caspari christmas cards and address labels

by:Max Apparel     2020-07-16
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The world-famous Caspari has produced Christmas cards for more than a generation.
The cards are great, unique and a bit expensive.
Usually only in high-
At the end of the shopping boutique, the card is quite unique.
They feature semi-precious metal foil, heavyweight linen paper, and design space for works by outstanding European artists.
Caspari was founded in 1945 when it began making Christmas cards based on well-famous works
Famous European artists
These cards have been a great success, and soon they have cards based on the collection of famous European museums.
In the end, the company began making holiday greeting cards, which are no longer based on the works of famous artists, but original works designed by famous artists.
The Christmas cards of Caspari are of great collection value.
Their annual output is limited.
The theme changes every year, from the Christmas theme to the Santa Claus theme to the iconic performance of the belovedholiday story.
In addition to retail extras, Caspari cards are now also sold online.
While some websites offer only new versions, others specialize in previous production runs.
The Caspari card is a bit expensive because of the limited number, so production starting with previousears usually adds value.
Initially, Caspari products were sold only in retail locations, only in high
End the location there.
For years, they can only be purchased at shopping malls in Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale and Le Bon Marche.
They are now available in many other retailers, including signature Caspari stores in Paris, France and the United States.
Internet sales have opened up many additional markets for these products.
People are eager to expand and sell more as sales increase.
Caspari feltthis craves and expands their original product line including napkins, paper trays, party invitations, gift packs, household items and desktop accessories.
Their wrapping paper, party invitations, napkins and paper trays are designed around color themes rather than patterns.
This is unique to some extent and allows Caspari parties to be combined in almost an unlimited number of combinations.
In fact, party hosts can be sure that the combination of design and color they choose for social events will be unique.
Using a clear address tag allows the color of the invitation envelope to be beautifully displayed.
30% of Caspari\'s sales are paper products.
The market for Caspariinvitations, napkins, paper cutlery and wrapping paper seems to be unlimited.
Many event hosts even match their own fine silverware with disposable Caspari plates and napkins.
These party offers are not expensive.
$4 for the Caspari party Invitational-$5 apiece.
A pack of 20 Casparinapkins sold $6.
The company does offer price concessions for large purchases.
Although the design and manufacture of Caspari products are made of high-quality materials, few doubt that the price is more of a function of the Caspari name than the cost of production or the quality of the product.
However, it is unlikely that consumers will give up the name of Caspari at any time.
Offering these extravagant offers to one party is certainly seen as a sign of status.
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