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by:Max Apparel     2020-07-27
Guangdong, China, May 16, 2019: business organization owners are very aware of how important the need for effective lighting is to present their products to customers in an attractive way.
Dongguan Sidi Puguang Electric Co. , Ltd.
Ltd offers some of the best lighting solutions for business owners to provide lighting that lasts but does not consume a lot of energy.
The company\'s goal is to provide solutions that can quickly meet the needs of customers and provide solutions at a reasonable cost.
It offers addressable LED strip lights, one of the many lighting solutions developed by the company, with many variants to choose from.
The company designs, manufactures and sells LED light strips that are programmable and of the best quality.
Currently, the agency offers 3 addressable LED lights
WS2811 LED light strip, WS2818 LED light strip and WS2812b LED light strip.
Their density and waterproof grade are variable.
The SDIP lamp is popular for its amazing features, including the waterproof mechanism.
The company\'s goal is to provide lights with addressable colors and achieve its vision of the most addressable design LED light strip.
In addition to the product itself, the company provides free consultation on various project requirements and recommends a comprehensive solution based on the MADRIX platform.
If necessary, the company can send engineers to the customer\'s site to provide guidance.
The company has a young but professional team who are passionate about producing renewable lights.
In addition to lighting solutions, the agency has expertise in information technology, renewable energy, climate change, business development, solar energy and finance.
Although the company is currently operating in China, its team has been working in Africa.
Its founders believe that they can illuminate the lives of millions without any reliable sources of electricity.
They have formed MPower Ventures in financing, solar and information technology.
About Dongguan Sidi Puguang Electric Co. , Ltd.
Dongguan Sidi Puguang Electric Co. , Ltd.
Limited is a Chinese-based company currently engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of high-quality LED lighting products in China to meet the needs of the enterprise.
For more information or inquiries, please visit Dongguan Sidi Puguang Electric Co. , Ltd. LtdNO.
No. 1, Beizhang Road, Humen, Dongguang district, Guangdong province, China, Postal Code: 523925 Tel: 0086-0769-85221086 0086-0769-
85245937 mobile phone number: 0086 14776084664 (
Whatsapp, Wechat)
Email id: info @ sdiplight. com.
Email id: info@sdiplight. com
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