china protest call smothered in police blanket

by:Max Apparel     2020-05-09
Beijing/Shanghai (Reuters)-
Online appeal against
Instead, government protests across China on Sunday brought a strong display of force, and police are determined to stop any unrest that has shaken the Middle East.
Police checked passers-.
A foreign photographer in Beijing and Shanghai was warned to leave. S. -
China-based websites have called on the Chinese people to follow the \"jasmine revolution\" that has swept the Middle East and hold stage rallies to support democratic change.
Officials of China\'s ruling Communist party have denied the view that they could be hit by protests like the Middle East.
But a series of detentions and reviews of online discussions in the Middle East suggest that Beijing is deeply disturbed by any signs of opposition to the Middle East issue --party rule.
Calling for protests in the first place has now become an opportunity for the Chinese government to wave large and complex security forces funded by rapid economic growth.
At least seven men have been tied up by police in Shanghai, one of whom has been taking pictures.
Reuters (Reuters TV) filmed several police officers forcing a man in a brown Max woman jacketinto a public security van, while another police officer held an umbrella to block the line of sight.
In Beijing, plainclothes police, along with uniformed police, kept shoppers and journalists walking around.
Men in sanitation uniforms, armed with armbands called \"public security volunteers\", sweep pedestrians with brooms.
Witnesses say an American news cameraman was repeatedly kicked to the face by a broom and detained by police.
They say other journalists have been detained by police and some have been treated rudely, including a Taiwanese journalist whose hand was injured. A U. S.
A spokesman for the embassy said he was \"disturbed\" by reports of personal harassment of foreign journalists \".
\"We call on the Chinese government to respect the rights of foreign journalists to report in China and urge the public security organs to protect the safety and well-being of anyone who has been illegally harassed or intimidated, embassy spokesman Richard Buangan said.
It is impossible to know who is a simple shopper and who silently supports the call for a demonstration.
Safety is evident at Wangfujing shopping street in Beijing, where the website Boxun lists it as one of the protest sites. com.
Shoppers stroll, but there are at least 40 public safety vehicles at the southern end of the pedestrian --only street.
Some of the passages were blocked by building fences outside the McDonald\'s restaurant later in the week, and Bo Xun information designated them as the meeting place.
McDonald\'s closed for about an hour on Sunday afternoon.
\"A few days ago, some people were causing a stir at McDonald\'s, so they stepped up security measures,\" said an employee at a nearby store . \".
She said she didn\'t want anyone to report her name.
At least one news photographer was ordered to enter the police car and was forced to remove the photo from her camera.
A week ago, similar protests called for almost no one to protest, with dozens of dissidents and human rights activists detained or warned to avoid such activities.
It is not clear who is behind the protest call.
The Chinese government has blocked text messages and online posts containing Jasmine references.
The term \"Jasmine party\" comes from a protest in Tunisia that overthrew the long term
Then President Zine al-
Ali\'s supporters called the \"Jasmine Revolution\" in January \".
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