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by:Max Apparel     2020-06-17
In our decade and a half of easing the global style crisis, we only used circular beds on three occasions.
The first was an apartment for a French client, which we solved 12 years ago.
A dj from Paris, our guy asked for a round nest (
Maybe a hint of the disc he\'s spinning for a living? )
He insisted that we dress it with a couple of acres of velvet and a fridge by the bed, and Ice Champagne. He drinks champagne at least three times a day.
However, it proved tricky to find a round bed and eventually we customized a disc
If our memory is correct, divan is shaped at astronomical cost: about $5,000.
The second time we made a circle. literally —
Recently, while dealing with the Mississauga Sharjah bedroom for a teenage goth, a thin child with a preference for all monochrome things.
Fortunately, by that time, Ikea had already stocked the round bed (alas, no more)
We dress us up with a few acres of black and white linen to create a designer look, even if our client ends up expressing her feelings to Marilyn Manson, the look
This is an interesting old thing.
In our 90 s, it seems to us that a round bed seems to be the last word in the \"niche\", but in any case, we continue to jog to satisfy our efforts --to-
Ask the French payer.
Today, however, with interior design becoming more eclectic, nothing seems to be gone.
This made us well into the end of our round bed trilogy: cue spunky canada Rob, a guy who really likes retro.
A surf guy, Playboy and all
For a long time, he longed for a new image that was in line with his image;
In his 20 s, ready to rock.
So, you might ask, why does his bedroom have all the attractions of the most secure Twilight house?
Just because he \"inherited\" the entire kit and cable (
Including round bed)
Young, his family. at-
Empty nesters who decided to move-
At least part of the year. to Florida.
While pleased to \"inherit\" his parents\' house, Rob also inherited the dizzying prospect of eliminating darkness and adding some much-needed va voom.
The only condition for his parents is that the living area should be redesigned with restrained elegance, and the kitchen should be renamed with functional modern notes.
As far as Rob\'s bedroom is concerned, of course he can do whatever he wants;
This is his field and his family is free enough to think and make him have fun.
That\'s where we came in.
On Rob\'s parents\' boat.
Sadly, though not sailing on Florida\'s open space, it\'s perched on dry land --
Bow docked in the garden, pre-transportation)
We made a plan.
We loved rob from the moment we met and immediately promised to help him update his shocking old set.
We jumped from past dry docks to land and started guiding our plans indoors.
In hindsight, we thought Rob might want us to ship everything from his house to the bin sitting next to the boat, but, if there\'s anything that can be saved, we\'ll always do that, the practice of allowing budgets to be stretched elsewhere.
As we discussed the prospect of re-making the disc, we were sure Rob had backed down --
Shaped divan, but we assure him that we will pay for its new living expenses with a swing in our 60 s
According to himself, this is an era of robbery.
To launch our plan, we are ready to fly on site.
\"Throw away everything,\" we pursed as we rushed to the door, \"except for the drawer under the window, the bedside table, and the crazy bed.
Dear, tidy up the room and we will be back in a week.
\"That\'s it, we left, relaxing our designer muscles while evoking the spirit of Austin Bowles.
If you have a room that is inconsistent with everything you represent, we recommend not doing any remediation until you know exactly what you want to achieve.
Haste is the secret of disaster, and assembling mood boards is the king Road (
In fact, we will discuss this strategy in next week\'s column)
Row your decorative ducks in a row
We were lucky that Rob happily recognized almost everything in our hearts.
He himself admitted that he was deprived of the family styling genes and was therefore happy to give us full responsibility.
Happy on his skin, he doesn\'t need his new bedroom to be inflated and doesn\'t want it to be over-inflated.
His buzzwords are very fashionable, so this is the way we go.
Here are the details of our simple conversion.
In addition to the items we asked him to keep, Rob sent everything to the bin or to the local charity store.
If possible, leave room for a few days between this stage and subsequent work;
When the rooms are completely empty, it makes sense to analyze them, and it is also good to play with the template to feel the location of the new furniture.
Color and accent of our beloved white paint-
Maybe the simplest color to reuseidentify space.
But remind me;
Using too much white will lead to a bland, emotionless aesthetic.
To avoid this, we usually pop up our scheme with a more fashionable hue, but there is another easy way to activate a white-based scheme: texture.
We added bricks instead of having all the walls paintedeffect lay-
On the paneling, this product can easily be obtained from most DIY sheds. Installed —
Painted white.
It adds a practical feel that fills the atmosphere of the entire 60 with flavor.
The floor leads to a middle.
Century retro mood, we consider repainting the existing floor, but unfortunately, their condition is like this, it will not be a good practice.
Repaired several times over the years, the remaining wood is thin and worn seriously, so it is necessary to choose an alternative method.
Felt was popular during this period, so we chose Amtico, an updated version of lino, after leveling the floor to ensure a perfect level surface, we installed concrete gray productscare solution.
We cannot emphasize how important it is to put the Amtico on a flat surface to avoid it \"lifting\" further.
However, the Amtico is installed correctly with incredible durability and will fully withstand the test of time.
DraperyWe has designated the celebrity Hunter Douglas countless times;
In our own apartment, while decorating the Michael Cook office (
Editor of Toronto Star newspaper)
, And several private commissions on both sides of the pond.
We like the way smooth finishes and curtains are folded into a perfectly smooth Tuan Concerto --type lines.
Again, according to our theory, the white scheme requires additional textures to make them active, and LEDs are a perfect solution.
Hunter Douglas offers a great sizeand-
The right service, although the price is not expensive, is undoubtedly our favorite curtain supplier.
Because environmental issues are important to Rob, we are happy to agree to reuse the round bedspread, although we have to make the round bedspread to address the apparent lack of the round bedspread on the market. A hoop-
By a soft pine tree (
Attach the chain to the ceiling)
Through our resource list supplier, we were given a \"floating\" surface with a string curtain attached to it, a product currently discounted to around $55 per panel.
Give full play to your imagination;
There is no reason to limit the curtains to the windows;
In the past, we used it to decorate the footrest and The Dresser!
Texture becomes the way we work again.
No harm to a little bit of shag (
When we say this, we smirk like naughty boys because we didn\'t really use the word when we mentioned the carpet in the UK)
With this in mind, we agree that our Amtico should be praised for something softer.
Our solution is to use the roll material shag specified in organic green tones, after it has been \"beaten and bound\" into a round carpet, it is a perfect island for Rob\'s new love nest. DresserThe mid-
The century modern dresser, previously sitting under Rob\'s window, was fully updated as part of our design.
But don\'t panic;
And while you might think we did this by heathens, it\'s not a top notch
The end part like Noel, it\'s a quality-
Items made, which you can easily find in a charity store for about $50.
To make it vivid, We polished it, decorated it with several carefully applied white satin coats, and then positioned it as a dresser opposite the bed.
Next week: we will unveil the mystery of creating the perfect mood board.
Colin mcalist and Justin Ryan are hosts of family robberies between HGTV Colin and Justin (6 working daysm. )
Author of Colin and Justin\'s family robbery style guide published by Penguin Group (Canada).
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