catch a glimpse of the wedding dresses trend 2013

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-31
Choosing an ideal wedding dress for a wedding is really an important thing you should consider, so what is the trend?
Here I will give you a clue.
It seems that in the fast months, great things have emerged one after another.
After Avril announced her engagement in August, CW\'s fashion icon Blake Lively shocked the world by secretly marrying pop star Ryan Reynolds.
In the past few days, Blake Lively\'s wedding dresses, wedding shoes and wedding rings have become the topic of the town, although the details of the wedding have not yet been revealed.
It is reported that the wedding stylish dress of Blake Lively was designed by Marchesa.
More importantly, as Blake Lively revealed earlier, she had a village wedding.
Maybe you can\'t wait to learn more about Gossip Girl\'s wedding dress and you want to follow her options on the upcoming 2013 wedding, so here, we will be on display with Georgina Chapman and Karen Craig\'s 2013 Marchesa collections presented at New York Fashion Week.
From the fashion show, we may find 2012 products
2013 spring and autumn are expected.
Designers say they are inspired by the traditional Indian style.
The vintage dresses they show this season are more colorful.
More importantly, they\'re easier-to-
More notable than the recent series.
For Blake Lively\'s wedding dress, the designer said the unique dress was handmade
Silk tulle bodice dotted with exquisite crystal and rose gold embroidery.
So, do you have any thoughts on your wedding dress 2013?
Here we continue to summarize.
The first is the Indian style.
The perfect combination of modern Western culture and traditional Indian civilization.
According to tradition, the traditional female wedding dress is called saris.
In India, the sari worn at the wedding represents all their wealth before the wedding.
Therefore, the girls always spend all their wealth on the purchase of dowry.
So sari is always beautiful.
In addition, Indian-style wedding dresses may be in various colors such as red, yellow and green, while traditional Western wedding dresses are in white or ivory.
Therefore, in the upcoming 2013, the new fashion of various wedding dress colors may bring you a powerful feast.
But that does not mean a complete revolution.
The dresses are light colored.
Second, moderate decoration.
Sometimes you may feel that the design of the wedding dress is misunderstood.
There are too many decorations in various dress designs, so sometimes the wedding dress will lose its beauty.
But from Marchesa\'s fashion show, we can find a revival of peace and gentle design ideas.
In the case of no more than decoration, the wedding stylish dress can concentrate on emphasizing the bride\'s own charm.
But this does not mean that there is no decoration in the wedding stylish dress.
This season, for example, crystals, sequins and more can help you become more noticeable. catching.
Third, the length may vary.
All kinds of brides seem to like to wear long wedding dresses.
This is our tradition and trend.
But in the upcoming 2013, you\'ll find Mechesa and something else --
Well-known designers have launched a short wedding dress.
At the ceremony, these clothes are more convenient for you.
All in all, no matter what kind of wedding dress you choose, you should keep the above tips in mind.
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