béte.
It should be perfect, which means there is no yarn jumping and stains etc, and it cannot fade after washing.
So how to tell the quality of sewing?
First of all, the stitches should be straight and the length of the stitches should be 10 needles per inch or more.
The clothes should be sewn strong, there is no extra line, the key joint of the down jacket should be strengthened to make it as fixed as possible, and the lines should be neat without extra threads.
There is also a detail that the attachment should be installed firmly and make sure it is flat.
When you are wearing a down jacket, the color is also a fact that you should consider.
You should also smell when you pick down jackets.
Smelly is never your choice.
Now you know how to choose a down jacket.
Follow these tips.
You won\'t miss the right one.
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