Can YOU tell the difference? New wave of faux leather clothes and accessories look so much like the real thing even the most hardened fashionistas are fooled

by:Max Apparel     2020-08-30
\"Imitation leather\" clothing and accessories have long been cheap, cheesy and clumsy --designed -until now.
The outbreak of fashion vegans such as Stella McCartney and Natalie Portman has made the fashion house better use of the high endquality, eco-
Friendly material
It looks, feels, and even smells like real things.
But are they measured in style risk?
Female writer Annabel Fenwick Elliott, an outspoken vegan, collects the best pleated clothes, shoes and bags on the market to find answers. . .
First thing to scroll down the video-
What is the problem with leather?
In short, production is immoral, toxic and harmful to the environment.
If you happen to be a vegetarian or vegan, it doesn\'t make sense to wear the skin of the animal you refuse to eat.
Contrary to popular opinion, a lot of leather is not a by-productMeat products.
Like dairy farming, it is an industry in itself.
Leather accounts for the vast majority in the United States. S.
According to the United States, Europe comes from India and China. S.
Ministry of Commerce, animal welfare law is not actuallyexistent.
Workers who have worked hard at the leather factory are well known to have low wages, and due to the toxic smoke involved in the process, they have a high chance of developing cancer.
For example, according to the World Health Organization, workers at suntan factories in Bangladesh will die before the age of 50.
The production of leather is extremely harmful due to environmental reasons;
Not only because raising cattle can produce toxic waste, but because raising cattle can cause global warming more than cars, planes and all other means of transport add up.
I listed a long list of reasons why it might be a good idea to avoid using leather and tested more than 20 items.
In terms of quality, Montreal is ranked first-
Accessories label Matt & Nat representing materials and nature.
The brand has been looking for 20 years.
Improve the material of artificial leather, make its bag more perfect.
The result is long.
Durable weather-resistant bags of all shapes and sizes.
This impeccably designed black Malone bag, £ 95, soon became my staple.
Its thick, tough, sturdy material looks and behaves like leather all the way to its subtle textured finish --
Everyone who appreciates it is fooled and thinks it is a real deal.
The £ 65 pastel purple clutch is equally impressive in quality and equally clever in design.
It has three practical compartments and six cards. holders;
Its unusual front handle allows you to put your hand in, making it easier to carry with you.
Matt & Natt told FEMAIL: \"We started the brand in 1995 --
Long before vegan became a trend
Because we want to prove that.
Free fashion can be fashionable.
\"Our bags are either crafted from high places --quality PVC (
PVC)or PU (Polyurethane)
The lining is made of 100 recycled bottles.
So far, we have recycled more than a million bottles.
The other real leather bag is from a free man, a small two-
Tone tote bag for £ 58 can be opened inside
Form a brown or blue hue.
Not only does this texture completely mimic the genuine leather, it\'s soft and soft material and even smells like something real.
The Italian brand Gamberini is another company with unique features.
This £ 130 package has a soft front and a gold panel with an oval pattern to switch.
I have a retro wallpaper design.
Colorful skulls and very crowded crowds
Beautiful penguins
When I took it out in its maiden voyage, it caused a lot of admiration. UK-
Headquartered in The Wilby brand, with celebrity fans in Kristin Bell, the sales price is between £ 40 and £ 100 in bags, with a high score in design.
However, it\'s super
The smooth material does not imitate the real leather, nor is it trying to imitate.
In the evening, I took two bags out with details of the gold chain, which attracted several compliments.
A small black saddle bag has become a favorite of people.
Made entirely of \"cork leather.
This is a thin and unusual material that I really like, and since the cork is peeled off from the tree and then regenerated, it is 100 sustainable. Netherlands-
Rotterdam-based label Denise Roobol sent a beautifully constructed light pink bag for £ 80 with a sturdy, modern design that feels both expensive and comfortablemade -
Great for an important meeting or job interview.
Another smart design comes from the New York brand Gunas, half of it
The moon-shaped handbag.
This material is tough and rough, and while it is clearly not genuine leather, the classic design of the bag and polished gold hardware make it an elegant choice.
Again, although not the most realistic example of faux leather, the spacious laptop bag for Graceship is also popular for £ 125.
I fly with me and like it very much.
It was smart in design, designed a buffer section for my laptop and had several compartments to accommodate pens and cards.
British brand James & Co is trying to blend \"style and humanity\" to provide the most affordable package --
Deep red oblique crossbody for £ 35
Soft, classic, low key.
Next: shoes, there are also good candidates here.
£ 40 free people\'s black cowboy boots are the most realistic --
I\'m sure they must have sent the wrong pair.
They are made of tough, sturdy materials and decorated with decorative stitching patterns to feel strong and comfortable
Very comfortable.
Faux leather casual shoes beyond the skin, £ 99, are equally convincing --
This time, in imitation suede, they may be the most beautiful design in terms of the final details.
Almost incredibly, this fabric is made from the top of 100 recycled plastic bottles;
A highly durable material called Dinamica, it doesn\'t have a watermark like a real suede, it\'s so luxurious that it\'s used by auto giants including Jaguar and Mercedez Benz
Skin explained: \"All the shoes are made in Spain and the materials used come from local or Italian.
The faux leather lining of our shoes is the best we \'ve found --
We have tested a lot.
Stella McCartney used it too.
\"Another very realistic pair of shoes comes from the Bourgeois Boheme brand launched by British vegan designer Alicia Lai, which also comes from Italy in material.
During a festival, I wore a pair of brown boots as soft as butter, worth 125.
Not only did they feel very comfortable again, but they also kept their comfort in the mud all day long.
\"Our materials were carefully selected by our founders,\" explained the bourgeois.
We choose to use Italian instead of animal-derived materials such as leather, fur or silk
Microfibre PU made of cotton, textile and natural materials.
The shoes are handmade by two talented Portuguese craftsmen. Based on the factory.
She added: \"Alicia wants to create a business based on her ethics as a vegan, but also wants to show off to other vegetarians and non-vegetarians
Vegetarians believe that there are fashionable alternatives on the market that are harmless to animals or the environment.
\"It is also important for us to educate people to use high-quality materials that we can use for a long time --
Long lasting, waterproof, breathable and as comfortable as genuine leather.
\"I\'m still stepping on my feet in the sky --
High heels provided by NAK
No animal was killed.
The Brand tells us: \"We have never been able to understand the concept of animal suffering in the name of fashion.
We\'re no longer Knights.
\"There are so many new developments in technology that allow us to meet our fashion impulses without endangering the lives of helpless animals.
Nak\'s shoes are the most powerful shoes we have ever seen, and the price may not be as cheap as 275, but they do look enough to match the designer\'s heels --
Ten times more expensive than this.
In case you can\'t find a pair of faux leather shoes that you like, go to the Prey shoes, where you can design your own shoes from scratch.
This innovative Australian company allows you to create shoes of any style
From high heels and sandals to boots and ballet shoes
Offers a wide range of fabrics, colors and additional features
Vegetarian materials are included.
I spent £ 200 to make a pair of black satin platform high heels with gold pipes as you can choose the exact size and width of the shoes so they fit like a glove.
Finally, when it comes to clothes, the free man bumped it out of the park again.
I love its cropped leather jacket, £ 148, but fell madly in love with the faux leather paneled pants for £ 168 --
Flexible, comfortable, unique-
So much that I squandered two pairs in two different color schemes.
The tassel faux leather Max woman jacketof Urban Code is not what I like to fit, but it feels very soft and has a taste of oak leather, so on the front of reality, ten out of ten.
All in all, I was pleasantly surprised and truly pleased with the range of fashion staples I tasted.
When I became a vegan two years ago, it was hard for me to give up the bags and shoes I collected.
The sandmulberry water bag I was beaten was a gift for my 18 th birthday and a gift I really likedloved, all-
Time\'s most popular Chloe boots took months to doodle and save.
I didn\'t change them for a vegetarian alternative, just reluctantly let them go.
In the end, they have now been replaced and I prefer their successors because I know none of the animals in their production suffer.
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