couple bury their son in clothes made from a wedding dress after he died when he was born prematurely while they were on their honeymoon

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A couple, when their child was born prematurely and died, their honeymoon was unfortunately shortened and they buried the child in clothes made with their mother\'s wedding stylish dress.
Jamie and Vicky Weite from Leeds, Yorkshire are celebrating their marriage with their three children --year-
When Vicky, who was 23 weeks pregnant, was rushed to the hospital, his son and friends were in Menorca.
Nathan John was only an hour old when he died in a hospital on the island.
His heartbreaking parents had only the hands and footprints of his short life.
Spanish doctors told the couple that since Vicky\'s pregnancy has not yet reached 24 weeks, and Nesen has lived for less than 24 hours, a birth or death certificate will not be issued.
As Nathan was born in menocca, the registry in Leeds was unable to assist.
In honor of Nathan, Vicky and Jamie saved up desperately and bought a tombstone for his Cemetery.
Family and friends gather to help raise the £ 4,000 needed to buy memorial stones.
\"We spent our honeymoon at Menorca Cala\' n Forcat,\" Vicky said.
We flew out on Friday, May 19.
It was just a week off and we went with a family close to us.
Four days after the holiday, I woke up bleeding and I felt very uncomfortable --
This is nine o\'clock A. M.
We called out the doctor from the reception and he sent me to the hospital and said that my child is coming now and there is no time to send me to mainland Mallorca.
They pushed me into the room and said they would give me something to relax. this was at 12. 05pm.
The next thing I know is 1.
I just arrived at five o\'clock P. M-
They made me fall asleep.
I was told that my baby boy was born and still alive, but not long.
My husband is not with me at this time and he is not allowed into the room.
\"Ten minutes later, the doctor came back and said that my little boy was dead and asked if I wanted to see him for a while.
At this point my husband went back to the room and Nathan John was handed me in a paper towel.
We cried when we held him.
My head is everywhere and I really don\'t know what\'s going on.
\"It was all very fast and I was still as tall as a kite from the drugs they gave me.
\"Before we had time to think about photos or other things, they took him away from us.
\"Jamie and Vicky\'s son, Jamie Luke, three, are being taken care of by friends on their honeymoon trip, and Vicky is told she will spend the night in the hospital.
Around six o\'clock P. M. , after six hours of Nathan\'s premature birth, Jamie had to leave to take care of their son, and Vicky was left alone in the hospital.
\"We cried for hours and had to tell the family at home,\" Vicky said . \".
\"I asked if I could see Nathan again and they wouldn\'t let me --
They said he had been transferred to the morgue.
All of this is difficult to understand due to language barriers and the translation is not very good.
I was left overnight and discharged the next morning.
Vicky and Jamie, Cottingley, return to Leeds on May 26-
Nathan\'s body was sent home on June 2.
They went to the registry in Leeds to try to obtain a birth/death certificate, but were told they could not issue it because Nathan was born abroad.
On June, the sad couple were allowed to arrange a funeral for their son at the Cottingley Crematorium --
Held three days before their eldest son Jamie Luke\'s third birthday.
Vicky was told at the age of 23 that she could not have children naturally, that she had undergone four miscarriages prior to her pregnancy and that Jamie Luke, the 33-year-old eldest son, was pregnant.
\"This is one of the hardest things I have to do --
It was heartbreaking to carry his small coffin into the crematorium.
The funeral director was great and gave us Nathan\'s hands and footprints as a souvenir --
This is the only thing we have.
\"I also donated my wedding stylish dress and let Nathan wear it inside.
The couple can\'t afford a tombstone.
Nathan\'s cemetery is currently marked with a simple wooden cross with a plaque.
Jamie and Vicky are now saving up for a permanent tombstone to honor their little boy.
Vicky said: \"I haven\'t done anything for my baby boy yet --
He does not exist in this world.
\"I have to do what I can, and the only thing I can give him is the plot of his rest, and the tombstone that symbolizes his importance to us.
The couple\'s friends, Sarah Bowker and Ben Pashley from Manchester, wanted to help Nathan and Jamie find the tombstone for Nathan and started a fundraising campaign of £ 1,000 of the total cost of £ 4,000.
On the Gofundme page, they wrote: \"I know Christmas is coming, but we would be very happy if you could share anything that would help them achieve this.
Their family is warm and friendly.
They will thank you very much.
\"Jamie, data cabling engineer and complete Vicky
Time mom, want to get the tombstone ready as soon as possible, but say 4,000 is a lot of money.
They want to fund the rest of the money needed for the tombstone with the help of a generous donation to Sarah and the movement.
So far, the fundraising page has 275 out of the target of 1,000.
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