choosing the colour of your wedding dress

by:Max Apparel     2020-06-05
White wedding dress is not the only choice in modern bridal dress!
More and more brides choose wedding dresses in color and pattern to show their personality and color
Their wedding theme.
Choosing a colored wedding dress can add an extra dimension to your wedding look, each different color has different meanings and meanings, which you may consider when making a decision.
Blue light blue is a calm and serene color that reflects the color of the ocean and sky, while deep and dark blue is luxurious and embodies the appearance of quality and wealth.
Electric and bright blue are dynamic and true, but be careful to overuse the blue as they also create a cold atmosphere.
The yellow reminds me of the bright, uplifting summer, flowers and sunshine, filled with young optimism.
For a more mature look, use golden yellow to create a charming atmosphere for your wedding.
Yellow is a stimulating and creative color and is the perfect choice for a vibrant outdoor summer wedding.
The recent wedding trend is to match yellow and gray with beautiful and low-key wedding dresses.
GreenGreen is the color of spring and new beginnings, as well as the color of the natural world, and recently, any color with the theme of \"ecology.
The green color is a quiet, quiet and fresh tone, perfect for outdoor weddings.
Green is also a popular color for bridesmaid dresses.
OrangeOrange is a strong autumn color, which can be bold or simple depending on the tone.
Orange is a warm color and is becoming more and more popular in soft tones, such as peaches or Terracotta Warriors, both of which add a subtle interest to wedding costumes.
Bright oranges are fun and gorgeous and will definitely smile at your wedding!
With a history of luxury, PurplePurple gives people the luxury and elegance of a wedding dress.
However, use dark tones with caution to avoid overwhelming with such a strong tone.
The light shades of purple are uplifting and are usually chosen by creative people.
Red is traditionally the color of love and has a warm and romantic effect.
Using red on your wedding dress will make you the focus of attention, whether as a block color or as an accent on a wedding dress that is mainly white.
Dark red is the perfect choice for winter intimate weddings.
Brown and Brown are becoming more and more popular as wedding colors, especially when choosing a vintage wedding dress.
Brown is a native, traditional, organic color that gives a healthy and stable feeling.
Vintage wedding dresses are usually made of subtle delicate shades of brown, beige, and Peach Red, and you can perfectly match this color with lace, pearls, and wood beads.
Don\'t be afraid of black wedding dress!
Black is a complex and classic color for a dress, especially if you have a clean one
A contemporary wedding, or a black tie.
Black is a strong, authoritative color and, of course, traditionally, black and white match very well.
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