cracking the dress code; how a school uniform becomes a fashion statement

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Paris, Milan, Seventh Avenue and Mayor Rudolf W.
Please pay attention to Giuliani.
Nicolas Adou, a senior at Harlem Frederick Douglas College, said when discussing her dress: \"This is what you want to see . \". Ms.
Adu and her colleagues from grades 7 to 12 were asked to wear school uniforms: girls wear white shirts and navy skirts or casual pants, and boys wear white shirts and navy pants. Ms.
One morning last week, Adou was wearing code, but she was nothing but a uniform.
\"My dress is right here,\" she said . \" She refers to a precise point above the knee.
\"I used to wear short skirts last year.
I decided to go a little longer this year. \'\' Ms.
Adou turned around and said a biased shoulder seam was sewn behind her navy vest.
\"I have this vest and you won\'t see other girls wearing it in this school,\" she said . \".
\"I know how the other girls came in and I tried to look different.
I have my own style.
\"Avatar School on West 175 Street, 12-year-
The sixth grade old student pointed to her red cardigan, which had a button on top and was closed.
\"I\'m the strange man,\" Madam.
Gary explained her sweater.
\"I\'m just completely different.
Two friends standing by her side, the front of the cardigan was completely buckled and nodded to agree.
A proposal by William C last week
Chairman of the Board of Education Thompson asked all public primary schools to wear school uniforms in the fall of 1999 ---
It\'s possible to include older students in the future. -
Among students and parents, a new debate has been raised about the merits of cool and school, personality and assembly, comfort and behavior.
Advertising supporters believe that school uniforms can instill pride and discipline, save parents money, and protect students from interference and potential dangers from clothing competition.
But visits to several public, private and parish schools in the city that already require school uniforms clearly show that dress code is a challenge, not a task, for most students.
Goal: bend and extend the rules with clothing statements as subtle as code.
Taylor spienak, 15, said: \"Everyone has found their own different ways to get around the rulesyear-
Old 10 th grade student at the Sacred Heart School Abbey on 91 Street East Manhattan.
\"They know you won\'t be completely obedient because you don\'t want to wear the perfect uniform for half the time.
\"Corridor runway news for this year: boots, high heels, leather shoes, wide collar, France-
The tail shirt in the bag at the female belt.
Loose top buttons, ties, boots, metal straps and loose pants like wires in summer. Uniform-color-
Coordinated contact lenses for men and women.
\"French cuffs,\" says Jannel Lee, 17. year-
A senior in a public school at Frederick Douglas College.
\"There you will open your cuffs like this, so either they are long or in the middle ---
It\'s a bit like an old English style.
\"Yandielle Smith, who is also a student of Frederick Douglas, managed to sort out the uniform into a sense of fashion, as if it had sorted her into a code.
\"There is a small white shirt under my shirt,\" she said . \".
\"I put up my collar.
Because this is a baby.
I have a doll shirt under me.
Doll hairstyle: Baby
Hot girl look.
Blue hairpin with Navy uniform.
\"I wore short sleeves, so I wore a watch,\" she added . \".
\"I don\'t usually wear a watch.
What about nails?
\"White nail polish is used with my white shirt \".
\"I like this uniform,\" Smith explained.
There was no one-hour decision in the morning.
In fact, many of the students interviewed agreed to a unified policy on the grounds that there was the same savings in terms of time, money and self.
Respected by parents and school officials.
But like fashion students around the world, students without fashion are pushing envelopes with colors, shapes and materials.
\"We can get away with it with cream,\" she said . \"
Spienak, his uniform is a white shirt.
Oscar Felix, 12, said: \"You let your pants go . \"year-
Old seventh grade student at Washington Heights incarnation school.
\"You put them down and you put the shirts on top so they don\'t see your boxer or anything else.
He said, \"then you tie around it like a belt and hold your pants up,\" but he added, \"you\'ll be in trouble anyway.
\"Some uniforms are so well designed that they can\'t resist at all.
\"I hate this vest,\" said 14-year-old Michelle O\'Connor . \"year-
Old eighth grade students of St.
Francis cabreni, 21 11 Street, Brooklyn Bay
\"I feel like I work at McDonald\'s.
\"The implementation level of dress code varies from school to school. Dr.
Frederick Douglas College President Gregory Hodge posted his own photos at the school gate at 7: 30. M.
Greet his students and check the uniform in person. Four full-
There are long mirrors on both sides of the foyer. Dr.
Hodge, under the careful arrangement of a traffic officer, directed all the codes
Crack the style statement on the mirror.
He sometimes checks everyone so thoroughly that the students are backed up to the subway station next to the school.
Criminals not found here were detained during the day.
At Avatar School, dog-ate-my-homework, my-navy-pants-are-in-the-
A writing assignment is free of excuses.
Although there is no morning entrance check, at lunch, there is an informal check among the students to generate a backup in the bathroom after the break between classes to re-correct the violations.
Accessories are important allies even in uniform.
Latisha Lawrence, 13, said: \"I just added things I like, like earrings . \"year-
Old eighth grade students of St.
Angela merrich School is located on 16 3D street east of Bronx district.
\"I have three holes and I put more than one earring in one hole.
Lady advertising.
In her eyes, Lawrence is the most unique fashion image.
\"Contact lenses,\" she said . \"
They are gray fog;
They took out my cranberry uniform.
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Like many of her classmates
Lawrence also wore white ankle socks on her regular cranberry tights.
Jessica Morales, 13year-
The old Seventh Grade shows a half.
There is an inch of white cotton at the ankle above her boots.
\"She cheated on her socks,\" said school principal Patrick Kelly . \".
\"I don\'t struggle if the work they do is right.
I\'m not a fashionista.
Dustin Bowden, 13year-
An old man in grade eight wears a diamond earring.
Kelly, typical of the uniform
Policy management, allowing.
\"This is a statement,\" he said . \"
Bowdoen will also wear an exaggerated low-hanging tie like his trousers. Mr.
Bowden prefers plain gray trousers to schooluniform supply-company pants.
As the city-wide students found out, Tommy Hilfiger and Eddie ball also work in the navy and gray.
Ralph Lauren, though popular, is often ruled out by the crown due to recognizable Polo
Player badge on shirt pocket. Boys at Mr.
Bowdoen\'s school may be named after a popular name.
Brand jerseys, he explained, \"to add a little flavor to the uniform \". Mr.
Bowden\'s colleague, Edwin Velasquez, 14year-
The old Eighth grade students are not very optimistic about the possibility of style.
He said in an interview during lunch in the school canteen: \"The uniform is lame . \"
\"If you go out and see a beautiful girl, she doesn\'t want to see you in uniform.
Kevin Sime, a 13-year-
The old Eighth grade students of the Avatar school did not agree. For Mr.
Sime, stylish uniform
\"The girls like uniforms,\" he said . \"Mr.
According to the code, Sime is wearing his favorite blue tie with a recurring Tasmanian devil pattern on it.
Jonathan achevedo, also a 13-year-
The old Eighth grade students said: \"If we were in uniform, we would be fine at school --mannered.
We act more seriously.
More gentlemen. \'\'Mr.
Sime raised an interesting question about starting a business.
\"We are selling chocolate right now,\" he said . \".
\"I sometimes go out in some street clothes and they hardly buy anything from me.
If I go out in uniform, I will sell more chocolate. \'\'Mr.
The uniform helped a lot, says Acevedo.
\"Who pushed the most on uniform rules? \'\'Boys --
But they were caught.
Smith at Frederick Douglas College\'\'The girls --
They like to wear skirts. it\'s really, really short.
Angela merrich School
\"We like it too.
\"In fact, short
Skirting is everywhere. Tactics varied.
\"Some girls just keep their skirts when they get smaller,\" she said . \"
The embodiment of school Gary.
\"You take off your jumper and put on your skirt.
\"For most girls, however, as glorious as the school uniform system is the tradition of raising the skirt hem by rolling the belt.
\"I think everyone rolled up the stylish dress at least once;
\"Here\'s mine,\" she said . \"
Spienak at the monastery of the Holy Heart school points to the ground.
Upon request, Madam
Spienak showed a roll under her coat.
\"If your dress is too high, they have three skirts in the Student Activity office and you can change them . \"
Spienak explained.
\"Some of my friends made four or five volumes.
\"When two colleagues left school, they passed by and could hardly see grid folds below the waist --length parkas.
\"You can say that,\" she said . \"
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